When i was in the plane i saw a mountian which was called elephant mountain. I had learnt in a book about the mountain and i thought it was really cool. My dad said that we could go to the mountain the day after we landed.

The next day after we landed my dad took me to the mountain which was close to the city Kurunegala. There were a lot of people there not only tourists there but also locals that were there meditating. To get to the mountain we took a tuk tuk which is a sort of taxi. A few days later i met up with my cousin who is a actual tuk tuk driver and he was very nice and let me drive for a while.

When we got to the mountain I thought it was amazing even cooler than the pictures in the book. When we had been walking around for a while we found a fruit stand with so many different fruit for example star fruit and bread fruit. We bought a few fruits and they were delicious.

When we had ate finished we went back to the hotel and one the way back my cousin asked me I if I wanted to come over to there place and I said yes tomorrow.

The hotel was nice we had one room with a balcony towards the beach.

When I was at the hotel, I felt like swimming so I got my swimming pants on and went down to the beach. The water was so nice, I had my snorkel glasses on and saw a bunch of different fish.