Because it got pretty late before we left Yosemite National Park we decided it was easiest just to sleep at a rest area again and instead drive into San Francisco the following morning.

After waking up we first made a stop in Pleasanton where we had some food before going to the public pool for a swim and shower. When we was done we drove towards the Golden Gate Bridge but what we didn't expect was that it would be such a thick mist around the bridge that we could barely see it... later I learned that it's really common to be that misty in San Francisco.

We took some pictures of the bridge and then we tried getting to the Point Bonita Lighthouse but unfortunately that day was one of the days it was closed so we just came to a dead end walking the trail there. Afterwards we parked the car next to the Golden Gate Bridge and walked over to the other side which was a different experience because of the mist. Finally in San Francisco we walked over to Pier 39 where we stopped and looked at a guy who were standing up in the air juggling and making funny yokes, walked in some stores and had a late dinner before returning to our car.

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After stopping and sleeping at a rest stop in Amargosa Valley we continued driving until we got to Death Valley where we were surrounded by sand and mountain as long we could see. It was a strange and unreal feeling that we actually was driving in the desert with only a barely working offline map on the phone, but in the same way so exciting not to be sure how it would turn out.

With time the desert landscape started to turn more rocky and after a while the road headed up among the mountains where the views were breathtaking at some some parts. It almost looked unreal and one of those things that are impossible to catch on a photo.

After leaving Death Valley National Park we stopped at Keogh Hot Springs for a swim which was a really nice stop after driving the whole day. The water was really warm and nice to swim in.

We hadn't really read anything about Yosemite before coming there but had the picture it would be some cool landscapes and that we would be able to go on a hike in the sun... which we really had to rethink because the closer we came to Yosemite the colder it got. Still we where to stubborn to change into warmer clothes so we were the crazy people running in and out of the car in shorts and tank tops taking pictures along the way while everyone else had warm jackets and camping gear.

The temperature kept dropping and after a while snow started showing on the ground and we ended up in a small snowstorm with the windshield wipers on max... so much for hike in the sun πŸ˜‚

When the snow finally stopped coming we decided to drive out of Yosemite because it would soon start to get dark and we didn't want to risk driving into another snowstorm even though it would have been cool to see the waterfalls in Yosemite Valley.



Our first plan was to take a bus from Las Vegas to San Francisco and then rent a car there but after looking up buses and prices on some different sites we decided it would be nicer and easier to just rent a car straight from Las Vegas and drive to San Francisco. We learned that it was cheaper to rent a car from Sweden because the insurance is already included in the price then so a friend at home helped us book a car from there instead on Sunday morning.

We both felt like one more day i Las Vegas was enough and decided to rent it from Monday which felt like a good decision later because of everything that happened during Sunday night. Because we didn't get the chance to see much of the Strip the night before we decided to stay a bit longer in Las Vegas before leaving and went to Gordon Ramsay's Burger for lunch and then walked along the Strip for a few hours.

When we felt ready we took the car to a Target on the way out of town where we got some water, snacks and other things we needed for the trip before we drove off towards Death Valley.



Today we started with making some breakfast in the hostel kitchen which ended up with two very funny looking pancakes, according to the girl next to us who agreed our first pancake might not look it's best, we would do much better with number two and three.. we didn't do a number three but number two surely proved her wrong by turning out totally burned πŸ˜…

Afterward we started walking down the old Las Vegas strip (Freemont street) which our hostel is located at, and made our way to Downtown Las Vegas. We found a cool street we thinking about visiting again tonight and see how it looks with all the lights.

After that we walked down Las Vegas Boulevard just exploring the area a bit in daytime. We went into the 'world famous gold and silver pawn shop' and meet a famous person from the tv show I have no clue who he is and I can't remember the name of.. we also lost count of the number of weddings we got to see, I believe we counted to around 7-8 couples.

We had some burgers at Carl's Jr for lunch and then we ended up at Circus Circus where we won some tickets at the coin machines which we changed in for a bag of candy before heading back to the hotel.



So yesterday was the day. We finally left Sweden to travel around the world.. neither of us really grasping the fact we are going too but still super excited.

We drove down to Stockholm on Friday, staying a night at my aunts house and then yesterday my dad dropped us off at the airport with our backpacks and the moment we had waited so long for was actually there!

We dropped off our bags, went through security and sat down to fix some last things before getting on our first plan to London.

In London our next flight got a few hours delayed so we walked around stretching our legs in tax-free and then buying some snacks for the flight.

When we finally got the gate information we started walking there but right before the gate airport staff was checking everyones tickets and of course I was 'randomly chosen' to go through a extra security check from the homeland security and had to sit down and wait for someone to get me. After a while I got to go to a special area and get swiped and checked out but made it through without problem. Felt like just my luck.

While waiting through another hour delay we had the most fun so far on the trip watching a woman from the airport staff getting a driving lesson from another staff member trying to get into a staff elevator with something that looked a bit like a long golf car that they used to drive people with walking disabilities around the airport... in the end everyone around was laughing to tears and a group of older travelers from England started filming and coming with funny comments. The whole thing was so funny it's impossible to even describe what she was doing.

The flight to Las Vegas felt super long and it's nice we don't have to many of the to look forward to.. finally in Las Vegas my luck was there again and I had to stay behind in customs to be cleared again exactly like when I went to the States the last time, at least the staff was nicer here...

After grabbing our bags we got into a lyft ride and headed for our hostel, on the drive there we sat glued to the windows amazed over our first look at Las Vegas 😍