Once again Julian Baker has done an amazing live session, and I just had to share it.
Such a comfortable voice and calming song, she is simply just an amazing songwriter and artist.

The War on Drugs just released a new single called "Holding on", and this is probably ONE of the greatest songs I've heard in a long time, I just can't help but smile listening to this.
The War On Drugs has been a big inspiration for me as an artist for a long time, and they just keep on making so damn good music. CHECK IT OUT!

This is a very cool music video, and also an amazing song. This song is perfect if you just want to chill outside with your friends - or just going on a bike ride.

Absolutely fantastic, I can listen to this song in whichever mood I'm in or whatever I am doing.
This will my one of my top summer song this year, have a listen!

A friend recently showed me this band, and I fell for them right away. Have a great Friday everyone and enjoy this amazing song called "Edge Of Town" :-)

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Amanda Bergman - Sitting by the river

Amanda Bergman probably has the greatest voice in Sweden, it is sooooo gooood.

I have seen her live a couple of times now, and she sounds even better live than on

record which is crazy.

So many good songs to listen to, spend your sunday listen through her music - both

Amanda Bergman and the band she is in called Amason, It will be worth it ;)

Honne - Someone that loves you

I don’t know how many times i’ve listened to this song by now, but A LOT.

I don’t ever seem to get tired of it, it is just such a great song and their voices

work so perfect with each other. You just feel good when you hear it, and the music video is very nice too.

Tash Sultana - Jungle

Everyone who knows me knows that I am one of the biggest Sia fans ever, but this girl is

not far away from how much I am “fangirling” Sia.

Tash Sultana has so many talents it is making me crazy,

and she is growing a bigger crowd everyday - which is well deserved

If you have missed her on social media, for gods sake check her out!!

FM-84 - Running in the night

A big love of mine in music is the “modern 80’s pop”, if you get what I'm saying.

I love singing along to this song, I have so many songs I think fits well to

roadtrips haha, this is another one.

This song i probably one of my favorite songs at the moment.

Maybe April - Last time

As you might be noticing I listen to different genres in music, I don’t really stick to one.

I found this band on audiotree last week and really liked their music.

Folk music is something I love to both write and play myself, so songs like these inspire me.
Check them out, they’re great!

RVRB -2faded

Great fucking song I love listening to when I drive my car, it is very good to song

to listen to when you are having a long drive and have a nice nature outside the window.

You need to hear if you haven’t!!!!

LP - Tokyo Sunrise

This woman can sing, very well my friends. Not to mention that she is a great

songwriter. There are sooooo many good female songwriters out there that

needs to get more attention (all writers in general need more credit than they do get, since

most people forget it’s very often the artist don’t write songs themselves - but songwriters).

Anyways, after many years she has finally gotten some more attention around the world for her song

“lost on you”, but I still love Tokyo Sunrise the most.

NEIKED - Sexual

This is simply just a feel good song, and many of you have probably already heard it

but if you havent, check it out :-)

Lorde - Green light

Lorde just released her new song Green light, and I really like it.

BUT it is a song that grows on you, at least in my case. First time

I heard it I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but the more I heard it the more

I liked it.



Julien Baker - Something

Found this girl on youtube a couple of days ago and just fell in love with the song Something.
With a soft and comfortable voice and some sadness in the writing filled with emotions it’s hard not to like it.
Check out the song on this live session she did with Our Vinyl.


War on Drugs - Red Eyes

This song has been one of my favorites for years now.
You know when sometimes you think “Damn, I wish It was me who wrote that song” well.. This one is one of those for me.


BØRNS - American Money (Tigertown Remix)

When someone has a different voice, it always catches my attention..
BØRNS really has a voice that makes me weak, I just love it.

This is a remix of his song American Money, and it gets you in a very chill and
good mood.

Hayley Kioyoko - Sleepover

Hayley Kioykos new song Sleepover was released this week and
It’s an amazing song.
This girl is doing a lot for the LGBT community to make everyone feel more
okey to be who they are. I really admire people that uses their music to
put messages out there and help others with it.


The Lumineers - Sleep on the floor
This song is wonderful in all the ways possible, you can’t help but smile and feel
good and sing along to it. Not to mention the music video, it’s probably one of the
greatest music videos I’ve ever seen - so check it out.


Muna - Around U
This 3 girl piece band is probably one of the coolest bands right now.
Their new Album “About U” is amazing, and Around U probably was my favourite on it. Everyone who hasn’t heard Muna yet, go check them out!

London Grammar - Big Picture

London Grammar is a band I fell in love with the first time I heard them a couple of years ago,
and they finally released some new songs.
To be honest, it is Hannah Reid that makes them so damn good, because she has one of the greatest
voice I have ever heard.
But they have found a sound that makes the voice find its right element - the voice is always in focus.


Vancouver sleep clinic - Collapse
If you ever need to just look at the stars, sit by the water or look at the mountains and think about life -
Vancouver Sleep Clinic is a great band to listen to.
Or well, if you just want to have some chill music to fall asleep to, it work as both for me haha!
It will remind you very much of Bon iver, and if it's good than I guess it can't go wrong.
I love all of Vancouver Sleep Clinics songs equally, but if I had to choose one it would be Collapse.

Dustin Tebbutt - The Breach

This song just makes me feel good and calm, and I love it.. Just love it!
As the dreamer I am, I love to listen to this kind of music when I take long walks in the woods or
just want to listen to some music in peace and quiet.


Smith & Thell - Fuck the world

I honestly have nothing to say about this more than I fucking love it, the lyrics
is probably the best part of this song haha.. Check it out :-)