Yes you! Take a day off once in a while! Your health comes first. Stay home a day or two, watch something you like, maybe read a book, make some tea. Take a walk. Get yourself some you time! Because you know what? You matter. And besides, I like you!

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Such as genders, theres a lot of sexualities too.
Theres so much more to it than just boy-girl. I'm now going to explain some of them.

Straight(heterosexual): likes the opposite gender

Gay/Lesbian(homosexual): likes the same gender

Bisexual: a person who likes both genders

Pansexual: likes all genders

Asexual: doesn't like sex

Aromantic: doesn't like any gender

Polisexual: Dating several people at the same time(no this is not cheating, the partners are okay with it and are also allowed to see others)

Demisexual: is not interested in sex unless they have a deep emotional connection first.

And of course, there are countless more, but these are just some.

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A huge factor in feeling bad might be a combination of questioning your own gender and the society pressuring you with stereotypes.

When we're young thins might seem so simple. Philip, he's nice. Sarah, she's also nice. There's just he/she. But its much more complicated than that. Some few people might have known since the beginning who they are, but most don't. And in the teenage years many start to think about these kind of question. Who am I? Am I a boy? But I like dresses? Am I neither? Am i both?

If you are born with the genitals of a girl and you identify as a girl. Then you are Cisgender. And vice versa goes for boys.

If you are born with female genitals but identity as a boy. Then you are Transgender. Vice versa for boys. This is often shortened to MtF (male to female) or FtM (female to male).

If you feel like bot genders then you are Bigender.

If you feel like none, then you're Agender.

And if you feel like different from day to day, then you're Gender Fluid.

Now these are just some examples of the jungles of genders but my point is, there is no boundaries, you can feel and be just as you want, just be yourself.

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Here are things you can do and say to someone going through rough times:

-Say hi! Showing people they are not invisible is very important!
-Ask them how they feel.
-Give a helping hand!
-Tell them they're not alone
-Compliment them!
-Maybe a hug?( be careful though, as much as physical contact is important people also need space)
-Ask them about their hobbies!
-Ask them if they'd like to hang out!
-Talk about stuff you like!
-Be patient

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These are things you should never say to someone suffering from depression:

-You're just lazy
-But why are you depressed?(this is a tricky one since most people don't know the reason, that question gets kinda annoying after a while)
-You're much prettier when you smile!
-You don't even have it hard! Thing about children in Africa!
-Yeah, I feel you, I'm feeling a bit depressed myself today(depression and sadness are NOT the same thing)
-Life isn't fair
-Do you feel better now?( if i tell someone my story and they try to comfort me I often get this question afterwards. No your comfort wont take my depression away and as sad as it is, you need to stop thinking that. That someone cares may make you feel a bit happier but that is not the same thing as better)
-Its your own fault, you chose to pity yourself.
-I know people who have it worse( please, I ask you, do not compare problems)
-But you have so much to be thankful for!

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So what to do when you feel the anxiety creeping and lurking behind the corner? Someone once told me to pretend that anxiety is your little panicking friend. When it's you who is feeling it, then it is much harder to handle. But if you give the feeling a character, an image, then its much easier to handle! It's easier comforting a friend than yourself, right? So when you feel the anxiety creeping up on you, just think of it as your little panicking friend. "Hug" your anxiety instead of hiding from it!

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Today I'm going to briefly explain anxiety.
Anxiety is not something that only comes with depression. No, you can be perfectly happy and still suffer from anxiety. It also works the other way around. Having depression doesn't mean you necessarily have anxiety. Anxiety can come in many forms. It can feel like you're being crushed or as if your ribs will collapse. It can make you feel unsafe and it often prevents you from acting socially acceptable around people. For me, it felt like i was going to implode. Anxiety is merely just a feeling though, even if it is as strong as it is. But it can actually lead to physical symptoms too. Such as shaking, hyperventilating and others. Why do we have this horrible feeing then? It's an ancient feeling, to warn us. It makes us exactly alert. This is from the times where mankind still lived in danger and hunting. And by that I mean long before Christ. Now, something many people do is mixing anxiety and panic together. Anxiety and panic are not the same thing even though anxiety can lead to panic. Anxiety makes you alert, panic makes you shut things out.

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