everyday life

- Water is one of the most delicious things I know.

- Yes I'm a phone addict... pictures, phone calls, text messages, I can't miss anything!

- I love all too expensive clothes, and I want more clothes than I have the money for

- I can sit all night talking about all kinds of things with my sister

- I love makeup but I'm not very good at it

- FASHION = my passion!

- Making to-do lists is my addiction

- Running in cold weather = perfection!

- My two favorite places on earth is my home and the Finnish archipelago

- Brushing my teeth is oddly one of my favorite things to do.

- Laying on floor is so comfortable, I mean I love my bed but coming home after a long day sweaty and tired, the floor is the best option to lay on for a while

- A language I want to learn is Dutch

- They say to travel is to live & I can't agree more

- The best food combination by far is McDonald's fries & ice cream

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everyday life

Good morning from me and my coffee!

I have just finished today's morning routine and I'm ready to start the day.

1. Slowly trying to leave my bed

2. Breakfast + coffee!!

3. The part where I turn myself into a human being (shower, makeup and brushing my teeth)

4. FaceTime with my lovely family on the other side of the planet

5. Blog time, which is now!

6. 10:15 Brunch with friends, ohhh I need to hurry now!!!!



everyday life, places

New York, New York. Oh, how I LOVE you once again. Walking around & taking the subway in NY is honestly the best way to experience the city and actually get to know each neighbourhood properly.

For me Greenwich Village & Soho were my top favorite parts of this trip, don't get me wrong I love pretty much everything about New York but this was this trips highlights for me. This is because the neighborhood is packed with super cute shops & super many shops and so many painted walls!

Did I do any shopping you might ask because NY is full of shops and honestly you can't miss them? To answer your question, yes. I bought this beautiful small nude coloured card-wallet from Kate Spade New York which is a more expensive shop, but sometimes you just got to spoil yourself. My purchase was really material happiness, I'm absolutely in love with it!

I hope you enjoyed this rambly post of what I've been up to in New York & tomorrow I'm off to Mississippi!



everyday life, places

Jet lagged? Yes!! The night after a long flight to New York went well besides the fact that I woke up at 5:30 am this morning which wasn't really my plan & isn't really the usual time that I get up every morning. Besides for that our morning started off with an early wake-up & breakfast and after that we were off to the city; The Big Apple, New York!!

I've been to NYC a few times before but NYC is just the city that amazes you as much every single time and you're always as excited to visit, it's just something about - the tall skyscrapers, the history & the people there that amaze me which I can't really explain? You only get this feeling when you actually visit The Big Apple yourself, it's a feeling you can't describe, it's only a feeling you can experience!

Our schedule for the day was pretty crammed with different sights. We visited, for instance, Greenwich Village, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Broadway & Fifth Avenue... which was so much fun. We ate lunch in Grand Central Station and dinner at Junior's Restaurant & Bakery which was absolutely delicious.

Nine happy hours of exploring the city was nice until that 10 000th + steps hit us all and was enough for the day so we headed back to our hotel. I had an amazing day with my lovely friends in a city we felt very small in. For tomorrow a new day with new things to explore awaits but until that, good night everybody!



everyday life

Hello my beautiful friends on the internet! The time has come, this is the day, the day I'm saying goodbye to my family to go explore another country for a year. Yes it has been a hard goodbye and I've been bawling my eyes out but you know what, they will be there when I get back, I have to look forward to the opportunities and fun time Iäm going to have and enjoy every second that it lasts. So now it's the end of crying and the start of excitement. Bye home and hello New York cause that's where I'm off to.



everyday life

Good morning everybody!! I've had the best night sleep ever even though I woke up at 7:00 a.m this morning. For breakfast I had greek yoghurt with strawberries & pineapple which is my all time favourite breakfast, absolutely delicious. What have you been up to so far? So today's plans are actually pretty exciting but at the same time stressful since it is my last day in my homecountry and tomorrow I'm heading off to New York and after that to Mississippi. I'm leaving my home country for a year! I honestly can't believe how fast the time has gone by. So on todays schedule is pretty much; packing, coffee & a mixture of feelings.



everyday life

1. Three guilty pleasures?

Candy, coffee & shopping

2. Three things you can't stand?

Jealousy, bugs & sticky hands

3. Who are you in school?

The one who does her own thing

4. What stresses you?

When someone is mad at me & of course school

5. How do you think other people see you?

As an honest, caring and positive person

6. How do you see yourself?

As a stressed out but passionate person

7. A situation you think is awkward/embarrassing?

When I do not know whether to shake hands or hug another person

8. When do you feel most beautiful?

After summer when I am tanned and have light sun bleached hair

9. What goes through your mind a lot?

Everything, my mind never rests, but mostly thoughts about my future