Here’s why I started writing my own blog publicly:

For the past couple years, I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out where I belong in life. Broken down a few times – you know – the usual stuff. And then at the end of 2015, I decided I’d really had enough.

I used my resolutions wisely – like writing a list for a genie in a lamp that I might meet during 2016. I decided I want to – first and foremost – beme. I want to stop trying to be something I’m not, and start trying to be something that Ican be.

All the optimistic/positive/way-too-happy people that say ‘you have no limits’, ‘you can do anything’, ‘reach for the skies’Do you think that’s really true?It might be. But this is for sure – you have qualities and shortcomings that only you have. You have to build on your qualities, and forget your shortcomings.

For instance, some of my positives – I have a silly amount of random knowledge about cars. I can write anything. I’ve got an abundance of common-sense and patience.

And some of my negatives – I don’t communicate well. I’m not mechanically-minded. I waste a lot of time doing things that don’t benefit me whatsoever i.e. an hour on Google, accidentally researching bears.*

Maybe I can change the former negatives I listed. But as my positives state – I can write anything, so I’m putting that skill to good use and improving it.

Moral – Stop trying to be something you aren’tBe something you canreally be.

*Bears are pretty cool though huh?

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For the last five years, I’ve had Sony Xperia phones (I had a Galaxy S3 for a few months and sold it because it was shit). I love them. They look nice, feel premium, being made of glass and metal, and they never give me any trouble. But in the last month I’ve had a bloody nightmare.

The Xperia Z3+ is my current phone. Around a month ago I’m at work, and my phone simply slides off the desk. CRASH! Screen is no longer responding to any touch and it’s cracked. Off to Sony with you, sir. £120.

No problem! I’ve got a backup, an Xperia Z2! I’ll take this to Mexico, and try to take a couple pictures in the water – you know – with my waterproof and dustproof phone. One word. Fail. That phone is totally ruined.

Lessons to be learned:-

If you have a slippy phone, have a rubber case on it at all times.

If you’ve got a waterproof phone, don’t take it in the water.

Seems legit.



I don’t know about you, but I’m a complete caffeine whore. It seems I cannot function in the morning (or in fact any time of day) without a decent cup of Alta Rica or Yorkshire Tea.

Alta Rica.

Yorkshire Tea.

First dilemma of every day – so much so, it’s headache-inducing. You hear people say ‘oh, tea has more caffeine content that coffee’. If that’s the case, why does tea feel like it does sweet-F.A to my temporary energy levels, while a decent coffee sends me barreling uncontrollably into my car and off to work? And then, once I’m up to speed, I can’t stand the taste of coffee so I’m back to tea! But that doesn’t give the energy boost! Agh!

There is always green tea. Green tea is meant to be very good for your health (no need for me to explain that) and also full of caffeine. It’s just that in most cases, it tastes like cat’s piss.

To give up caffeine or not to give up caffeine?

Have a gooooood day.



Seems the first thing I’ll ever write to be shared is a typical ‘me’ thing – moaning. For the past two days after I got home from work, I have simply been going into my room and sorting out ‘stuff’. Literally just ‘stuff’. Okay so yeah, I have recently been on holiday to Mexico and Christmas has just passed, but – Oh. My. God.

When one sees the hoarders on those TV programs, one thinks ‘oh wow, I’m glad I’m not like that’, but today I looked around and thought I should apply for the show. Only one year ago, I completely re-decorated and emptied/organised/threw away tonnes of stuff. And now I feel like I have to do the same again. Why I am holding onto those rotten shoes, That 8-year-old pencil sharpener that doesn’t work, those books I haven’t read for 5 years and probably will never read again? It is driving me crazyand I’m doing something about it. It’s time to start afresh. After all – that’s the only way to grow.

Fresh Up. Restart. Move along.