Hubby is back at work since it's Monday. Even though being a mother is a full time job I do appreciate the support when he is home. It's the possibility to leave the boy with daddy while sorting yourself out.

During the week I feel so bad needing to use the toilet or make myself a sandwich unless the boy is sleeping or really content lying on the bed. It is due to the fact that we have nowhere to put him where he could look around. We almost bought one from a charity shop but one of them was missing a strap and the other one was too expensive. We will for sure get one when we are back in Finland. So about a month we need to manage somehow.

We should get some moving boxes as soon as possible so that I could pack the stuff we want to send to Finland. Once we know how much we want to send we can get a quote from different companies.

We should go to the store but Alex has one of his days where he doesn't settle without nursing. Today I am a boob...

I did manage to empty the clothes rack and put some dirty laundry in the machine while Alex was chilling on the bed. But I should get him to go down for a proper nap so that he doesn't get so crabby... He is sleeping on my lap now. Let's see how long that lasts...



New kid - new adventures - new blog.

I'm blogging on my phone. I figured it could be easier.

The reason I'm blogging is because we are about to make a huge change in our living situation and with that and a new newborn comes a lot of stress so I figured I might as well share it if anyone's interested.

The last three years we've (me and my husband) spent in Bournemouth, England. 4 weeks ago our lives changed forever when our son was born. His birth also meant that we really needed to take action on moving back to Finland. (Our flat is tiny and our entire support network is there, alright?)

As with all kids you first need to register the birth. That was done on the 2nd August. But wait, the kid is only registered in England now. What about Finland? Well, then we sent a birth certificate to the Legislation Office where they gave it their approval. This document with an application and photocopies of our passports are now being sent to Finland. Once his birth is registered in Finland we are able to get him a passport. Which can only be done in London, BTW... Joy!! And I have not even touched on the subject of packing and sending all of our belongings to Finland... I'll get to that a different time.