Do you know the obvious and sure-cut marketing strategy to boost sales?

Well, it is none other than by giving discounts. Of late, online businesses have understood it completely to be ahead of the rest in today’s fast changing online world.

Are you one of those who simply dislike traditional method of shopping due to lack of bargaining skills?

If yes, then be happy. Since, regular updates derived from the transactions of online products in the networks of friends has infact given much needed belief and a sense of security for those who are more comfortable to choose option “Cash on Delivery”

Traditional shopping giving way to online shopping

There is no need to take out time to shop here and there and after purchasing a product; you realized that your friend purchased it at much economical price. Well, you will be like “Oh My God” and you started to hate (traditional) shopping all more. However, all of that is going to change yourself for the better.

Yes, talking in the context of India, where common people are far more comfortable “now” to choose the online medium to buy the products of their choice.


  • Because, the price is reasonable than those malls or shopping complexes
  • The associated discounts like flat 20% - 80% Off is something which is further enticing buyers to choose the online medium
  • Their pre-conceived notion or insecurities have already gone away with the rampant use of e-commerce sites. “Word of Mouth” publicity has just eased them to remove other apprehensions (if any)
  • Online shopping sites have “one price” for everyone. Yes, it does its privilege to those of us who are always ill equipped to bargain and look for purchasing products instantly.
  • Online shoppers get exact images of the products where they can visually monitor from all the sides, thanks to “zoom” feature. This facility is the next best substitute for buyers who traditionally wish to get full satisfaction through examining the product by hand.
  • The feeling of satisfaction and belief isn’t earned in a day. It takes years for online companies to carve a niche for themselves through providing best service constantly. Likewise, the feature of “easy return policy” only speaks about the positivity which people have started associating with online shopping.
  • Rising competition only gives greater value to buyers as there are so many lucrative deals waiting for them. The popularity of online shopping can also be reflected through series of such companies coming into existence.
  • It only gives a “happy moments” for buyers who can’t ask for more with the prevailing cash back offers, discounts, deals and coupons.

Final thoughts

The craze of online shopping is in the constant process of reaching every single household irrespective of the country you live in. One thing is for sure that periodical discounts associated with online shopping constantly helps towards creating a charisma of its own. It is all set to become bigger and better as well, in coming days too.