Good evening everyone!
It has been a full day today with a beautiful weather. Been shooting for Scene Zone magazine today in a lovely location. We were in Ninoy Aquino park in Quezon City, super big park with lake and animals. Out in the wild feeling - so far definitely my favorite park over here in the Philippines!

Great start of 2017!

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Alright I have to admit, it was very hard for me to really get the "Christmas feeling" for 2016.. I am used to be waiting for snow during the Christmas day. It was the first time I celebrated Christmas in 32°c varm degrees, with out snow and far far away from family..

Here is some clue how I use to celebrate my christmas..

The feeling, feeling of a total darkness outside the window. Everything that is lightening up the forest is the light of the candles.
To see how the snow flakes falling down from the sky hitting the grown, while you sitting under a warm blanket tight together with your siblings to make it even warmer.
With just a breath can you feel the Christmas table waiting for all of you to be eaten. By you, your family and relatives. The Julmust that you have in your hand with the taste of Pepparkaka in your mouth can you now feel that it is Christmas time.
The happiness and excitement you get in your body when someone is nocking on the door. Could it be one more relative that arrives or the Santa who brings out the child in you? When the outdoor is opening can you feel how the minus degrees from the outside flushing in above the floor, and its time to hidd the feet's to not get them cold..
And if you want a drink, all you have to do is open the door, grab the bottle that is down in the snow for keeping it cold. It is celebration time, Christmas time

So..yes my christmas have been completely different from what I am used to! But in anyway have it been a lovely week for me with my family in my heart and my boyfriend in my hand!

Christmas should be a holiday to celebrate of love and happiness. Being grateful of what you have in life. Say thank you and bless the people around you. Its not all about the presents. Remember, the best present you can get is not buyable! :-)

...but I did got this little things!!! (The reason why I did this poast haha)

Pepparkakor! I can not believe I founded it there in the Philippines. "Swden's most loved pepparkaka" The cookie I always eat during christmas time. I love it! Incredible happiness



Time is passing by and we have a new year ahead of us!
My year has been over what I could have image. I lived in Sweden at the beginning of 2016, went to Italy and the year ends up in the Philippines! Lifestyle been changing complete and I am curious for 2017.

So..whats my expectations for 2017?..really, I have no idea yet but I do have my official goals!

- Be more update on my social medias! I don't like to stay on the phone or computer but I feel its time for some updates!

- Speak fluent Italian. Being able to communicate good with my boyfriend in his language.

- Take more care of my allergies. I am gluten allergic since a month ago (no wheat, grain or rye allows). It is super hard to keep cause its plenty of food that contains gluten! Specially here in the Philippines. Moa..get it.. your food is killing you. (I love pizza, wholemeals, pasta, bred, musli....you name it!)

- Keep the healthy diet. Since I arrive to the Philippines have I change my diet completely. Let's keep it on and take it to another level!

- Get a completely fit body. I am on my way!

- Take a diving certificate.

- Learn Tagalog! (Filipino)

- Study. Your brain can never get rich enough with information.

- Win a pageant. I want to make a change in our society. Inspire and give hope. Do something I am good at for others living is a strive for me,

Pretty obvious goals for me. Something to learn, experience and definitely enjoy! Its important to enjoy the ride while you seek for your destination!

Enjoy! Love, Moa



Everything is possible, if you just believe in yourself. It doesn't matter how your past looks like or from where you start.
When you have the right mind will you know the way how to make it happen! Never give up, never stop believing



Hello everyone ! Long time no see

It has been a while, a super while since I posted something in here. I do regret it cause I have been threw so many things I would love to share with all of you!

I am a travel crazy person. I really like to see parts I haven't been or seen, experience cultures and try different foods from each corner of the world. Get my head more rich, open my view of thinking.
I love to see how other humans is living. It is like a fire inside me that getting me exited.
I use to say, how can you learn about the world, if you haven't seen or experience it?

So what I want to say.. where am I ?



I am in love with this picture! We took it on the last day in Rome. I think it is charming somehow. But it was not directly how I was planned it to look like. I'll give you an example.. This is how I would upload this photo. It is cute, lovely and passionate. I really like it

But.. you can see that the photo is cutted. Well, here is the original

Hahah a lovely photo! destroyed by a photobomber. Cute! But it gave me a good laugh! :-)

I had many photos destroyed by people, but this one is worth saving! haha

Have you ever experience it? Give me a comment about it ;-) Xox



Hello everybody! I hope everything is all right with you under the sun,

I personally think that it is more fun to dress up during the summer than the winter. Much easier combinations and just a small detail in the outfit can make a big difference! and I like details!
This time I felt to have clean and simple nails. All you need is a transparent nail polish. One blue and one white polish, and a nailpencil for decorating the flowers. Super easy!

Next time will I show you how to do the flowers, I didn't think about it this time. Please forgive me for that! :-)



My father lives out in the woods! In the middle of nowhere.. and not far away from him can you find deep Swedish history from the iron age, (500 - 1050 A.D). Tombs of the mighty Vikings and traces from their village. It feels fantastic to just walk threw the history, even if everything is full of forest now days. But to still see the traces and to feel the environment that it actually was a civilisation right here, a beginning of something big!

All the graves are tiny hills and is structured like three "walls" as you can see in the picture above. I am super sorry to not have a clear picture on everything. Eheh Blame on my ancestors for not have done it so clearly. Swedish forests has taken over the place! But I did found some yummy blueberries ;-) (believe me, we have plenty of it here)

So..the myth of "Swedish Vikings", YES they have exist! But my joke about that we have "polar bears on the street", we can talk about another time ;-) loool



Have you ever heard about black beaches before? Believe me it is incredibly amazing. I saw it in a travel magazine for a long time ago, and of course did I Google it after hahah. I love it! Now is it time for me to share it with you guys!

The picture above is a beach named "Punaluu Beach" located in the south Hawaii. The sand is completely black and the water is blue. What makes me excited too see is actually white sand and crystal blue water. But when I found out about black sand made me fall in love. Why black beaches? Because:
Black sand is not normal sand that you can find everywhere. You only find it in the aria of volcanoes. Black sand is composed of volcanic minerals and lava fragments. Why is that cool? Because I love volcanoes! I still remember my volcano prototype I build in the 2:nd grade of school. Do you think I made a small one? No it was huge! haha

I found a site ~Here~ with the top 15 Stunning black beaches if you find it interesting. Worth taking a look :-)
I think its interesting to know that you might taking a sun on these tiny rocks that comes from earth inside. It's just frozen lava. The feeling of this fine sand is actually smooth and glossy!



Have you ever heard that you only should apply your conditioner in the lent of your har, and not in your scalp?

I have heard many times that you should not apply the conditioner in your scalp because it makes the hair more oily, ruing the balance of your hair, dry. Is this really true? I will give you the answer;

To apply conditioner in your scalp is actually one of the best things you can do for your hair. It is true that your hair drop the volume a bit and also could get more oily, But then have you choose the wrong conditioner for just your hair type. We put more attention to choose right shampoo for oily/normal/dry hair. Anti frizz, with or without sulfates, parabens, But what about the conditioner? Conditioner is magic for your hair. The right serie of shampoo & conditioner is the base and will always affect the "final result" of your hair. The super good serum or the product you use when you dry your hair wont give so much if you don't have a good base. (To be even more specific, you should check for your own hair quality such as thin/fine or thick hair. It do matter cause for different types of hair require different types of treatments and ingredients)

To keep a good environment in your scalp do we need to know that scalp is skin. And skin need a moisture exactly like the rest of the body even if the type is dry, normal or fat. In this case is the conditioner a moisture. If the scalp do not get the moisture can the skin become dry, flake and itch. If you have a very dry scalp and not apply moisture can it leads to inflammation and contribute to loos a lot of hair.
Extra tips, massage in the conditioner. It helps the stimulation in the scalp, and especially to an itchy scalp.

I heard this problem a lot.. "Oh I loose so much hair", or "My hair is too dry". Well, healthy hair will never grow up from an unhealthy root.
Take care of yourself!

Photo: Jini Sofia