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Need to be comfortable, keep me warm and look chic.

These are my criteriums for a perfect shoes.

If you asked me couple of years ago about what I prefer most shoes or bags I would say bags. If you ask me now I would say both :) I am the kind of person that pay attention to shoes and bags in any situation or occasion.

I like to see what shoes other wears as well how they combine them with rest of the outfit and get inspired.

I love leather shoes, brown leather shoes to be more specific although I do have also some in black. But I think brown shoes make the outfit kinda ''warm'' and that is what makes the cold winter also little bit more friendly, don't you think?

This winter I have chosen my favorite combo leather and brown again.

I have got pair of Vagabond shoes from Footway

If you ask me for a honest opinion about my new Vagabond Amina I would say oh yes, go for them or get similar style like these.

Those fit perfectly to any winter outfit, to a jacket or a coat, to the trousers or a skirt. Although they might look little bit robust they are very feminime.

And those cute ones I have chosen for Albert.

Albert winter shoes are also from Footway and you cand find them here

Happy 1 December and stay warm.




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Mrs Mighetto new posters collection was inspired by the second oldest and popular amusement park in the world.

Yes, we talk about Tivoli in Denmark.

Amazing place where people from all over the world meet each other to spend unforgetabble moments together and experience something they have never done before.

The new Mrsmighetto collection is charming and so magical and it is without no doubts my favorite one.

You can tell a goodnight story just by looking at the posters.

You can imagine all the things those characters on the posters like to do. By using your imagination you create something unique and so pesonal. Miss Emma, Miss Bella, Mr Bill and Cotton candy are ready for your adventure.

So forget all the things around and just dream.

​Sleep tight






Amazing offers at Ellos are here. And for today they do offer you among the others lovely offers up to 30% off on selected DAY cosmetic bags as well as a bags.

I have purchased mine recently and damn, it is good even without a discount.

The only but is that the offer is valid only for today, so if you would like to pamper yourself and get something for a good price, today is the time.

Here are my DAY tips to you:

Toiletry bag Gweneth by DAY with floral print - clik here

Toiletry bag Gweneth beauty - click here

Make up bag Mini - clik here

You can find all the amazing offers valid for today on their website

Lovely afternoon to you all





The biggest compagne of the year is here with this amazing blackweek at Jollyroom

Every day you can discover a new galaxy with new exciting deals. Are you ready?

Året største kampagne er i gang på Jollyroom! Vi fejrer Black Friday hele ugen, hvilket indebærer, at vi har sendt to prisjægere ud i rummet for at finde galaksens bedste Black Friday-deals. Vi giver dig nye produkter til Black Friday-priser hver dag - hele ugen! Gælder så længe lager haves - Jollyroom

My favorites deals for today are these:

Vita Eos lampe

Lego storage box in grey

Alice and Fox star lampe

and this amazing doll house from Alice & Fox which can be used in many ways.

And you know from my pictures how happy we are for ours.

What is your favorite deals at Jollyroom ? And did you already grab them?

So hurry up before they are gone.

​Love Marketa

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The most expected day of the year where you can shop amok and save so much money is here.

Black friday with Jollyroom will be big this year. It's going to be like a roller coaster through the galaxy.

The sale starts already tomorrow, monday 20. november 2017 and there is so many amazing things to buy.

We got Miffy lamp, Tellkiddo paper bag and wooden shelf house last year and I can't literally wait to see the offers for this year. So stay tunned there will be new offers every single day.

So are you ready? Because Jollyroom is, that is for sure.

Det ydre rum… Den sidste udvej. To prisjægere har forladt Jorden for at udforske ukendte nye verdener, søge efter produkter til ekstremt lave priser og modigt færdes i galakser, hvor ingen mennesker før har været.

Nedtællingen til årets Black Week er begyndt. Nye Black Friday-priser, hver dag, hele ugen. Den 20. november kl. 00:01 starter rumrejsen på Jollyroom

Happy shopping





In collaboration with Ellos

So happy with the new winter coat from Ellos - click here

I was looking for some lovely and of course warm coat for this winter season because the cold in Denmark can be sometimes really tough.

I was so surprised I have found the ''one'' from Ellos. I have chosen the navy blue one but you can get this stylish coat also in redblack and beige color. The name of the coat is Malin if you want to search for it or just quickly click here and pamper yourself this winter.

It has the straight silhouette with front princess seams and notch colar. This coat comes with shoulder pats which give you the feminime and modern look. Malin hits perfectly just above knee and it is super warm. I had the coat with me in Latvia couple of days ago and let me say that it really made me feel warm and I wasn't freezing at all.

The Ellos size guide will help you to choose to size which will fit to you and I must admit it is really correct. I am 178 cm tall and I have the coat in size 42.

Malin coat is very popular so you might not find your size at the moment on their webpage, but don't be sad. The coat might be already in stock the next day - so you can try it again.






Good afternoon everyone.

Today I would like write about some changes in Victoria's bedroom. As you might have noticed there is something new in her room, something little bit ''parisian''.

The first big change I did in Victoria's room was giving the wall behind her bed a fresh make over. I have used peonies wall decor from Rocky mountain decals - click here

I was so surprise how much the room has changed after I did stick all those flower beauties on the wall. I was literally blown away with the result. Glowing, cosy and incredibly welcoming. Those peonies stickers comes in a pack of eight flowers and fifteen leaves and it is all up to you how you will stick them together on the wall. If you want to get some inspiration or see how they look in different kidsrooms and nurseries I would highly recomend Rocky mountain decals Instagram

I love Paris. I have been there several times and I am just simply in love with this beautiful city. As beautiful as the city is also the new Spinkie parisian collection click here

Chic, adorable and so cute range of decorations and toys for your little ones.

You can choose between decent colors as well as typical french nation colors. Decorations as a pillows, blankets, or canopies will look lovely in every single room. This collections is not only made for girls. The variation of colors and fabrics as well as the cute little rabbit toys are simply made for everybody. My 5 year old daughter has a new best friend. The big Odette ballerina rabbit is sleeping with her since day one. And my little son 1,5 year old loves to play with small rabbits. They fits perfectly into his baby hands.

All toys and decorations are perfectly made. There are not stitches sticking out or threads falling off. I am pretty much a perfectionist when it comes to toys and decor for kids and I honestly must say Spinkie baby did an excellent job.

I feel so happy that my kids are surrounded by lovely things made with love which will last for ever. I promise we are going to take a good care of them.

You can follow Spinkie also on Instagram

Cute blanket with ears as well as Odette the rabbit from Spinkie baby

Those cute litle rabbits are so cute, aren't they? Canopy and blue star pillow from Spinkie.com

Sleep tight





Today I would like to write about talented and creative mom of two Ola from London, who stands behind her own brand Zuri house clik here

I know Ola through her account on Instagram and I must admit I felt in love with her products very quickly. I always admire talented people who fulfill their dreams and Ola is one of them. So let's get to know her a little bit more.

Ola is inspired by the simplicity of a nordic design. Clean, sharp lines, natural materials and scandinavian minimalism are very much reflected in to her work. She is fascinated by the craftsmanship and work of human hands transform into art.

Ola was always professionally active and after her second child Leon was born, she started to feel that she would like to do a litter bit more with her spare time. She felt like she has to do something for herself. Just thinking about something different than only about home duties and kids. She always loved to knit and crochet, so one day she has decided to try to make her first pouffe.

Ola had so much joy and happiness by crocheting that and what more the pouffe was sold immediately she put it online. After that she has tried to crochet more pouffes and baskets and she got really surprise by the feedback. All those positive and warm words from her custommers and friends made her mind stronger and clear that this is the way she would like to go. She realised, crocheting was the thing she was missing.

Now is Zuri house known for their preciously handmade home accessories and decorations. They have a range of beautifully made pouffes, baskets, carpets and many more to offer. They use only the high quality cotton cords and yarns. Did you know that one pouffe takes Ola whole entire day to make?

Zuri house loves to get in touch with their customers, they always do their best to help all the customers with choosing the correct colors of the accsessories for their home. They simply love to see all their knitting and crocheting decor and accessories at your home.

Right now you can pamper yourself or already buy a christmas presents to your family or friends with 20% off storewide at Zuri house her by using the code MITLIVERSMUKT at the check out. The winter is knocking the door, so lets make it cosy and warm this season.

Happy monday



on the pictures are featured ecru pouffe in medium size, light grey carpet and ecru medium basket with handles.




in collaboration with Ellos.dk

You all might have already know my big obcession with wood in general. I simply love wood, there is no doubt about that.

This season I have decided to go more in to it and bying more wooden furniture and decorations. I think personally wooden decorations and furniture are giving warm touch in to the home. They are easy to combine with another style and by getting old and getting some patina they also getting a lot of charm, don't they?

When I saw this lovely wooden ladder Dimca from Ellos link here it was love at the first sight. I was in the hunt for the perfect ladder for a couple of months and I am glad that I have decided to wait with purchase until I will find the perfect one. Tradaaaa her is he. Functional and simply beautiful ladder made of oak.

This simply ladder can be used as a stativ for clothes, magasines or towels in the bathrooms. It is lovely piece of furniture which I am sure can easily find place in any room in your home.

Another gorgeous addition in to our home from Ellos.dk is handmade Koumba basket made of juncus click here

This basket is cca 55 cm big and it surprise me how spacious the basket really is. We all have so many things we need to quickly hide when guests are coming ... familiar with you? So now you have a little helper. Easy hide, easy find.

At the moment are both ladder and the basket in my bedroom and giving the room really nice and warm autumn look.

I like to be in the bed and watch my room around and now I am really satisfied with the expression.

I am gonna definitely try to put some lights on the ladder to make it more cosy this winter and I can't wait.

Lovely weekend to you all





I love to style and decor kidsrooms and nurseries and if I could choose I would love that my passion and hobby will become also my job on day. I love to imagine how the room should look like and more when I am actually in the process to get my vision done. I must admit that in my daughter's room we are two stylist. I am the senior one ;) I am there to listen all those requests my little girl has, all those colors she would like to have and things she would like to play with. So when she said she would like to go grey because she got inspired by her little brother's nursery, I said yes. We have chosen a light shade of grey only on one wall but I think we gonna color one wall more to just make it more cosy. We bought some grey decoration and made the dream come true.

The first thing you will notice in Victoria's room is the beautifully made house bed from Woodenheaven click here

They do different sizes and colors and the quality of those beds is just amazing. Our is 160 cm long and I would say that is actually the right size for all those tiny people. Not so big and not too small.

We hanged some led lights on the top and it is so incredibly cosy in the evening. Just book in your hand and lights on top of your head. Pillows, dolls and lots of storage bags is something what is really necessary in her room. She has plenty of dolls and she loves to play with them so those storage bags are a smart idea to put all your playing stuff in when you finished to play with them. Ours are from Fabelab, Instahjem, Zuri house or My mini label. They are all cute and functional and just look good, there is no doubt about that.

The new cloud table and rabbit chair are from Ohh mami click here and I must say she loves to just sit on the chair and coloring in her book. She is 5 years old and I think they are made for the age, but my little son is 1,5 and he loves to sit on the chair as well, so perhaps no limitation I guess.

Victoria is surrounded by handmade and a lots of wooden toys. I am not ''plastic'' toys fan kind of parent and I thinkg all those wooden toys have a sould and it is just a hundred times better to touch something with wooden surface than it is with a plastic one. My favorites brands are Happy Little Folks, Ella and Frederik or Ciaobambino. They are not only lovely to touch but they also look nice. By getting old they getting beautiful, they are charming and they are unique in every single way.

I always trying to ask Victoria what her room should look like so she feels comfortable there, she can be herself ond she can enjoy to play there. I would say this is the key for a personal and nice kidsroom for your child.

We all have some ideas about how the kidsrooms for our kids should look like. Get inspired, go through Instagram or Pinterest for more ideas but you know your child best. Do not make the most important room for the little human being in your house, where all those big dreams are made and fun begin, just another copy of somebody else style.

You know you did your best when the kid can stay in her/his room for hours and play and that is the biggest satisfaction.

Enjoy your week



More photos on my instagram Mitliversmukt