1.Faux fur: H&M

2.Wine red coat: H&M

3. Black cardigan: Cubus

4. White shirt: Vero Moda

5. Jeans: Cubus

6. Leg warmers: Lindex

7. Boats: Wáseens


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I will post a makeup tutorial soon in our youtube channel so stay tuned for that.
 Makeup tutorial

Eyes: Elfs primer, 120 palette brown and pink, maybelines gel liner and rocket mascara.

Face: Mac studio fix fluid and hm pink blush.

Eyebrows: Viva la diva´s eyebrow kit.

Lips: La colors lip liner, Rimmel London cutting edge and n.04.

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// Faisa Mohammed.



The best makeup for me is simple. You can rock simple to anything to work to school and to any other occasion. If you want to spice it up a bit you can add a bold lip and your off to go! 

Here is a pic of me with simple makeup and a bold lip.

// Faisa Mohammed 



1. I've loved makeup since i was 8 years old.

2. I Also bought My first makeup when i was 9.( crazy iknow)

3. I love Reading books.

4. Im shy.

5. Basketball is My favourite sport.

// Faisa Mohammed



Face: Mac studio fix fluid foundation. Sleek makeup contour kit in dark to contour and highlight My face.

Eyes: Maybeline rocket mascara.

Eyebrows: Elf eyebrow kit in medium.

Cheeks: Hm pink blush.

Lips: Mixture of sleek amped and Rimmel London n. 04.

// Faisa Mohammed



Here are some african turban styles , Turban is something that I love rocking whenever I want to look classy and beautiful or bring back my Africano roots...




Tip#1 If you have any discoloration around the mouth area use a concealer to cancel out the discoloration. For darker complexion use a orange color corrector to cancel out any discoloration. 

tip#2 Use a dark lipstick of your choice that suits your complexion im using rimmel london n 04.
 Tip#3 Line your lips with a lipliner that is one shade darker than the lipstick. 
Tip#4 Use a lip brush when you are working with a dark lipstick. It will create a sharp line and the product will be applied evenly throughout the lips. Im using elf´s lip brush.

Tip#5 Follow up with a concealer to clean up any mistakes and to make the lipstick pop. 

// Faisa Mohammed



Well the year 2013 had just ended and as some people including me I have told myself that I´m going to make some changes in my routines, specially my skincare routine. One main reason is that I sometimes do not remove my make up which gives me breakouts, So here are some steps that we need to change if you are one of those girls or guys that sleep with your make up whenever you are tired.

Step 1

Remove your make up in any situation either if you came home from a wedding or just from school you have to remove it...

Step 2

After removing your make up put your cleansing cream on, and I usually keep mine on for three or two minutes or more depends on the product...

Step 3

Remove the product with water..

Step 4

You then put on your night cream and then your of to go to your bed!

We all have to do this if we want a pretty, nice, fresh and smooth skin...

Well I know there is many steps but we do not want a face with scares and break outs that we got from make up we all want that "Halle Berry"face when we are 47 years old right??


Do not forget to remove your make up tonight!!! XOXO DOLLIES/// Farhiya Mohammed 



1. elf Retractable lip brush

2. elf Eye primer & Liner sealer

3. elf blush brush

4. elf Stipple brush

5. Viva La Diva Eyebrow kit

5. elf Eyebrow kit Medium

6. Viva La Diva Love affair 56

See you in our next post XOXO DOLLIES:* //Farhiya Mohammed