So we where house sitting for ten days for a lovely couple out in Port Chalmers last week. It was super cozy to live in a house and have a bit more space than usual after being so used to our wee flat. Saying that, it is so nice to be back home although I truly miss the company of the animals we where looking after, nothing beats feeding wee lambs in the morning and getting welcomed home by a big happy dog.

Before shooting home we stopped by Wades aunties place who suggested for us to come with them to their family home in Twizel for the weekend. Checking the weather rapports made it an easy decision. We decided to start my birthday celebrations a bit earlier and took a three day weekend. With absolutely no expectations it ended up being an epic weekend. The drive up took us about three and a half hours and was beautiful.

The first night we where all just catching up, Trace cooked us up a big feed, and we had a lot of laughs. The next morning we got up early to head to Ohau - ski field, to do some of the first skiing of this year. After only skied a few times in Sweden it was an amazing experience to ski in the mountains. The views where insane and completly blew my mind.

We hiked up to the top of the mountain and got an outstanding view. The day turned out absolutely amazing. We where all super tired when we got home, after another decent feed we went to bed early to make sure we had plenty of rest before starting our next adventure in mt Cook national park in the morning.

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Since moving to New Zealand I've been constantly blown away with the scenery of this country. When starting our travels in Auckland, already in love with the landscape, people kept telling me about the south island. Even though the scenery of the North Island already impressed me, after taking the ferry boat over from Wellington I must say, my expectations where high. But there is no way I could have imagined beauty of this kind. Around every corner, the scenery kept changing. Mountains, rivers, valleys, hills, animals, farms etc. Like nothing I've ever seen before.

Me and my partner, Wade, did this hike last weekend on our days of and once again my expectations where overblown. It literally took us 5 minutes to drive from our flat in the City Centre of Dunedin to the start of Ross Creek. From there we walked to the start of the Pineapple track, over Flagstaff to Swampy summit where we stopped for lunch, to the top of The Silver Peaks all the way to Jubilee hut. It was about 20 km one way and took us about 6,5 hours first day. It was an amazing walk and with the weather on our side we where lucky. After descending the devils staircase at the end of the track it felt well deserved to have a cold beer and cook up a decent feed of taco burritos.

The hut was super cozy and modern, recently renovated with a nice and fresh "toilet" and rain water supply. After a good warm night of sleep we took off the next day again with the weather on our side. The walk home took approximately 5.5 hours and you could feel that the legs and body was well exhausted after all the up and down the different summits. The walk was absolutely amazing and once again I can't believe how lucky we are in Dunedin, to be surrounded with beautiful land like this just a few minutes from the city.

Its amazing to be able to say I live here now. In this beautiful country, with nothing but welcoming and friendly people. I've grown a great interest of the fascinating new Zealand culture and native animals and can't wait to grow and learn more about it all as I extend my visit, into hopefully a permanent residency.