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Reading books is easily one of my favorite things to do. I love the feeling of getting cozy in my bed or sitting outside in the sun, drinking tea and reading a book. It's, at that exact moment when you open a book and immediately sink into it, escaping from the world into a whole new story and it just feels like you’re living in it.

Because I love reading this much I thought I would start a new book series called "My bookshelf" where I will share with you some of my favorite books that I’ve read so far. I would also love if any of you have any kind of book recommendations to leave them in the comments, let’s make this our little book club. I’m really excited and I hope you are too.

So to start off this book club I thought I would share with you my “at the moment” favorite book.

Everything, Everything

Everything everything by Nicola Yoon is definitely a must read for everyone out there.

This book is about a girl who is allergic to the world and she has been in her house for most of her life. Her name is Madeline Whittier and she does online school since she is not allowed to leave her house because if she does, she gets really ill.

This boy, Olly moves next door and he and Madeline start chatting online & meeting up with each other...

Why this book is one of my favorites is certainly because of the love story but also because it has a major plot twist in it that honestly makes it even better. 

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Bloggers inspiration day 2017

I just want to start this post by apologizing for my absence here on the blog.

Recently I have been so stressed out by all school work and all deadlines so I have not been able to focus on anything else.

The bad news is that my absence will probably continue until Friday and after that, I'm done with everything and I can start updating my blog regularly.

Anyways, last Saturday was such a fun day because it was the Bloggers Inspirational Day event. This is (as the name says) an event for bloggers were they can get inspiration, so a lot of different brands like Vero Moda (= clothing brand) and Lumene (= makeup & skincare brand) had stands their with different activities. It was such a fun day and I met a lot of really kind people.

After a long day of standing, talking, laughing and getting inspiration I was really hungry (even though food was served at the event) so my family picked me up and we went to this really nice restaurant called Kuukuu in Helsinki. @ the restaurant I ordered a Shrimp Sandwich and oh my it was so freakin good and I definitely recommend this restaurant for everyone. I’ll leave a link to their site so if you’re interested you can go and check it out. 

Until next time - x. 

Kuukuu - Helsinki 



Everyday life

After a long day of traveling home from Prague I have finally reached my destination, my home; my country and I could not be more tired. By being tired, it gave me an excuse to head into town to a cute coffee shop to recuperate by eating a lot of cookies, sweets and of course drink coffee because sometimes you just got to reward yourself.

Tomorrow, well it's actually today since the clock is already 00:44 am, I am going to be working at a really exciting place that I'm later going to tell you about because right now it's time to - sleep.