Friday 10th November

The last day was spent walking around, and eating. My very introverted self decided to go exploring the city on my own. I even left my headphones at home, so I got to really take the city in. The sun was shining, and I was smiling. When G called it felt like we were walking though the city together. Yes I’ve turned into one of those cheesy people who miss their boyfriend after a couple of days. Dammit 🙈

I met up with the others a couple hours later energised again. And we spent the last hours left of our trip together.

The vegetarian breakfast + bacon...

I simply had to take a picture of that name

I donut care about diets

Last pub of the trip

My attempt at luring my man out (at Cph airport)

See you soon xx (hopefully...)

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Thursday 9th November

Today was the day of the best part of the trip and the worst part of the trip.
It started with omelettes and toast after that we went for a walk about town.

Instagram worthy wall

After waking around for a bit, looking though shops and galleries, it was time for the Whiskey tour. We were going to the Jameson distillery.
Now I love whiskey so I was very excited about going to a distillery. I don’t really know anything about whiskey, I just like the taste so it was cool to learn a little about it. I do recommend going, as it was both informative and fun. The tour included learning about the Jameson history, how whiskey is made and ended with a tasting.

(Gosh it’s hard to start blogging again, it feels like I’m not writing anything worth reading...😭)

Afterwards we had a couple of drinks at the distillery, and I’m not going to lie I got a wee bit drunk. Hands down the best part of the trip.

The Jameson Distillery

Then it was time for dinner we found an “authentic” Irish restaurant in the very touristy temple bar district. But the food was good so.
The dessert we found across the street from that place. A donut and ice cream place. So good! And then we went pubing.

Ice cream + donut stop

Another cool pub in Dub

After the pub it was time for the ghost tour. When a local recommends you not to go somewhere then you should listen to them. Haha it was sooo bad. I’m especially disappointed since the Edinburgh one was amazing. Oh well, contrasts are good I guess.

Have a good one xx



Wednesday 8th November
So it’s admittedly been a while. I’m not sure why, guess I’ve been busy and uninspired or something. Oh well...

So I went to Dublin!
My morning started early waking up around 06.00 at G’s place. We were traveling as a group of eight and we were all meeting up at the airport. Most of us arrived at different times so I met up with mom and Jill (my coworker and friend) first and had coffee.

We met the others on the plane, but we were scattered, so I watched a couple of episodes of Hannibal. I started watching it yesterday and I’m obsessed. One of my closest friends tried to make me watch it a couple of years back, but it must’ve slipped my mind. It made the flight go by super fast.

Kastrup airport ✈️

The first thing we did in Dublin was of course to go to a pub. I wasn’t aware when we planned it that it was meant to be a pub centred vacation. Pubs are great but I’m not a fan of beer and whiskey and other drinks are expensive so, it’s not my favourite pastime. We also had lunch before we went to find the places we were staying at.

First pub down

Most of the girls wanted to go to shopping, so we split up into two groups. Us in the other group went for a little walk about town. But the rain quickly made us divert into a pub. There we sat and planned out our trip in detail, while we waited for the others. We also made reservations for the restaurant we were going to that evening. Ea (an other coworker/ friend) found a place that was the highest rated restaurant in Dublin. It’s called “Mr. Fox” and it’s sorta on the high end spectra. I don’t usually spend that much on food, but the majority wanted to go so I agreed.

Second pub down

Mr. Fox was certainly different than what I’m used to but it was alright. Because we were a big part of eight we had to have the full three course menu. My favourited the three was the started, I was actually full from it.

Crab, eel, caviar and avocado

Haha I can’t remember what this was

Basically clementine slush on vanilla ice cream

The Temple Bar

So the most tourist thing you can do in Dublin is to go to temple bar, so that was our final stop for the evening. They'd already fully decorated for Christmas, but for once I wasn’t bothered by it, it was so cozy. There was live music to really get into the mood.
I was the first one to go home though I was just too tired to enjoy anything. But the quiet stroll back was exactly what I needed to end my first day of this trip

Temple bar

See You Soon xx



Today is my blog anniversary! I can't believe I haven't given up yet. Granted I'm not as productive as I'd like but still. I'm still here. Yay!

Have a good one xx



The colour bled through from the last drawing, but I covered it so no prob

Day two

Have a good one xx



One of my fatal flaws is, that I rarely finish things I've started. It's mostly due to procrastination but also because of me being a perfectionist. So if I forget a day then I usually give up. But I've decided to do a little exercise, to slowly fix this flaw (or at least make it better).
The exercise is inspired by inktober.
Inktober is a challenge to do a drawing every day of October.
But instead of following this years prompts, I've decided to do "self portraits" (using that term loosely).
Hopefully I'll do at least a week! 😂

Let's do this !

See you soon xx



Sunday 24th September
Today was such a perfect day! A perfect fall day.
My day started with a little discovery. I've finally managed to grow a Mimosa. Don't ask me how because I haven't the slightest idea. I haven't owned Mimosa seeds since early 2016, and they didn't grow. But today I found a little spurt in a mixed pot, where mom and I put any seed we find. It's like the plant gods have finally heard my prayers. I hope it'll grow tall, and I hope it'll make G jealous. A great start to a day wouldn't you say?

Surprise Mimosa

Today my mom, me and some friends from work (that have become true friends) were going on a little road trip. We were going to Kivik, for their apple festival and to see this years apple mural. Kivik is in the opposite side of Skåne (the region of Sweden we live in), and they're know for their apple farms.
They also have an annual apple festival, where they display the world biggest apple mural ( they make a new one every year ofc).
I've been to Kivik a couple of times to check out the farms, but I've never been to the festival, so I was actually a little excited. But mostly the excitement was due to the fact that this seems like a perfect fall adventure! And I freaking love fall 'member?

To start of the trip, we got some ice cream, while filling the gas.

On the road ice cream

I honestly don't remember how long it took to get there, an hour 20min maybe? I unfortunately usually get motion sickness, especially when the roads are swirly, but the scenery made up for most of it. And we passed a lot of animal farms which always makes me smile. In need to go to a petting zoo soon!

When we finally arrived, we went straight to the festival. I was surprised that there was an entrance fee, and I also think it was a little bit pricey for what they had to offer. But I guess you pay for the experience...
The festival was like a market, with a little stage playing live music. With the apple mural in the background of it all. It was nice but we easily stood out from the crowd. I mean obviously we weren't the target group, but I was a little surprised just how much we stood out. Oh well.
The mural was pretty cool though.

"Enjoy Swedish apples all year around"

I was broke (the day before pay day) so I went on a free samples tour. Haha I have no shame. But the others bought some stuff here and there. Which was a perfect cover for my sampling.

Apple tasting

After a round around the marked we sat down at a dock, and just talked about everything and nothing. Isn't cool how quickly you can connect with some people and be completely unfiltered with them. Like I've only known Laura for a couple of months but we've gown close. And the same with Tina, I haven't spent that much time with her but I could talk to her about everything. And I think we see the world very similarly. My job isn't the most fitting job for me but I've some really great people there.

I also came to the conclusion that if we were born a couple of centuries ago, we'd be witches. We're all strong, super outspoken, sometimes crude women. Loves it!

Sitting at the dock of the bay

We sat talking until, the chill breezes turned into cold ones. It was time for food, but where do you find a vegan friendly restaurant that's still open on a Sunday round here? We used yelp and found a perfect place! A fancy pizza place not far from Kivik. On the way there the
sunny weather turned into a thick fog, it reminded me of Silent Hill. I soon found out I was the only nerd, when I told everyone that. Haha.
I wasn't the only one who loved the fog though, we even stopped the car a couple of times to take pictures of it. Ugh I flippi'n love fog!

Finding our way through the fog

The gourmet pizzeria is called "Friden vid vägens ände" and it was one of the cutest place I've every been to. Every corner was 100% Instagram friendly. I should've taken more pictures but I was too excited about the food. Which was amaze balls!!
We all agreed to do this kind of thing once a month. Not necessarily a road trip kinda thing, but a culinary experience.
These kind of days are the days I live for. I'm hoping for more of these, with this lovely group.


And that was the end of our little adventure. Tina drove us to her place and then we took the buss from there. Such a perfect day!

Have a good one xx