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I am very lucky to get to travel many times a year and I am so beyond grateful for that. I get asked a lot of questions about my travels and everything about the destinations, my favorite cities and so on from friends and family, and do not get me wrong I happily answer them all, just remind me when I get too driven away and never stop talking.

Because I get many questions I thought I would start posting every now and then about places I really recommend you to travel to and by all means, if anyone of you has any recommendations for me and others please go ahead and write them in the comments, I would love to hear your recommendations too!! because after all I am a travel addict and I am happy and ready to explore more.

I am going to start off this "mini-series"/posts with telling you about my favorite city so far that I have been to, and that my ladies and gentlemen are... AMSTERDAM. I could really sit all day rambling about all great things about Amsterdam but I don't think anyone would really enjoy that so let me make this a little bit shorter.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My family and I traveled to Amsterdam, which is in The Netherlands, last year around spring time. It was a lovely stay and I completely fell in love with the city. We were about 10-15 minutes from the center of Amsterdam which suited us all just fine as we were surrounded by many different cute little shops, cafes and restaurant to choose from. The weather switched on and off from sunny to cloudy but we were very lucky that it did not rain.

Amsterdam has as spoken a lot to offer like several cute shops, cafes, restaurants, flea markets, flower markets, flower gardens, "Canal Tours", museums like Anne Frank's house and the city itself which is amazing.

Amsterdam is also one of those amazing places where you can just walk and walk and you really do not realize how much you have actually walked until the sun is down and it is time to head back to your hotel. Although there is so much to do, my favorite part was just randomly wandering around and exploring the city.

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Everyday life

1. Three guilty pleasures?

Candy, coffee & shopping

2. Three things you can't stand?

Jealousy, bugs & sticky hands

3. Who are you in school?

The one who does her own thing

4. What stresses you?

When someone is mad at me & of course school

5. How do you think other people see you?

As an honest, caring and positive person

6. How do you see yourself?

As a stressed out but passionate person

7. A situation you think is awkward/embarrassing?

When I do not know whether to shake hands or hug another person

8. When do you feel most beautiful?

After summer when I am tanned and have light sun bleached hair

9. What goes through your mind a lot?

Everything, my mind never rests, but mostly thoughts about my future



Everyday life, Style , NEW IN

Boy do I love shoes! Today I had to run to the mall to pick up some needs like dry shampoo and deodorant. Of course, while I was there I could not resist and just had to go into Zara to look around, I mean why not. After about an hour, you might guess that I came out with a bag of new things, yup guilty! I found a pair of shoes and a t-shirt dress that is really comfy.

The shoes are super cute and perfect for the summer. They are really easy to put on and take off. Easy peasy lemon squeeze!

Shoes // Dress



Everyday life, Tips & tricks

I love summer, I mean what is there not to love, it is just a great and happy time of the year. However with summer comes stuff that you have accumulated throughout winter and spring whether it would be emotionally, physically or in your closet. We all are in need of a fresh start at least once to make us feel strong and ready for new challenges.

Here are my few tips on how to start fresh for summer and clean out your mind from everything.

New month, new beginning

x Clean out your closet! Yes that is exactly what everyone needs. It is usually something no one likes but something everyone thinks they should do. When cleaning your closet make sure to be critical about the clothes you are going to keep and the ones you will give away. We never really understand how much stuff we actually own that we never use, so make sure to get all that extra out of the house to leave some space for something new. A tip is also to put on some music/a podcast/a youtube video or Netflix to keep you company.

x New stuff, new me! After sorting out everything in your wardrobe it is nice to reward yourself with some new clothing items to get you started on your "summer wardrobe" or buy something for your room/house.

x Hair care! Going to the hairdresser and letting the hairdresser do something new to your hair is really a nice change. Whether it would be cutting, coloring or even highlighting your hair, it can really make a difference and afterwards you will feel a lot more fresh, happy and ready.

x Music confidence! Make a new playlist! Whenever a new season comes around, a new holiday or another vacation I make a new music playlist. This is because certain songs remind me of certain times in my life and I like to continue that pattern, so whenever I want to take myself back to fall 2016 I listen to my "fall 2016" playlist and I love it so much. Currently, I am making a new playlist because new music inspires me and it makes me feel happy.

x New routine, you know what I mean! Changing your morning and night routine a little bit, whether it would be reading a book or drinking different tea every night, makes it so much more fun and enjoyable to wake up or go to sleep and you will always have something to look forward to.

x Quotes! Find a new quote or keep reminding yourself of your favorite one to make you feel better and constantly be inspired. One of my favorite quotes is: "She believed she could so she did". This quote keeps me going every single day and it helps me in hard times and I think it could do the same to you.



Everyday life, Food

Good morning!

The days of this week has been extremely stressful and by that, I really mean stressful.

Why, you might ask? It's because of this time of the year, first school and then the crisis of not having anything to wear when the weather suddenly decides to change from winter to hot summer, which it should have a long time ago but now is not a good time.

Ugh, first I have to finish every single essay and piece of homework. Then on my to-do list, there is still a lot of things left to do such as studying for my two last tests and running to the shop to maybe find something nice that I can wear.

Well, I should not complain I mean I only have a week left of school which means that summer break is right around the corner which I'm so ready for and I have a lot of exciting things that is going to happen which I'll tell you more about later, but now about yesterday's little trip to Tallinn Estonia.

So my friends and I decided that we needed a teeny tiny break from our "at the moment really stressed out" lives so we bought ourselves tickets to go to Tallinn for a day.

We sat on the boat to Tallinn longer than we eventually had time to be there, but we did have time to go shopping a bit and we did make time for some lunch and quick dinner before we had to return back to the harbor. The weather was awesome 25°C + and I had so much fun. This was exactly the kind of break we all needed from our everyday lives.



Everyday life, My bookshelf

Reading books is easily one of my favorite things to do. I love the feeling of getting cozy in my bed or sitting outside in the sun, drinking tea and reading a book. It's, at that exact moment when you open a book and immediately sink into it, escaping from the world into a whole new story and it just feels like you’re living in it.

Because I love reading this much I thought I would start a new book series called "My bookshelf" where I will share with you some of my favorite books that I’ve read so far. I would also love if any of you have any kind of book recommendations to leave them in the comments, let’s make this our little book club. I’m really excited and I hope you are too.

So to start off this book club I thought I would share with you my “at the moment” favorite book.

Everything, Everything

Everything everything by Nicola Yoon is definitely a must read for everyone out there.

This book is about a girl who is allergic to the world and she has been in her house for most of her life. Her name is Madeline Whittier and she does online school since she is not allowed to leave her house because if she does, she gets really ill.

This boy, Olly moves next door and he and Madeline start chatting online & meeting up with each other...

Why this book is one of my favorites is certainly because of the love story but also because it has a major plot twist in it that honestly makes it even better. 



Bloggers inspiration day 2017

I just want to start this post by apologizing for my absence here on the blog.

Recently I have been so stressed out by all school work and all deadlines so I have not been able to focus on anything else.

The bad news is that my absence will probably continue until Friday and after that, I'm done with everything and I can start updating my blog regularly.

Anyways, last Saturday was such a fun day because it was the Bloggers Inspirational Day event. This is (as the name says) an event for bloggers were they can get inspiration, so a lot of different brands like Vero Moda (= clothing brand) and Lumene (= makeup & skincare brand) had stands their with different activities. It was such a fun day and I met a lot of really kind people.

After a long day of standing, talking, laughing and getting inspiration I was really hungry (even though food was served at the event) so my family picked me up and we went to this really nice restaurant called Kuukuu in Helsinki. @ the restaurant I ordered a Shrimp Sandwich and oh my it was so freakin good and I definitely recommend this restaurant for everyone. I’ll leave a link to their site so if you’re interested you can go and check it out. 

Until next time - x. 

Kuukuu - Helsinki 



Everyday life

After a long day of traveling home from Prague I have finally reached my destination, my home; my country and I could not be more tired. By being tired, it gave me an excuse to head into town to a cute coffee shop to recuperate by eating a lot of cookies, sweets and of course drink coffee because sometimes you just got to reward yourself.

Tomorrow, well it's actually today since the clock is already 00:44 am, I am going to be working at a really exciting place that I'm later going to tell you about because right now it's time to - sleep.