My first post ever! Right now I am trying to figure out how this all works and listening to Håkan. Soo good.

Anyways I should present myself. I am a girl who loves to fight for equality and is constantly trying to find her true self, gong through this endless process called life.

My mom always said that I should start a blog, but I guess I always had the fear that people would not like the things I do or write. However today we had a guest, who is staying for a couple of days, she suggested me to just go for it and I thought: "Yes, let`s give this a try!" I mean there is not a lot, that could possibly go wrong, is it? Well unless I make a fool out of myself or offend anybody in any kind of way, but that is usually something I try to avoid. Who knows maybe one day I`ll be looking back and smiling at that day where I got my lazy ass off the bed and finally started what I always wanted to. Maybe I will like this so much that I will continue with it for a long period. As you may have noticed I go with the flow of my thoughts. So back to me.

I love,love,love music, including listening and making music myself as well.

I love to write and read, mostly realistic scenarios. Things that make me think deeper than I normally would. Speaking of thinking I think a hole load of thoughts, which can get me into trouble with myself sometimes. I have to admit that so far I am having fun.

Listening to Adele right now. Rolling in the deep. She is so real, so down-to-earth and soo funny. The concert was so good. No words. Will always be remembered, forever. She sounds so good live and she is a decent entertainer as well. Oh god I love her so much. So many feelings that day. I also remember the competition I`ve been to in which I sang that song. Big mistake.Why? First of all:You will never be or sound as good as her. Secondly: Everybody knows how her original version sounds, which makes it even harder to reach up to that perfection. But hey I was part of the competition and the judges actually said that I have potential in my voice, so that was nice:)

I think that was enough for the first day! Have a great day! Enjoy your life wherever and whenever you can. Appreciate those little moments of joy and you will be charged for the whole day!

Au revoir mon ami!