Scotland has beautiful castles in their country, and one of them is Eilean Donan. Eilean Donan is probably one of the most famous castles in Scotland.

Eilean Donan is one of the most iconic imagines for Scotland and is one of the most visited attractions in Scotland. Eilean Donan is situated on the island with the same name, Eilean Donan. It is probably named after Donnán av Eigg who tried to bring Christianity to Scotland.

Some parts of the castle were destroyed in the year 1719 during the Jacobite uprising and were in ruins in about 200 years. It's now rebuilt thanks to John MacRae-Gilstrap who bought it in the year 1911.

The castle is beautiful and for myself I really would like to see it. The castle has guided tours that you can go to and get information and other facts about it.

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So does this sound interesting? Why not consider go there! And when you're already in Scotland, why not visit a few other cool places. Like go watch horse racing, go on an adventure and much more! There are so many things to do in Scotland.

So let's say you go to Scotland and visit Eilean Donan and then you go to some fancy restaurant and drink some Scottish scotch. Then what? I would recommend you to go to a lot of places but the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is really cool. If you like nature, this is a must visit!

The Royal Botanic Garden is in Edinburgh and has existed since 1670. It has unusual and really beautiful plants and the garden is also really big. The garden is open all year and it is also free to visit the garden. Just like the castle Eilean Donan the garden has guided tours and you can also go on cool events there. The Garden has a lot of different plants, over 13 302 different species!

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​But why go to Scotland to visit castles and gardens when that already exists in Sweden? Well, to start with, the Swedish castles are not like the Scottish ones. Like you maybe understand, the Swedish culture is not like the Scottish culture. It's the same with the castles. Also the Swedish gardens and Scottish gardens is not like each other, they are also different. Because of the history in each country, the tourist attractions may be different from each other. To every new country you go to, it will be different kinds of attractions, culture and more. That's why you should visit these places, because it's very cool and different from what you may be used to!

Lots of love, Liv

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Scotland produces some of the best, natural foods in the world, and many countries sought after their well-produced foods, even the French men run after Scotlands cheese! If that doesn't say anything to you about their "well-produced foods", well, maybe you'll have to re-think for a minute. From mouth-watering steaks to world-renown seafood, such as salmon, wild trout, langoustines and oysters- people adore all of it. Scottish producers now grow 3,200 tonnes of raspberries, and 21,000 tonnes of strawberries each year. Their beef is worth more than 569m pounds per year, which is more than fruit, dairy and poultry combined. People absolutely love the scottish food!

If you compare our swedish food to scottish food, you might notice that there are major differences in some meals. For example, the breakfast. What we eat here in Sweden for breakfast often consists of a bowl with yoghurt or cereal- cornflakes maybe? A sandwich topped with cheese or ham, and sometimes you even add vegetables as well on your sandwich to make it a bit more healthier, or just for the looks and taste. A glass of juice, or a cup of coffee or tea is also very popular in Sweden in the early mornings… But, if we look at what the scottish people are eating for breakfast, it's a bit different.

swedish breakfast

scottish breakfast

As you can see, it's quite a big difference, although we swedish people eat food from allover the world, the scottish breakfast is rare here in Sweden. To me, the scottish breakfast looks more like lunch or maybe even dinner. Maybe that's the reason the scottish breakfast is rare to eat as breakfast here in Sweden? What do you think?
If I get the chance to actually travel to Scotland someday- tasting their breakfast will be one of my goals, although I'm not really into beans or blackpudding... Well, we'll see what happens in the future. As I mentioned before, people are said to absolutely love the scottish food! 😊

I can't forget to tell you about their "water of life" - whisky! The stamp "Made in Scotland" has become synonymous with taste and quality. People also refer to it as "Scotch", you can hear it on the name that it's a typical scottish thing. The scottish whisky's is divided in three different categories, grainwhisky, maltwhisky, and blended whisky, and it's also divided from which area it has been produced in.​ Whisky is being made all over the world, but, in order for the whisky to be called "scotch", the whisky has to satisfy a few conditions under the british law, which is:

1. The whisky must be matured in oak casks for at least three years.

2. The storage of the whisky should have taken place in the customs warehouse in Scotland.

3. The amount of alcohol must be at least forty percent.

That's all for this post! Hope you enjoyed it!​



After we have had this blog and worked with this project for a while now I have learned so much new things about Scotland. I have learned what Scotland's national flower is, I have learned what Scotland's national animal is. These and many more of these things is stuff that I never would have learned if I hadn't read and talked so much about Scotland over the last couple of weeks. As it feels right now I have learned things about Scotland and the UK that not everyone knows, and it will feel so good in the future when people are starting to discuss Scotland and I will be able to give some "fun facts" about both Scotland's history and culture!

Have a good day!




​I personally absolutely love the sport golf, and golf actually comes from Scotland in the beginning of it all. During the 13th century the first sport that reminds you of golf took its shape in Scotland, though golf as it is today began to take shape in Scotland during the 18th century.

Since I love to play golf with my friends and family something I definitely would have to do if I ever will go to Scotland is to play at the St. Andrews (old course) golf course. The old course at St. Andrews Golf Club is the oldest golf course where people are still playing. The course was established in 1552 in St. Andrews, Scotland, since then people from all around the world have played golf there for almost 5 centauries.

Golf has changed very much over the years so the golf that I am playing home in Sweden and Eskilstuna is not exactly how they played the game a couple a centuries ago. So the place to go if you want to see how golf has evolved over the years you should go to Scotland and St. Andrews Golf Course.

Of course St. Andrews Golf Club has changed the course over the years, from having 11 holes when it was built in 1552 to having 18 holes (as most golf clubs now days). Even though the course has changed over the years it is still not allowed to play there on Sundays to preserve the course. The only time it's allowed to play there on Sundays is when there is a big tournament like The Open Championship with big stars like, Tiger Woods, Henrik Stenson, Rory McElroy and so on.

For me I can only recommend those who not play golf to start doing so and maybe some time in your live travel to the magnificent golf course St. Andrews.

Have a good day!




Hello and welcome to our blog! This is a traveling project that we have in school and we decided in our grop of three pupils to make a blog out of it. In this blog we choose to write about Scottland, an english speaking country.

In our blog we are going to write about Scottland (obviously). Some funfacts, the culture, history and we are even going to have a podcast with a few different episodes and maybe even have some guests on it.

The ones who's writing is Liv, Sophie and Marcus. We are going to do some posts together and some induvidual posts. You can find every post in the categories. We have one category for each person, the podcast and one for everyone.

Hope you enjoy our blog and can dream yourself away with us!

Lots of love, 

Liv, Sophie and Marcus

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