Well the year 2013 had just ended and as some people including me I have told myself that I´m going to make some changes in my routines, specially my skincare routine. One main reason is that I sometimes do not remove my make up which gives me breakouts, So here are some steps that we need to change if you are one of those girls or guys that sleep with your make up whenever you are tired.

Step 1

Remove your make up in any situation either if you came home from a wedding or just from school you have to remove it...

Step 2

After removing your make up put your cleansing cream on, and I usually keep mine on for three or two minutes or more depends on the product...

Step 3

Remove the product with water..

Step 4

You then put on your night cream and then your of to go to your bed!

We all have to do this if we want a pretty, nice, fresh and smooth skin...

Well I know there is many steps but we do not want a face with scares and break outs that we got from make up we all want that "Halle Berry"face when we are 47 years old right??


Do not forget to remove your make up tonight!!! XOXO DOLLIES/// Farhiya Mohammed 

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Since way back I have collected some tips and tricks on beauty tips from celebs and I decided to do a blog post...

1. You have to have a beauty sleep of 6-8 hours.

2. Many celebs drink a glass of lukewarm water, which makes the body hydrate and flush out all toxins.

3. Having an awesome skin does not mean that you have to use skin care products that you buy from stores, you can also do your own skincare products from items that you have in your kitchen for ex. almond/coconut oil for the face and this moisturize the face. Brown sugar and coconut oil to scrub your lips this removes all dead skin.

4. Another thing that most celebs do is exercise two or three times a week to keep themselves fit and healthy.

5. Last but not least is the cleanser part, maybe you are in your auntie´s house and you suddenly have forgotten your cleanser, well you could just use milk or yoghurt as a cleanser as it removes all your makeup.

Thank you guys for reading this I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions regarding this post or anything else feel free to comment down below and we will answer you as soon as possible, for now XOXO DOLLIES/////FARHIYA MOHAMMED



Here is a beautiful fall look by Jessica Alba, so today I was just going through some fall inspired looks by celebs and I came across this. I LOVE LOVE this look so I decided to do a descraption on this entire look.

From the left side we have the Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Black 120 SEK

2. We have the Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick - Ultra Violet 170 sek

3. we have Black Wide Leg Pants 175 sek

4. VANESSA BRUNO ATHÉ Silk/Cotton Blouse in Ivory 3 360 sek

5. Givenchy Judy Suede Pump 4 860 sek

6. McQ The Edge Fold Evening Clutch 2 580 sek

if you have any questions regarding anything feel free to comment down below and we will see you guys in our next post xoxo dollies:*

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Works for all skin types

Item needed:

* an empty bowl

* tsp(teaspoon), tbs(tablespoon)

* natural yoghurt ( brightens up your face)

* rosewater ( good for treating blemishes and it works as a natural toner)

* green powder(dont know what is called in english but qasil in somali)

* tumeric powder ( exfoliates skin and helps from aging)

* cacao powder (moisturizer)

1. empty bowl

2. add 2 tbs of natural yoghurt.

3. add 1 tbs of green powder, if you dont have it then skip this step.

4. add 2 tsp of rosewater.

5. add 1 tsp of tumeric powder and 1 tbs of cacao powder.

6. mix until you form a paste. It should look like the picture below. If to light add more of the powders

and if it´s to thick add more of the liquids.

Put it in the fridge for ten minutes and then apply on face, leave it in for 30 min and rinse of with warm water then moisturize your face with a facial cream that suits your skin type!

OBS! Make sure you have a clean face when applying this (no makeup). Also exfoliate your face with tomato and sugar before applying, its good for your skin it removes dead skin. If you want you can add honey wich is very good for your skin it brightens up your face aswell as it moisturize.

Hope you liked this DIY!

xoxoxo dollies/ Faisa Mohammed