Hello guys! Today my friend from school asked me if i wanted to follow him to try something typical Canadian. He took me to a restaurant called Belgien fries which had free drinks and wifi :))) My friend Robert told me to try Poutine which is a typical Canadian fast-food that contains French fries covered with cheese and braun sauce. I thought it was very nice and i recommend you guys to try it out!!

Bye for now :)

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7:00 AM

I wake up at 7 a.m. and get ready for school. For breakfast, I have a cereals with milk and a sandwitch. Then I walk with my parents to school.

9:00 AM

We started the day with creative writing, art, gym or Spanish. I started studying Spanish in Grade 4. It’s one of my best subjects. Next is math, social studies or science.

10:30 AM

Time for recess! I played fotbal with a new friend called Casey. He is in my Spanish class and is very nice.

10:45 AM

Free reading time. I like mystery and historical books. Mr. Walker, my teacher, draws a name from a box. That person had to tell the class about his or her book.

12:00 AM

I go back to my house for lunch. I eat grilled cheese sandwiches or chicken-and-cheese quesadillas. If I have time, I go on the computer and play Webkinz or Club Penguin. On Mondays, I stay at school during lunchtime for my violin lesson I have been playing violin for two years.

1:00 PM

Back to class. We worked on our projects. One of them is a weather project for which we are making a board game using weather-related things. I’m also working on a PowerPoint presentation about Canada.

1:30 PM

On Wednesdays and Fridays, we do Book Buddies. Older kids are paired with younger kids. We help them read, write and do math. On Fridays, we sometimes play soccer-baseball in the gym. It’s a game that is soccer and baseball mixed together. There’s an infield with four bases: first, second, third and home. A pitcher rolls the ball to you, and you have to kick it and try to get a home run.

3:00 PM

School is over for the day. When I get home, I like to check my e-mail. Every day for homework, we get a math sheet. Every week, we get spelling words. Homework usually takes me 20 minutes to finish. At 5:00, I watch TV for an hour.

6:00 PM

For supper, we usually have pasta or chicken. Sometimes, I have ringette practice around this time. Ringette is like hockey, but there are some differences. It is played using a stick without a blade, and a ring takes the place of a puck.

8:30 PM

Now it’s bedtime or at least whut mom says, but i’m a bad ass so i lie down in my bed under my and snapchat my friends for 1 hour but after that it’s Good night!



Hello guys! Today my neighbor and I went to the Nigeria Falls in Ontario. It was a really cool place and I recommend you too visit the Nigeria Falls if you are in Canada. It is very beautiful especially on the evenings when they light up the waterfalls, like this!(pic) and on the weekends they even have fireworks! :))



Hello guys! Today i was mostly at home and taking out my stuff from the moving boxes. But i went out for about half-hour to buy some food at McDonald´s. That was all for today! 




hope you all are doing great! I have been in Ottawa for one day now and so far it has been great. I have met my neighbors and they were very nice and offered to show me around the city! I told him i was very tired after the long trip and asked if we could take it another day :) It was okey by him so expect a post about me exploring the city soon!




Hello guys! My name is Eric and i'm 15 years old. Today i arrived in Canada, Ottawa and in the next 12 months you are going too be to follow me on my journey. You will see what i will be up to on the days and i hope you will enjoy it :)