I am in love with this picture! We took it on the last day in Rome. I think it is charming somehow. But it was not directly how I was planned it to look like. I'll give you an example.. This is how I would upload this photo. It is cute, lovely and passionate. I really like it

But.. you can see that the photo is cutted. Well, here is the original

Hahah a lovely photo! destroyed by a photobomber. Cute! But it gave me a good laugh! :-)

I had many photos destroyed by people, but this one is worth saving! haha

Have you ever experience it? Give me a comment about it ;-) Xox

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Hello everybody! I hope everything is all right with you under the sun,

I personally think that it is more fun to dress up during the summer than the winter. Much easier combinations and just a small detail in the outfit can make a big difference! and I like details!
This time I felt to have clean and simple nails. All you need is a transparent nail polish. One blue and one white polish, and a nailpencil for decorating the flowers. Super easy!

Next time will I show you how to do the flowers, I didn't think about it this time. Please forgive me for that! :-)



My father lives out in the woods! In the middle of nowhere.. and not far away from him can you find deep Swedish history from the iron age, (500 - 1050 A.D). Tombs of the mighty Vikings and traces from their village. It feels fantastic to just walk threw the history, even if everything is full of forest now days. But to still see the traces and to feel the environment that it actually was a civilisation right here, a beginning of something big!

All the graves are tiny hills and is structured like three "walls" as you can see in the picture above. I am super sorry to not have a clear picture on everything. Eheh Blame on my ancestors for not have done it so clearly. Swedish forests has taken over the place! But I did found some yummy blueberries ;-) (believe me, we have plenty of it here)

So..the myth of "Swedish Vikings", YES they have exist! But my joke about that we have "polar bears on the street", we can talk about another time ;-) loool



Have you ever heard about black beaches before? Believe me it is incredibly amazing. I saw it in a travel magazine for a long time ago, and of course did I Google it after hahah. I love it! Now is it time for me to share it with you guys!

The picture above is a beach named "Punaluu Beach" located in the south Hawaii. The sand is completely black and the water is blue. What makes me excited too see is actually white sand and crystal blue water. But when I found out about black sand made me fall in love. Why black beaches? Because:
Black sand is not normal sand that you can find everywhere. You only find it in the aria of volcanoes. Black sand is composed of volcanic minerals and lava fragments. Why is that cool? Because I love volcanoes! I still remember my volcano prototype I build in the 2:nd grade of school. Do you think I made a small one? No it was huge! haha

I found a site ~Here~ with the top 15 Stunning black beaches if you find it interesting. Worth taking a look :-)
I think its interesting to know that you might taking a sun on these tiny rocks that comes from earth inside. It's just frozen lava. The feeling of this fine sand is actually smooth and glossy!



Have you ever heard that you only should apply your conditioner in the lent of your har, and not in your scalp?

I have heard many times that you should not apply the conditioner in your scalp because it makes the hair more oily, ruing the balance of your hair, dry. Is this really true? I will give you the answer;

To apply conditioner in your scalp is actually one of the best things you can do for your hair. It is true that your hair drop the volume a bit and also could get more oily, But then have you choose the wrong conditioner for just your hair type. We put more attention to choose right shampoo for oily/normal/dry hair. Anti frizz, with or without sulfates, parabens, But what about the conditioner? Conditioner is magic for your hair. The right serie of shampoo & conditioner is the base and will always affect the "final result" of your hair. The super good serum or the product you use when you dry your hair wont give so much if you don't have a good base. (To be even more specific, you should check for your own hair quality such as thin/fine or thick hair. It do matter cause for different types of hair require different types of treatments and ingredients)

To keep a good environment in your scalp do we need to know that scalp is skin. And skin need a moisture exactly like the rest of the body even if the type is dry, normal or fat. In this case is the conditioner a moisture. If the scalp do not get the moisture can the skin become dry, flake and itch. If you have a very dry scalp and not apply moisture can it leads to inflammation and contribute to loos a lot of hair.
Extra tips, massage in the conditioner. It helps the stimulation in the scalp, and especially to an itchy scalp.

I heard this problem a lot.. "Oh I loose so much hair", or "My hair is too dry". Well, healthy hair will never grow up from an unhealthy root.
Take care of yourself!

Photo: Jini Sofia



Hello everybody!

Now I finally start to feel pretty satisfied with the design and structure of the blog. I am little bit of a perfectionist so it have to feel good in my heart before I leave it out. And it do!

This will be my following categories which you can find in the top of this blog. PS, they are Not filled yet :-)

Beauty & Tips Here will I give you the most incredible beauty tips only for you. It could be everything between makeup, natural face and hair mask, or why not a "skin mask"?. Also about how to release stress or sleeping problems. Did I mention high heels tips? Everything will be collected here that can effect your glowing beauty! The list is long.

Travelling I love to travel! See and get inspired by my personal trips or get your own ideas by my travel advice!

New In Whats new in the fashion world. Or what I just bought the other day and what it useful too. It can be anything.

Questions & Answers In this category will I answer on all your questions about me. You ask and I answer! No questions could be too stupid, but be kind ;-)

Health & Training A category that is important of me. See how my training and lifestyle looks, but also motivation and tips to maximize your own training/food/lifestyle/health.

Inspiration If your are tired of the same old stuff you always using, His/Her inspiration, or if you just want something new in your home will I give you the right inspiration for it! You will love it.

Dream Diary I'm a big dreamer! That's me in a nutshell. My philosophy or "wish to happen" thoughts! Both personal and social/world dreams.

Model I have modeled since 2013. Here will I share my experience but also how to succés and be comfortable in front of a camera and public.

Beauty Pageant Diary I had the honor to be Miss International Sweden 2014. Which means that I represented Sweden in worlds' oldest and 3:rd largest beauty contest. It was an amazing experience for me. But to being a beauty queen is not a "bed of roses" all the time (but I love it). See and read my story, behind the scene!

Motivation If your feeling lonely, sad or just need a hug will my motivation be there to encourage you up! You are worth so much more than you think!

If you have any ideas, tips or questions to me, do I happily looking forward to read and answer everything you wonder about. Comment down below or contact me personal on mss@live.se

I feel good about this! Lets go for it & Welcome to my blog!
Best Regards, Moa Sandberg



I am very happy that you passing by my blog here on Nouw! This is my first post and I will try to keep my hands and thoughts to not make it too long.

What you shortly might need to know about me is that English is not my mother tongue, I believe you will notice that pretty quickly, haha, But with some Google Translate will I do my best to hide it ;-) Sorry for that!
Why I decided to have this site on English is because I want a reading possibility to everyone who are interested around the world. I love to explore new arias. Learn and experience culture, meet new people and make friends. And at least always develop myself. And over here in this blog will everything be collected in only one spot! I hope you will like it.

Shortly about myself:
My name in Moa Sofie Sandberg. If you can not pronounce my name (only Swedish people can do that, lol even my boyfriend has problem with that) then you can call me Sofie! I'm 20 years old. Scorpion (November 10).
Mother from Finland and father from Sweden/Spain/Finland! And at the moment do I live in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Year 2013, is a year that changed my life. I fell into beauty pageants, and suddently the little unsure girl turned into something she never could image herself into. Today I'm here, honored to have represented Sweden year 2014 in the world oldest and 3:rd largest beauty pageant Miss International. But more about that will I write further in the blog! I can write all day and never find an ending!. It was a life experience that gave me a lot. And I feel that I can do so much more than that! So keep your eyes open and follow me here and my social medias as instagram @sandbergmoa and snapchat mio.sand

Hope to see you around, and thanks for reading !

Love, Moa