Hello there and welcome to my blog.

This is going to be a place for me to document my journey from a Forensic Anthropology major to medical school and onward. I have always had a million different topics/fields that I am interested in but no matter what I seemed to do I kept coming back to this plan on going to medical school. It wasn't until I got into nursing school and started attending that I realized that it just wasn't exactly what I wanted to do in life. Close, but not exactly there. I decided to withdraw from nursing school not only because it wasn't interesting me as much as I had hoped but because I was really needing to work at the time. Here I am now, a few months later from making that decision and am headed back to school but this time a university and I'll be majoring in Forensic Anthropology. I hope that I can use the knowledge from my undergraduate degree in my practice of medicine, I would love to become a medical examiner after medical school. I am very excited for the future and to see where this journey leads me. Please feel free to follow me to see the everyday life of a premed student and one day medical student.