Hello there people on the internet :)
Whatever brought you here,I hope I could make you stay. I'll be posting stories/poems,what I've been doing that day and how it's all been. I'm obviously new to this,so stick with me until I get a hold of it. :)
Again,my name's Ana and the whole purpose of this blog is to see how far I'll make it with it. Since I'm a Capricorn,I'm usually described as a hard-worker and whatnot,but I have a habit of getting tired of things soon,so I wanted to see how fun this adventure will be.I'm always welcoming nice comments and advice :)
Why is the blog called the way it's called? I don't know,you tell me? Is the name what brought you here or you wanted my explanation what's the story behind it? Isn't it more fun if some things stay a mistery? Sometimes the things we see are prettier than the things we don't and sometimes it's the other way around,so you decide what you see and which you like.
But enough of my philosophies and introductions. I hope you talk to me in the comments,I'd love to hear if there's something you'd like to know or your ideas,was it about some stories or anything else,let me know! :)
'Till the next blog :)