Its been three weeks.....

My god am I bad at blogging! Last time I wrote was the week before I went to Barcelona, which was mostly about getting stuff done before I went away everything from the laundry to school stuff that needed to be done before I left, and shopping of course! Shopping was done on Thursday afternoon with Mn, we had such a good time and then we hade fancy dinner and watched a movie (Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. I liked it very much) with B&J.

Saturday the 7th of November I left Belfast 12pm together with E and F. We flew from Dublin along with most of the class and arrived in Barcelona that evening. At the airport we had to wait for A (who came from Sweden after visiting family) weird thing was that everything went very smoothly and still it was 12am before we had dinner at a little place at the beach by the hostel with way to cheesy pizza! I ended up sharing a room for two with As (also an Erasmus student, from the Netherlands) which I was very happy about, so I didn't have to share a room with A, F or E or be alone with the Asian girls from class that doesn't speak (that sound horrible, but I already feel left out with A, F and E...). Well, due to the long travel day I think we all slept like babies and the next day was our first proper day in Barcelona.

The hostel was supposed to provide us with breakfast, which they did I suppose.......Sugary cornflakes, white toast, jam and chocolate cream......The 5 of us, the Erasmus students, couldn't believe our eyes. That is an incredibly unhealthy breakfast and we would be hungry again in an hour!! (That afternoon we bought our own spread for the toast and fruits to eat instead). That first morning we went to Placa de Espanya, the museum of Catalonia (we didn't go in thought, but the avenue leading up to it was amazing!!), Montjuic and the 1992s Olympic complex. It was a school trip after all so we talked about how big events, like the Olympics has reshaped the city. That afternoon we had an assignment to go to Port Vell which is an recently redeveloped area in the Harbor. We multitasked and did some shopping while we did the assignment. That evening we had dinner in the area where we were staying (the metro stop was Pep Ventura) , and I had one of the worst things I have ever eaten, I ordered a burger and in came two hamburgers on top of two pieces of bread(regular bread, not a hamburger bun) topped with a fried egg and bacon, drenched in supposed-to-be-BBQsauce. It was the most disgusting thing! For the remaining part of the evening we were drinking in the hostel with the guys from class and OMG how they drink! I think that most of them emptied one vodka bottle each every night...which is sick!! It kind of scares me the way that they drink......
later we tried to go to a bar down by the beach which was closed (it was Sunday night after all) and some of the guys ended up swimming on the ocean, one of them, D, with his clothes on!

Next day, Monday was the day of Modernisme architecture. We started at Hospital de Sant Pau which is absolutely beautiful and totally worth a visit!! From there we went on to visit the famous Sagrada Familia, it was as breath taking as I imagined it, I can't believe I have seen it with my own eyes. The we had a bit of a walk through the city to look at more Modernisme architecture thourgh the city before we took the metro to Vallcara to visit Park Güell; one of Gaudi's most famous works. And it was beautiful! That evening we went to a Mexican restaurant, La Rosa Negra, the L recommended. (my room neighbor, she lived in Barcelona for 6 months) We were tired of the crappy for that we had had up til that point. And the food was so good! That day we had an "early" night and didn't go out since we had an early start the next day. I just have to say that they have such strange eating times! I mean there were people sitting down to order dinner at 11.30pm!! This is crazy! we somehow accumulated to the custom and you can imagen I was starving everything it was time for dinner. Spanish people......

On Wednesday we went two hours by train to the mountain Montserrat Northwest of Barcelona. It is a Benetictine monastery located in an 1 236m high mountain. It was a beautiful, amazing views!! I am so glad that the school took us there cuz it is difinitely worth seeing but I don't think I would have gone there by myself. That evening we went out partying but I'm going to tell you that story next time cuz now I have to get dressed and get some brunch!

To be continued......

Talk to you soon!!

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Getting busy ...

So last time I wrote we had been icestaking on thursday the 22th, that saturday I went to St. Gorges market again, this time with my house mates; P, K, L, J and Ma. I hade the best cuban sandwish EVER for lunch!! Afterwards me and K went asking around in som tattoo shops downtown (!!!) I've been wanting a tattoo since I was 18 and after grandma died last year I've been wanting it even more and I feel like it might finally be time to make it reality. It is so scary though!! And so much to think about and consider, I am so glad I have people here to help me! (K already has a few tattoos)

This week I mostly studied, to get stuff done before I go away to Barcelona next week(!!!). In art sosiety on Monday we did pumpkin carving ^^ and on wendesday I went shopping for Halloween castumes with my classmates from home, it was surprisingly fun. I found the perfect costume! A silver and black fringe dress. I was a 1920s flapperdancer! with a gunshot wound ofc (it's halloween after all) Best party-dress ever! I also meet Fe's little brother and I'm quite sure he flirted with me... o.o

That thursday was the planning society's pubcrawl so I had predrinks with A, E, Fe (my classmates) and As (from netherlads, shes my classmate here). After the pubcrawl we went to a party at student union. I am suprised I had so much fun with the girls from home but I'm actually starting to like them. So much so that I went hiking with them the day after (friday the 30th october) in Newcastle. we went about halfway up a mountain called Sleive Donard which is the tallest mountain in Ireland. It was foggy and moist but still breathtaking and such an amazing experiance. Saturday I was supposed to study but ended up doing nothing until that evening, actual Halloween. we went to Titanic quaters to watch fireworks and then went out. That was the best party!!! Such a good night! :D I kissed a random dude (whose name I can not remember), three others tried to kiss me or wanted my number, some guy bought us shots and drinks AND paid for our taxi home. xD It was a huge egoboost night to say the least! I've been feeling sad with all the people hooking up and dating here, it made me feel really lonely and made me think about my Ex, and I'd really prefere not to do that. I know it's superficial but this saturday night really made me feel better togheter with the realization that it is going to be hard for the people that hook up when it's time to go home. (I know! I'm terrible!) Today has been a hungoverday (naturally) but we had a bithday-tea-party in the livingroom for C.

Seems like there are more and more people staying over Christmas, I am really looking forward to the christmas dinner we are planning as well as celedrating my birthday here, with people that's not my family(family has to celebratt your bithday with you..) My mom actually encuraged me to stay here for christmas, "you have been celebrating with us for the last 20 years and will do it for so many years to come, do something different!" that's what she told me when I was talking to her about it, I love my mom!

Tomorrow morning I'm going swiming with L and K and later this week having lunch with Mn. :) I also need to do some shopping for Barcelona (!!!).

Talk to you soon!



I was afraid this was going to happen....

......I haven't uptadet for almost a month, life always gets in the way for me. But oh well! lets do a recap of what has happened in these 20 days!

So the 3 of October I went on an guided tour of Crumlin road gaol with M, it's an old jail here in Belfast which has a really interesting history especially since it was active during The Troubles here in the 1960s. Then on Sunday the 4th me and M went on the Stones and Thrones tour, it's basically a tour of most of Northern Ireland with some stops related to the TV-series Game of Thrones. We had a great time! Weather was great, the scenery was stunning and the long bus ride was funny, our guide Brandon was hilarious! And I got a chans to talk properly to C, T and P from CG12 :) (they live in the same accommodation as me but in a different entrance) That day was so much funny, god how I laughed.

So next week it was finally time to start doing some work for school, group meeting to prepare for our presentation the week after, starting on my take-home essay/review of Belfast waterfront hall (I went on a site visit on Friday with the other girls from home and then we had lunch at St. gorges market) On Monday it was the first real Art society meeting, we did still life and it was exactly what I had hoped, people sitting around drawing together, discussing art and techniques and listening to music. Wonderful! <3 I also had lunch with C which was really nice :) I like her, she's fun and nice! She's Danish btw.

I also went on a date......I KNOW! WHAT?! And I was actually the one who asked him if he wanted to grab a coffee (proud of myself!) I have never been on a date like that before, we don't really date back home, like to get to know someone, a date usually happens when your already together. It was with the guy whoes number I got at the pub the other week. It was nice I suppose, he talked so much I barely said anything (and I'm talkative!!) and he had a long monologue about what language his children would be talking is he lived somewhere else in the world at that point (he's from Germany) I mean WTF?!?! I haven't talked to him since. But I went on a date! ^_^

That Saturday I went to the Titanic visitor's center, a museum about Titanic which was built here in Belfast (I had no idea!) It is definitely worth a visit! Sunday I didn't do much, laundry, skyping with mom and then went to the Ireland vs. France rugby game. Ireland won can imagen the atmosphere in the pub <3 I really love that feeling.

On Monday the 12th of October I had class and then I went to the bookstore with S, he's studying literature so I asked him to help me pick out a book to read, I really like him he's an amazing person! The same evening we had a "reading date" (no, not a date, date) we just sat in my room reading and drinking tea. :) On Wednesday afternoon I went to a play with M, Am and S (Am and S are dating). The play was "The curious incident with the dog ant night-time" and it was amazing!! Thursday I went shopping with J and M which was really nice! and we had sushi for lunch, a sushi place where they put the sushi on a rolling hoop and you just pick what you want. That Saturday I went on a day trip to Dublin with some of my housemates, Ma, B, P (from Czech republic), L( from the Netherlands), J and K (from America). It was Ps birthday so we went to a Czech restaurant and had lunch which was sooooo good! Then we went to the Temple bar area and we didn't have time for much more before we had to go back (it was the school arranging the trip and we had way to little time!! But I want to go back and see it for real.) When we got back we had a party for P. On Sunday I finally accepted that I was sick so I stayed home all day, slept til 2pm!

This week started of quite slow and then on Wednesday I had dinner with M, Am, D(I don't know where she's from :S), Ju(from France) and Di(from Spain/Belgium) and Am made us Risotto, which I've never had before but now love! After that we went to an party at Is place (from The Netherlands, it was here birthday party) and on my way home I had a nice conversation with A(from Germany I think, he lives at CG9). Yesterday I spent the whole day in the library studying and on the evening we went ice-skating!!!!! ^_^ The joy! I used to do it all winter when I was little. We had so much fun! It was a big group including a lot of my housemates, J and M and Ms housemates too. When we got back Ma had a sweet carving so we went to Maggie May's and had dessert/milkshakes. Such a perfect evening!

Today my feet hurt from the skates yesterday and I really need to go get ready and go to the library, I have a group meeting and then I'm having lunch with C again.

Such a long post.....

Talk to you soon!



Permission to fly..

Soooo first week of classes has gone past. Or, well for me it was mostly introductions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednsday, but still. I got an assignment to do free hand sketching,(!!!) very excited about that, drawing for class! Two of my classes seems easy enough, its stuff I've done before even if the expectations are higher now. The third one, about relevant themes and policy in planning seems like it's going to be A LOT of work......but I think it's going to be so interesting and educational! I am seriously stressed, though, by the fact that I will be taking four modules at once. I'm used to having one module, doing the exam of the project before starting the next module. I'm scared it will be hard to keep up with everything but fortunately I only have projects and no exams. (phew!) But the schedule is also very different from home, here I only have classes three day a week for about half of the day, I'm used to having lectures at least between 9am and 3pm every day. I'm hoping this means that I will have enough time for all of my projects.

I also signed up for the art society :D which basically means that people who love art meet up once a week and draw/paint/create together. I am so excited it's ridiculous!! Finally I can really engage myself with art! We don't have clubs and societys back home at all, or not in this way anyway, there it's mostly sports clubs and that's it.

This week I feel has been the time when you really start to get to know the people around you and form relationships. I had a quarrel with J (which we sorted out and it made me feel closer to her), I had some "deep" talk with S and received so many compliments, for example Am telling me she really wanted to be my friend when she saw how passionate(her word) I was about the castle ruin that we went to and that she wants to call me "Ice eyed girl" cuz I have such beautiful blue eyes!! For real!! :) (These Italian people, love them!) I think I've received more compliments these past two weeks than I've ever gotten back at home. (Note to self: Swedish people are actually quite uptight and cold..... with exceptions ofc!)

Yesterday we had our first house party here at my place, quite successful if I may say so myself. It was so much fun!! We had even prepared a game; Find your partner. What it is is that you draw a note which has a name on it and then you have to find the person who has the matching note by acting like your character and talking to people. So the pair would be for example Ross and Rachel, Beauty and the Beast, Bert and Ernie, Kermit and Miss Piggy, etc.
I even invited the cute guy from this weekend (whose number I got at the pub) and he came! We had a nice talk and before he left he said we should go for a coffee some time! (I can't believe this.....we'll have to wait and see what happens)

It's been a good week so far :) but next week the real deal starts (I should start reading.....)
Lesson learned - Friendship takes time and it cannot be forced, no two friendships are the same. And you don't have to hang out with people just because of circumstance, that won't end well. You have to choose your friends, they are an investment worth their weight in gold.

Talk to you soon!



And the madness continues......

This week has gone by in a total haze, it's a wonderful roller-coaster in the middle of a hurricane. Basically. On Wednesday I did well and went to the gym in the morning and then walked towards the city center and had lunch with a whole bunch of people: J and B from Germany, M and J from the Netherlands, Am from Italy, Ma from America, S from Belgium and F from Poland/Germany. After that M and I finally had time to do our registration. That evening we were pre-gaming in nr12 and then went out (I got taken home by Mn for being too drunk...nice to know you can trust your housemates!).

Naturally Thursday was a bit of a hangover-day. I woke up late and did nothing more than laundry and watch TV series with J and M. We did go out to have pancakes for (late) lunch at Conor. TIP! Conor on Strandmills road does great food (breakfast, brunch, salads, name it) for ok prices and it's almost in the middle of the univ buildings.
That evening two of the (three) americans in my house made tacos for dinner (for 10 people!) and it was delicious! I really do like when we all cook and eat together, I love my housemates!! (so far anyway...)

On Friday me and J went to the gym at 8am(!!) so that we'll manage it before going on a daytrip to Helen's bay a bit east of Belfast's center. I'm happy to be back at the gym! I have missed it and J is a good workout partner, she's very motivated. So anyway we wlaked into the center to get the train to Helen's bay, it took about 30 minites. Helen's bay is really beautiful! There even were a walk along the beach to the next town over so we walked for maybe 2-3 hours until we reached Bangor and then took the train back from there. That evening one of the many welcome teams had arranged a dinner for european students wich was very nice. (I am loving all the free food!!)

On Saturday we went on a trip qiute far up north of Belfast to see the Dunluce castle and Giant's causeway, both of which were AMAZING! The landscape here is the most beautiful i've ever seen! (also I was running around like a kid in a candy store at the castle ruins, being an architect and all....) Once we got back I skyped with my family (and i mean my entier family including a dog and a cat + grandparents and an uncle), I loved that, it was so nice to tell everybody what's been going on. <3
That evening I then went to the lokal pud, Botanic inn, with most of my housemates to see the world cup rugby game between England and Wales, I have never ever watched rugby before but I liked it! Feelt very irish with my beer cheering with the rest of the pub. :) I actually got a number of a cute guy too.....;)

Yersterday was a bit quieter though, I went to the foodmarket in town, St. Gorge's market to have lunch and then went back home, prepered my meatballs (which was very much appriciated) for our international dinner in my house tonight (everybody is making somthing from home and then we'll eat toghether) and skyped with my one of my best friends back home which was so nice! I've missed her. <3

Lesson learned - Homesicknes is a real bi*ch!! Try talking to someone about it, doesn' t have to be your family might as well be one of your new friends, because they are probably feelning it to. But don't forget the people back home, you will feel so good after talkning to them even if your not feeling homesick, it's fun to share your experiences!

Talk to you soon!



Okey so I got here in one piece...What now?

I've been in Belfast for a week and a day. It feel like forever and nothing at the same time. There is ALWAYS something going on! I have been to the local culture night, tried traditional Céili (Irish folkdance), went on a guided bus tour, joined the gym, helped cook dinner for 12 persons. You get the picture, never boring, never lonely.

Today me J, M and Ma took the local bus to Belfast castle and then went hiking up a very high hill, I think the trip took us about 5h door to door. It was beautiful!! What a view! But it was so exhausting though.

Yesterday I had some trouble though, with my registration and enrolment to the school, I was registered to the wrong modules and I couldn't get it right by myself. So, being the hysterical problem-solver that I am, I went to find my professor and had him help me fix it. And he was so nice about it! (Irish people are the nicest people!) So I can probably finish my enrolment tomorrow. A thing that annoys me though is that my classmates from home (who are also here as erasmus students) had already discovered the problem and talked to the professor but didn't think to mention that I am taking the same modules....(So glad I'm not living with them!!)
The girls that I'm closest to here J and M was so good about it though! Trying to help me, doing what they could when I had my stress meltdown. I think (hope) they are going to be good friends to me and that we can manage to stay in touch.

There is a downside to all of the social events though, at least if you're anything like me. I get soooo exhausted always having people everywhere, never being able to be compleately on my own. Don't get me wrong I really like all of the stuff going on and all of the people but I just can't go out every night, stay up late, being out all day, always having to be at my best. I just can't no matter how much I love it. I will only end up feeling lonely in the crowed because I don't have the energy to socialize and I'm really not much for small talk anyway....(Yes I am introverted but if I say that way to many will think that that equals antisocial and that's just not the case! Do your research.)

Lesson learned - Things will not go smoothly, they just won't so don't even expect them to. And when things goes wrong ask for help! Also, make time for yourself, whatever that means. Don't be afraid to miss out (FOMO!) cuz there are so many things going on you have to be unhuman to be able to attend everything.

Talk to you sson!



And so it begins....

I decided to dedicate this blog to my time abroad (for now...). This exchange has been a long time in the making, since March to be exact but it has been a dream of mine since I was little (OMG this is actually happening!!!) So I will be sharing my experiences from my Erasmus exchange too Queen's university in Belfast on this blog.

So the paperwork to actually make this possible has been many. papers.....and it is all very confusing. Then there is the living arrangements, I was lucky to get a room in the schools accommondations so it was quite smooth. But I have to tell you that at one point, about a month before I was gonna leave, I was ready to give up and just stay at home because of all of the trouble....(probably never would have but still, I was so stressed!!)

Packing was really hard to, like how do you pack for 5 months in one suitcase?!?! I had to be really strict to fit the things I wanted to bring the most, and you can buy most thing over there anyway.

And so the day comes when it's time to leave....It was so hard to say goodbye!! And the whole journey was just a big mess for me due to delays, I was supposed to arrive at the school at about 8pm but didn't get here untill I was tired to say the least. The next morning I was so confused and scared, thinking: WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE!??! I tlaked to my mum and it made me feel a bit better ( made me stop crying...) When I finally went down stairs I found some of my housemates, three germans, an american and a belgian guy, and they were soooo nice!! The rest of the day I basically just followed them around. My house holds 15 people and I think we are all international students so we are all in the same position. We went to Ikea (like being home ;)) and grocery shopping. I the evening there was a welcome dinner and then I hade went with some girls to get milkshakes (I shared a Bailey's one with a girl from the Netherlands.

The next day, Wendsday 16/9 was the first day of the welcome week for the international students so we had a lectude about enrolment and like stuff we need to know. Then there was a welcome fair. Let's just say that there was a lot of information. On the evening we had something called the "buddy scheme" where we basiclly got paird up in grups with an Northen Irish student and just sat down and talked. Afterwards There was an Internationel quiz and then we went to the pub in the student union building, It was so much fun just to sit and talk and have a drink. I tried Guiness and actually thought it was ok!! (I don't like beer).

Today we had a campus tour in the morning. I am so amazed at how big it is!! I can't even compare it to my home school it is so different and it looks like somthing from Harry Potter! (I LOVE IT!) Tonight we have a Pub crawl, which I'm a bit nervous for(it's not really my thing..) but it will probably be fun becouse I have a lot of nice people in my group.

It feels lik an eterity but it's actually just been two days. There is so many people, so much talking, so many thing happening all at once, and this is so unlike me, but I like it!! The best part is just getting to know people and talking about our different countries.

I think that this really is going to be the time of my life so far.

Lesson learned - TAKE THE CHANCE! It will be hard to get everything sorted ​but it will be fine. Also try everything at least once(if you have never lived in shared accommondation, try it! You may be surprised at how good it feels to always have someone to have breakfast with).

Talk to you soon!



So I suppose everyone does one of these....their very fist blogpost. And it is always awkward and quite tentative, it's one of those "Hello internet! I exist!"-posts.

I tried reaaallly hard not to do one of those posts but it's bloody hard not to! I mean how do you start a blog any other way? You kind of have to introduce yourself, like when you meet someone new beacouse you ARE meeting someone new. And then you'd want to explaine your name, 'couse you obviosly spent some time figuring it out and it probably means somthing special(more likely riddicolous), along with your "theme". Is is a fitness blog? A beauty blog? A book blog? or a blog about film?

Well...this blog is about everything. I don't want to write about just one subject, I'm versitile! But really, there are a lot of stuff that interests me, I like Tv-series, films, beauty, fashion, books, music, fitness, food, interior decorating, drawing, I think you get it....Here I want to have room to write about everything and anything that is on my mind at the moment. So that's why this blog is called Momo's Mind Map 'couse that's what it is; my mind map or my diary, if you'd like. I will share my thoughts with you. I will take you along as I try to make sense of my life, the life of a 21 year old girl (or am I an woman? am I entitled to call myself that?) and all of the things that goes along with it; good and bad, easy or hard, sad as well as funny.

I should also tell you that I am Swedish, I am born and rasied in the south-east of Sweden. English is not my native launguage but I feel comfortable using it like this, it is waaayy more multilateral than Swedish. If Swedish has one word for something English has like ten! I also want this to be available to as many as possible.

Well I've been rambeling on....I'll leave it at that for now. Thank you for reading this far, you deserve a smiley! :)

Talk to you soon!