So i'm learning how to make videos so that i can post them here on mybloggangeline. So keep your

 eyes open for videos and new vines.




Halloween is soon here in sweden and i'm really exited because being creepy, scary and paranoid with a exuse is the best thing ever. The clothes, the stories, the "trick or treat" " ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!"

This year i'm going to be....................Jeff The Killer .YAAAAAAAY.

So today i have 3 questions for you guys.

1. What are you going to be on halloween?

2.Are you a creepypasta fan? (cause i am)

3.What is your favourit thing out of these: christmas, halloween, birthday partys or easter?



So one of my best friends wrote a text about bullying and i thought that it would be fun to do a thing called

text sunday

that is when i share with you guys a Poem, Quote,text or a Letter or just anything like that on sundays.

and to start it off i will put one here called "Every single word hurts"

why can't they understand that fitting in is the hardest thing for me.

why can't they understand that when i don't want to stand infront of the class i really am scared.

or that i feel alone when people shut me out.

words do hurt, people hurt me and everything in life sometimes take's a turn to the left instead of the right and that isn't easy to fix. To fix my soul, my life and my future. To see clear is hard when somebody is blocking the way. When someone hurts you and you just can't fix it for some reason. When you one second had control of your emotions and the other second you suddenly break down in tears.

i may smile and laugh and seeme happy. But when nobody sees i'm sad. so don't you dare think that your words dosen't hurt because they do. Every single word



Caleb you are one of the people i love and always will love. When you died a part of me died with you. You can't read this because, well.......your dead. I would do anything to bring you back. Maybe i can't do that and it's probably not possible until 20 years from now ........ but i will always love you for just who you are. As your family said: Caleb, gone but never forgotten.

After 13 years of your life, 4 years of youtube and 9 days of death i finally understood that i have to live my life to the fullest because you never now when, how or why somebody you love suddenly dies. You can pray and cry and feel sorry but that wont bring you back.

So fly high baked potato, heaven gained another Angel and i love you.

Rip Caleb Logan Leblanc, July 13 2002-October 1 2015, 7:08PM, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, 13 years old,

Son to Billy and Katie Leblanc,

Brother to Julianna "Annie" and Hayley Leblanc.

i love you, forever?



Hi, you may wonder what QSS of the day is. Well, everyday in every post or video i'm going to have a Question, Shout out and Song of the day. It's just where i have three bags, one with a question, one with a name of a follower on vine or we heart it or here on this blog and one with a song in it.  I'll take one piece of paper out of all bags and do a question, shout out and song of the day, on this your going to be able to answer the question and also give the song 5 wings. (it's like 5 stars but my name is Angel-ine so i tough it would be more fun)  

If you wanna help me find questions and songs that would be really helpfull and maybe you'll get a shout out because of that.


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