I'm not really sure how to start a first blog post so I'll start with hi! Recently I've been playing with the idea of starting a blog. I like writing and I like rambling, basically I feel the need to get things off my chest every once in a while. I have had a blog before about my experiences abroad and after 9 months I just stopped cause I was too lazy to upload frequently. I hope this one will be different. Some of my posts might end up being just a little paragraph or a thought but I feel like I can do this. My plans are to share my thoughts, my fears and some other things like book reviews or just pictures, songs and videos with you.

I want this blog to be honest and that's why I have decided to stay anonymous. For you I'll be Chaos Khaleesi. That way, if someone I know finds this, he or she won't know it's me right away. But to get to know me a little here are 10 random yet not that revealing  facts about me. 

1. I just (well 3 month ago but it still feels like yesterday) came back after being 18 month abroad.

2. I love buying books although I'm currently in a phase where I can't focus on books for a while then read one book in a day and then go back on not being able to focus so annoying!

3. I'm the nerd in my group of friends and proud of it.

4. I love babysitting and children and I'm really excited to have my own one day but I'm also really happy that I have a couple of years before I have to think about having kids.

5. I'm super messy.

6. I have body image issues. I try to feel comfortable in my skin and there are some days where I actually do, but most days I just feel fat and have to tell myself not to worry too much, but I can't help it. 

7. I never had a boyfriend.

8. I'm gonna start studying law in two and a half weeks and I'm a little scared.

9. I love spending time baking or tinkering or drawing and listen to Harry Potter audiobooks while doing that.

10. English is not my first language but I feel very comfortable in writing and talking in English, especially after my time abroad.

That was all I have to say so far. I'm not sure how many people are even gonna read this but I wish you a wonderful day/night/morning and maybe I'll see you here soon :) 

xx Chaos Khaleesi