Postad i: Quality time
Hello dearies!

Today Lyanna and I went to Ikea at Valbo Köpcentrum to look at a new lamp for our rooms since we're redoing it but unfortunately didn't find one that would suit the new theme.

We also went to the Ikea restaurant to eat the classic chicken meal with french fries, it's seriously so good that I can't never get enough, it even was one of my cravings during my pregnancy so you can imagine me being there all the time😂

I still have hope to find a new pretty lamp so I won't give up. Do y'all have any suggestions what colour fits with grey and pink?

Have a nice evening🌸

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Postad i: Other


Hello mates! 

We woke up this morning and guess what? It was snowing! 

I was really excited for Lyanna's reaction to the view from the window and she was so amazed how white everything was outside and now we can't wait to take walks while it's snowing, so now it's time to make everything warm and cozy! ​

It's really cool how early it started snowing this year considering how late it snowed last year. This means only one thing, Christmas and New year's is almost here so it's time to make preparations😍 

Has it started to snow in your city? 



Postad i: Soma's tips

Want to stay with a flawless face during the cold? These makeup products are my absolute favourite to prevent the cold or sweat to fade the makeup away.

The change of weather does make a huge change on your face which makes it more dry than before but these products can still make you slay the winter cold and still look flawless like always.

#10. Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter,shimmer & eyeshadow from The Balm - I use this as a highlighter and the glow is so amazing, it makes your face glow in a natural way.

#9. Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation from bareMinerals - this foundation contains serum and is so good for dry face, the oil in the foundation removes the dryness skin.

#8. Glow Kit Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills - this palette is awesome, the multiple colours of the palette could fit any skin colours and as for myself, I have a kind of pale skin so I use the darker colours as bronzers.

#7. All-in-one Face Base powder from The Body Shop - I've used this powder for 3 years now and wouldn't change it for any other. The structure of the face is amazing when you wear it and sort of lights up the face while removing dark circles under the eyes.

#6. Terracotta Blush-On from Flormar - this blush contains both a lovely colour and a highlighter which gives the cheeks such a pretty red/orange colour.

#5. Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara from Lancôme - this is one of the best mascaras I've used in my life. If you already have long natural lashes but want more fill then this is the perfect mascara for you. It also makes the length of your lashes longer and more firm looking.

#4. Moisture Surge Face Spray from Clinique - this face spray is perfect to use before you put makeup on, it gives life to your face and makes it softer.

#3. Nutri Gold Extraordinary Face Oil from L'ORÉAL - this face oil is awesome to use as a base and before everything. It totally removes all the dryness from the face and makes it more lean. 3 drops will fill the whole face.

#2. Miracle Complexion Sponges from Real Techniques - these sponges are the best to use as base to blend the foundation and concealer.

#1. Prep+Prime fixing spray from M.A.C - I can't even begin to explain how fantastic this setting/fixing spray is. I can only say that my makeup doesn't change or fade away at all when I'm working out at the gym, so you can imagine how much you sweat after a great workout and your makeup is still on spot. I'd like to thank the person who created this product because it's hella amazing!



Postad i: Quality time
Hello everyone!

Lyanna and I had dinner at Bastard Burgers with our squad today.

It was our first time being there since they opened not a long time ago and I tried the New York original streetburger with sweet french fries and it was so delicious! You could tell how delicious it was by Lyanna's look on the food, she literally tried to attack the food and we had to stop her haha.

We went to the mall with our friends after that and for a long walk because she fell asleep in her stroller.

For those who have Bastard Burgers in their city I really recommend to go there👌



Hello dearies!

We finally got our photos back from our photoshoot at Rosa husets Fotostudio (check out their website; http://www.fotostudion.nu/) and I'm so in love with all of them so I can't decide which one to hang up! And how adorable isn't Lyanna's Minnie mouse costume?

They liked our pictures so much that they put the first picture on the windowsill.

What do you think about the pictures? Love to read the comments, have a nice day!❤



Postad i: Lyanna
What does my 4 month baby eat for breakfast?

I usually give her porridge from Semper every morning because it's a good time to introduce gluten to the baby's stomach. As you can see in the pictures, I'm giving her half of the porridge because 4 month babies have to eat less than a portion and Lyanna is still getting used to the taste of food and water.

My tip for those babies who doesn't like porridge is to mix a little bit of mashed strawberry or pear to make the taste better.

Lyanna likes food already and it glades me to see that she wants to try everything fit for her age👌😍



Postad i: Personal

Here I am at 12:40 a.m. on a Sunday night.

I'm thinking about how life was before I had a kid. Things were sure easy but you knew what would happen the next day, but once you have kids you have no idea of what will happen in the morning.

You could stay up all night and wake up whenever you wanted to before kids but now you have to sleep early and do a whole lot of things before going to bed like washing the baby bottles and the dishes, boiling water for the thermos and do your personal stuff later. If you have a baby, prepare yourself for being woken up multiple times at night to either breastfeed or bottlefeed.

Life before kids is free and planned but it's lonely while having kids is a tiring job but once you see them smile or laugh you forget all the tiredness at once ❤

My advice for those who doesn't have kids or are expecting is to sleep as much as you can before you have a baby! Trust me you'll think about all those nights where you slept late or where up and regret it so much! You'll thank me in the future!

Have a good night everyone! 🌙



Hi everyone!

I've been nominated to Imagine Forest Recognition Award by Safia Begum ( check out her blog, it's amazing; https://www.imagineforest.com/blog/imagine-forest-bloggers-recognition-award/)

I'd like to begin with how my blog started. I remember wanting to be blogging for a long time but because of lack of ideas I didn't really know what to write about so I never started, but once I had my daughter Lyanna I thought that it would be fun for both of us to share the fun stuff happening in our lives and Lyanna's development week by week and so I began.

Secondly, I'd like to give some advice for those who's considering to be blogging. 1. If you really want to start blogging, don't wait! I know you're probably thinking it's like a diary and you'll grow tired eventually but it's not like that and it's so much more fun. Once you start writing, you'll know what to write about everyday. 2. Once you've started blogging, don't be nervous about that to write. Just write down everything that comes up to your mind, it gets more interesting.

Thirdly, I'm going to nominate 15 other bloggers and here's my list:

1. Amanda Elisabet http://nouw.com/amandaelisabet

2. Antonia Söderköping http://nouw.com/antoniak

3. Erika Torstensson http://nouw.com/erki

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Postad i: Quality time
Autumn is my favourite time of the year after Christmas.

Everything is so colourful and it's such a beautiful view so I couldn't stop myself from taking the stroller out and take a long walk to Boulongeskogen, it's like central park but smaller and has a forest. It's so beautiful this time of the year so I had to take some pictures!

And my tip for you who has a stroller but doesn't like to wear warm gloves is to buy the hand warmer from Www.jollyroom.se that you put on the handle part of the stroller. The inside is faux fur and keeps your hand in cold weather and makes it easier to take our hands out.

Have a lovely day!🍁



Postad i: Tbt
I remembered when I first found out that I was pregnant, it really came like a shock and I was in total awe at the same time. I had this huge responsibility and I was stuck between 2 decisions.

I was still in high school and it was my senior year and that means the hardest year of school. But I decided to keep it and went with the flow while trying not to think negatively all the time.

I didn't show until I was 5 months pregnant, that's when people started to look at my belly instead of my face haha, it was such a different experience for me.

I have no regrets of keeping it and I'm thanking God for my little bundle of joy💕