You don't need someone else to be happy
You don't need some else to be strong
In Order for you to be right
You don't need someone else to be wrong
Your life is the product of choices
The ones that you make every day
And when happiness come from within
No one can take it away
So remember to say what you mean
And remember to make it sincere
And only believe what see
Never believe what you here
Your fate is your own
It's whatever you make it
And though others may try
No one can break it
So come as you are and leave if you want to
No one can tell you what to hold onto
Your life is your life
And you mind is your conscience
So put others aside and
Just live like you want to.

kisses, Rafaela

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... My Tips!πŸ˜›

"Being strong doesn't mean never showing weakness. It means working through and being honest about weakness. We are not at fault for the struggles thrust upon us, and sometimes we just do the best we can."

For all the people out there who feel like nothing seems to be going right or who feel really low right know, or who have a lack of motivation, whatever it is.. here are my Ultimate Tips on How To Get Out Of A Rut😊

* Meditation and Journaling!
This can really help with getting your mind free, calming down and getting aware of your bad thoughts. Write them down, so they are no longer stuck in your head and meditate for better ones. Learn to be thankful for everything! And if meditation isn't a thing for you, yoga can be very helpful as well.

* New vibes!
To get out of that shitty mood you need to change your surroundings. Redecorate your room, change your bedding, buy new pillows, declutter your makeup and your closet, move the furniture, light on some candles, get new colors and clean everything. After that you will feel so much better! Getting the old bad vibes out of your way and getting more exciting, even just for coming home.

* Be aware of your body!
(Eating good food and exercising can help)
Even if you are in a bad mood and wanna stay in bed all day, watch some Netflix with ice cream, popcorn, Nutella or whatever.. this won't help you with feeling better. Even tho you don't want to, but healthier food will help you with your mood, and exercising will keep you motivated. Staying on track will show you it's worth it, to come out of a rut you need to motivate yourself to go from nothing to everything again. Love your body and do good things with it.

* Set new goals!
Maybe you are so unmotivated because your latest goal was too big, you just thought on the long run or whatever ... setting new goals mean thinking of things you really really want and then find out ways to achieve this goal. Don't make too many or too big goals. Just as many as you want. Set yourself goals which you are motivated about to do/get. This should be a big Motivator!

* Simplify your life!
(get rid of unhealthy things)
This goes hand in hand with the new vibe thing. But now you are not only changing your surroundings but also get rid of all the things which are not good. This can be pictures, things, food, etc. To get the bad thoughts out of your head, you need to clean your space from them. Otherwise they will make sad over and over again.

* Get yourself enough sleep, but don't stay in bed all day!
There is not really more to say about it but even tho really important. I know staying in bed is always the easier way, but we don't need the easy one .. we take the better one. Getting up and living your life, don't was time with staying in bed all the time, there is so much ahead of you waiting.

* Get a new hobby!
To make it easier to not stay in bed all day or on your phone, or eating all day .. get yourself a new hobby or hobbies you are really excited about. This can be reading, any sports, drawing, horseback riding, playing an instrument, dancing, singing, writing .. literally anything you enjoy. This will help you to find motivation again and maybe also not to loose it right after again.

* Get inspiration on Social Media!
All the happy people an instagram are fake. All the big pages on Facebook are not real. So many twitter accounts are only a computer. Don't compromise yourself with them. Be the best version of yourself you can be. With inspiration on Social media I mean We heart it, Tumblr, etc. Maybe you find some inspirational quotes, good motivational photos or get in contact with people who struggle with the same things. The internet can also be a good place and can help. πŸ™ˆ

Being sad is okay, being sad for a while is also okay .. but to not stay sad you need to get motivated for life again. Don't waste any more day being sad because you will never get it back or get the chance to live it again😊
kisses, Rafaela 😘



Today's blogpost is all about some easy habits to be happier 🌞

1. Wake up early!! β˜€οΈβ°
I know it's so over said already but it is also so so important. Even if you have to go to school/work in the morning, get up a little earlier than usual and you will get done more things within your whole day. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. You will be in a better mood and also way more productive. So set your alarm for tomorrow! I tell you, I am also not a morning person at all, but you will get into the routine, your body will get used to it. A tip to be more of a morning person is maybe you can turn off snooze and put your phone at the opposite side of the room, so to turn off your alarms you literally have to stand up and not just turn around and stay in bed. Have a morning routine. Something that you are excited about, a routine you love and be happy to start a new day.

2. Prep your meals 🍱πŸ₯—
This this is not only for people who want to loose weight it's also for people who want to live on a budget or want to save money or also don't want to eat so much junk during the day. This will keep you so so healthy. So you're not forced to go out for every meal and you also know what's in your food or what you are eating. I think that's a good thing in any way not only for loosing weight but for getting healthier. It's just a good thing for your body. It will save you time and money aaand you will get healthier, what else do you want?

3. Reading books πŸ“–
Read 2 chapters every other day. No matter what kind of book you read. Any kind you enjoy. Personally I would recommend Harry Potter or some teen/love stories. (I love themπŸ˜›)I know it seems very generic. But it's a very good exercise for your brain. You will get out of your rut and start thinking in another way. So I started forcing myself to read some chapters every other day so I don't have to read every day but also not forget it when I'm busy. It's just a refreshing and good thing to do.

4. Make yourself a budget πŸ“πŸ’°
This is so easy to do, budgeting your weeks or your months. You map how much money is incoming and then what are your necessities (rent, bills) .. and whatever is left you are budgeting for the rest of the week/month. Just list down everything you're spending money on and you will get blown away how much money you spent for shit. Things you don't need or where extremely unnecessary. A little tip from me is, I do my budgeting in my Planer so I have it with me all the time.

5. Go for a walk🚢🏻‍♀️
Go out. Go for walks. Go for more walks. Wether it is around your neighborhood or your city or maybe if you are traveling. The fresh air will be so so good for you. For your health, for your mind, for your brain and your heart. We stay inside so much that we almost forget to get fresh air! So get out!! Just put on some comfortable shoes, put in your headphones and walk. It's the time wehre I meditate, where I can think, where I work through my day, etc. If you make this consistently, it will also keep you very active. Also if it's just 15-30 per day.

6. Have a "gyst" Day 🀷🏻‍♀️
Pick one day a week where you get your shit together! This is my last and final tip. And this habit will change everything! That will keep you on top of everything on a weekly basis. This can be any day that works best for you. (I prefer Sundays for that) and yeah it's just a day where you actually get all your things done! This can be taking a bath, doing a face mask, making your nails, waxing, planing your week/month, doing your groceries, budgeting, cleaning your room/apartment/house, meal prepping, etc. Getting tasks done that you keep procrastinating for so long, is just a nice feeling. I love the good feeling to end my week this way and can start fresh an Monday. Plan one day every single week where you get all of the stuff that need to get done, done.

So that it is for today. I hope there are some useful tips for you and you are able to change your life and also be more motivated! 😘
kisses, Rafaela



You work so hard, just to end up at home crying yourself to sleep; remember you are trying, you are moving mountains that have plagued you since you were young, and you're trying so hard.

Keep fighting, fight until you have won. Fight until you have found your way home, until the sun comes back and you heart learns to love the mornings again🌹

kisses, Rafaela



Advices, Reminder

There are 13 things I tell myself before starting a new day πŸ’­

1. 99% of the time, you feel better when you go out. Don't turn down social invitations. Meet people and talk to people and try new things. It's so important!

2. Take photos of your friends. Take photos of their feet and their hands and their faces and the landscape around them.

3. Drink tea everyday.

4. It's not uncool to be clever. Be clever. Please, be as nerdy as you can be, because ultimately there will come a point when people realize that clever is actually pretty cool, and life gets better for everyone after that.

5. When you are sad, talk to people.

6. If you love someone, let them know. Don't be afraid to tell people how you feel - it saves a lot of hassle to be sincere.

7. Live in the moment. Don't think too much about the bigger picture. Don't think about the long run - take each day as it comes and fill it with small things that will make you happy.

8. Do not compromise who you are to impress someone else.

9. It's okay to be 18 and still love Disney movies

10. Cancel your plans sometimes, close your door, turn off your phone, and play some John Mayer.

11. Your mom will probably cry a lot during the next few years. Let her. Hug her. Cry with her. She just wants you happy at the end of the day. You're growing up, life's exciting, but you have to remember that you're her baby.

12. It will all be okay at the end of the day. Life has a funny way of working out.

13. Life literally never goes as planned. Don't waste your time fretting over the future. Faith and destiny work hand in hand to make sure life keeps you on your toes.

kisses, Rafaela



This Blogpost is all about how to get and also stay motivated in life πŸ™ˆπŸ˜Œ this has nothing to do with suicide thoughts or whatever ... it's more about how to live your life to the fullest, to be the best you you can be, don't wast any time and just be motivated for every new day.

1. Get up early! β˜€οΈπŸ˜΄
Don't sleep in and I promise you, this will make a huge huge difference in your daily life. Also if it's just a hour earlier you wake up every single day, you will be more productive. You will feel better, have more time during the day and maybe just be a little more satisfied.

2. Music 🎢
This will affect your mood so much! Turn on some good music, a good song whatever and you will recognize you get more motivated from time to time. Even if it's just dancing around in your room, but you know you just love life. And maybe, just maybe you get motivated for working out(running, gym, yoga) πŸ‹ πŸ˜›
Your physical health is so important in terms of being motivated! The more you take care of your body, the more you will feel better.

3. Clean your space πŸ—‘
Maybe this is just a thing for me but I cannot think clearly when my room is messy😬 Just 5 min a day will make the difference! (Doing your bed, cleaning your table, etc) And when your space is clean you will also get more stuff done! :)

4. Dayplaner/Agenda/Planners/Calendar
That is definitely a thing for me!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ This will help you to plan out your day or your goals .. whatever πŸ˜› this will help you to stay on track! Start writing down what's on your mind or in your head, start writing down when are you gonna work out, what are you gonna eat, your meetings, plans, adventures, etc.
To-do lists will help you so much with staying organized and positive!

5. Books/Audibooks
This will help you with not freaking out inbetween busy and exhausting days. It can help you to calm down, get your mind free and jump into another world. And it maybe can give you the advice and motivation you might needπŸ˜‡

6. Take yourself out! πŸŒΉπŸ‘ 
Make plans with friends and family. Keep yourself busy. Get yourself things to do. Go out for drinks or lunch/dinner. Dress yourself up. Just go out and do things. Enjoy life. Explore your city. Have fun with other people or just yourself. It will just make a huge difference in how you feel, especially if you surround yourself with good people. So go out, be happy, enjoy life and stay motivated! ❀️

Hope you found it helpful 😘
kisses, Rafaela



Daily Update

I am currently having a really really hard time☹️
I know it's summer, I have summer break but although I am away from home for 6 weeks .. I'm not on vacation. I am with my family, and working all the time. So that's why I am sorry my last posts weren't that long 😯 They should be inspirational and helping people who are struggling or having a hard time right know πŸ™ˆ

whatever, yesterday I made a list (I love writing lists, it's literally my favorite thing to do) for the next two months (August + September) .. I planned on uploading dailyπŸ˜› I know this is going to be very hard because I am working, on vacation or will be very busy but I want to take my blog more serious :)

let's hope it will work out and my Blogposts will be more interesting 😊

I am excited 😘
kisses, rafaela




Look. I don't think my stretchmarks are beautiful. I don't think they are tiger stripes or natural tattoos. I don't think my acne is beautiful. I don't think my bags under my eyes are beautiful. I just think they are human. I don't think I have to be beautiful all of the time in order to be accepted and loved and successful. I don't think every small detail of my outer appearance needs to be translated into prettiness. But .. I love my body!

Have a good day!
kisses, Rafaela



if you are thinking of it, you may came up with some things .. at least I hope there are not many things you are afraid of to do, because being afraid is unacceptable. You should never be afraid of anything! Whether it's wearing a certain piece of clothing, saying what's on your mind or even act like you really are.
No one is you and that is your power!✨

sadly, I came up with too many things πŸ™„ unfortunately I am a very weak person on the inside so there are hundreds of things I am afraid of to do ...
i am fighting against it, I am fighting everyday but it's really not that easy ..

i know you may have thought you get some tipps and tricks how to fight against those negative thoughts, but actually I don't know them either. Truth is, we all need to realize that staying afraid is no solution. So please, get out of that zone and live your life to the fullest!! Enjoy it! Love it! Believe in it! And never forget to happy with it! always make sure you are doing well, you are your own number oneπŸ™ˆ

Good night πŸ˜˜πŸ’€πŸŒ™
kisses, Rafaela