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With summer quickly coming to an end, I'm trying to spend every minute I can soaking in the sun and swimming without a care. It is worth enjoying the last remaining days we all have left before reality hits and we're all either back in school or in my case heading off to Spain and starting my placmenet at a school. So today i come with you with some of the things I love to pack with me when i go to the beach!

Beach Essentials 

1. Bikini

I purchased my one from a website called Pour Moi (Top can be found here & Bottoms here )

2. Cover Up

Black & White Scarf - can be seen in my previous blog post

3. Magazine

Light reads for when your tanning & can get great inspo!

4. Cap & Sunglasses 

Classic NY cap & knock off Raybans

5. Towel

Obvious reason why haha

6. Face & Body Protection / Tanning

I cannot stress how important it is for us to protect our skin from the sun. It is extremely easy to just grab some protection and rub it over your body to ensure you do not cause future harm for your skin. Even when tanning you can get a 2 in 1 that provides protection but also allows you to bronze up.

7. Gum

Because sometimes you just want fresh breath

8. Purse

Keep money and cards safe

9. Phone & Earphones

Best way to relax is by tanning and having your favourite music playing, Perffff!

10. Fan

You will get hot & you will sweat so trust me when i say you will want a fan!

I hope you guys are like me and trying to spend the most of what summer we have left...

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Mona xo


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When you feel that the world is no longer on your side. Fight.

When you feel like giving up. Don't.

When you're scared. Be brave.

When you feel upset when things don't go the way you plan. Smile.

When you want to scream & shout at the world. Sing.

When all you see is darkness. Find light.

When something is ugly. Make it beautiful.

Words from me to you.

Mona xo




Who doesn't love a good sunset? I know that whenever I see one I can't stop but stare and admire the beauty it shows us (I also wouldn't leave without taking millions of photos & snapchats and annoying the heck out of my friends!)

So when I was swimming in the beach and saw the sun setting, I immediately grabbed my friend and rushed to take as many photos as I could. This is how they turned out...

Sand & Sea

Sometimes you have to appreciate the little things even though we may see it time from time....

Mona xo