Happy Sunday!

As you guys probably have noticed there has been a lot of multi colored faux fur outer pieces going on this season - And I love it! I used to not be much for faux fur but I have really grown accustomed to it. You can see all the crazy colors on the runway and already in retail stores as well! I got my hands on this vest at a sample sale yesterday morning. The pink and wine stripes are just perfect for this season!

A fun way to save money and get unique stuff is to find local sample sales. I usually go once a month with my girlfriends and then end up at Bottega Louie (Downtown LA) for breakfast and prosecco. - Cheap shopping equals a luxurious breakfast! Don't you just love their holiday decorations?

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Lately I've become such a morning person, I wake up earlier than ever and it is great! I get so much done and get some downtime to just hang out instead of stressing everywhere. Here's a few ideas to get you going in the morning:

1. Turn on some music as soon as your alarm goes off.

2. If you are like me and really gotta go tinkle as soon as you wake up, try not to go back to bed.

3. Make yourself a coffee, drink some water or eat something to get your body going.

4. If you are still in bed, grab your phone and start checking your emails - this usually does the trick.

5. Turn on the lights, wash off your face with cold water and voila - a tad more awake than earlier!

All these things work for me, but if I go back to bed I am definitely a lost case. So get up early and get your day started even if you don't have to!



How many pictures do you take before deciding "oh this is the one!". A good 10-20? Yepp, me too.. Like, who is this person? Can I not smile? (..naturally). Is that really how bad my posture is? No thigh gap? ..guess not. So here's a funny thing my co-worked said today "always ask a girl to take your pictures, never a guy" - slightly sexist but I mean, the girl is right! Girls know girls.. most of the time! '

Another good point, ask yourself: who do you dress up for? Don't say "for myself 'cus I don't care what people think" - we all know that's not true, so get over yourself honey. Girls dress up for other girls! (most of the time) - We are each others inspiration. I believe it is the same for guys too. Like, I doubt that my Jonas puts on a Dortmund soccer jersey for me. If so, then he is just lost..

Anyways, I actually only wanted this pic because I really fell in love with this knit beanie from H&M for only $5. Every girl likes her fashion find! *self-five!*