So a category that this blog has is intended to be for you, if you have something you want to share with our community you can do it here! It can be just about anything as long as it follows these simple rules:

- No swearing, no curse words.

- Not anything offensive, everybody is supposed to feel welcomed here so you can't share anything here that could end up hurting someones feelings.

- Not anything that is obvious self advertising. I will link to any of the social medias that you want me to link to and I will cred you for your work so don't worry.

- I will not accept anything that isn't something that you have the rights for, meaning: If you didn't make the thing you want to share with the community or you don't have the rights to do it by the artist who made it; I won't accept it.

- It can be anything really, may it be fan art, a poem you wrote and simply just want to share, a photo you are proud of, a story about something you have accomplished in your personal life or a recipe for a dessert you came up with. Be as creative as you want! :)

To share something here on this blog you have to send me a email with your file as an attachment. If you follow the above rules I will send you a email response and then upload it to the blog in this category: Your stuff

My email:

I am so looking forward to see what you want to share! :D



Hello my friends and welcome to this blog that I've just created! I created this just for fun, a experiment really- you know to see if this blog thing is anything for me. I am kinda awful at this: to maintain a upload schedule and remember to upload updates about random things. So this is going to be an learning experiment to see if by having this blog will make me better at maintaining a upload schedule.

So this blog isn't going to be all serious, this is just a small fun thing that I will have on the side of my YouTube channel. Imagine that this blog is a side order, the miso soup to your sushi, the fries to your burger, THE CHEESE TO YOUR SALAMI! ..... All this talk of food makes me hungry haha! And I think you get my point so I'm gonna end this first post here, if you have anything you want me to address: drop a comment to this post. But for now: Wherever you are, whether it's day or night, I hope you are having a great time! Talk to you later my buddies! Bu-bye! :D

Love, Rasmus

PS- Be prepared for misspellings, I am Swedish after all and English wasn't my first language so sometimes I will misspell by mistake and if you notice it please correct me! Thank you so much in advance!