Thursday 9th February
Last year at this time I was in Amsterdam today I'm going to Paris! Favbruary has official begun. Speaking of official haha me and "G" did exactly that yesterday. 🙈

My flight was going to take off at 15.30 so I left for the airport around 12.30 just to be safe. But the trip there actually went smooth so I had a lot of time to waste. So I got a ice tea and played some games on my phone.

Hibiscus tea

The fight itself got delayed though, so I landed like an hour late. But it wasn't that bad. When I saw a Brioche Dorée and I just had to get my fav ciabatta. Then I took the airbus to Opéra. It was nice to see Paris again. It was an odd feeling walking the streets there again. It's sorta like home, but I'm not fluent so I can't really call it that. I don't know, it's weird but a good weird.

Andres apartment is really close to the residence so it was easy to find my way to his place. I was late and his phone is stolen so I couldn't tell him. So when I knocked on his door he was taking a nap. His apartment is very cute, it's a one bedroom but doesn't feel small. The ceiling is high and the windows are big. And he's got double doors in baby blue.
We watched his favourite YouTuber Willam, until it was time to get ready to go out. To get hyped we watched Britney Spears performances, which we highly criticised. Not because we don't like her, but because we do. And her management has done her dirty so many times. It's really sad.
We did plan to eat but the time passed by so our options got very limited.
We ended up at our favourite crêpe place.
We never got to a club either because we were too late out. It was a fun evening though, we ended up walking around instead. I found a rose on the ground, and it felt like a little welcome back gift. Haha cheesy I know.

Late night crêpes

See you soon xx



So I spent the weekend again with "G", although this time it got a little intense. Because I was introduced to some of his friends from work, and then to most of his family. I think I did alright though.

Saturday 4th February
So like I said in the last post, I spent the first part of the day, stopping my period. And was amazed when it actually worked. And I hung out with mom, who was sick.
"G" and I were supposed to meet up in Cph at 17.00 to hang out before the party started.
I don't think I've told you about the party...

Alright so on Thursday "G" called during my lunch break to be his +1 at a surprise birthday party for one of his co-workers. Apparently the guest were allowed to bring their girlfriends,,,and people. Haha I think I fell into the people category.

So "G" and I met up at the central station and went for a short walk. It was flipping freezing so I asked him to feed me instead. We quickly found a good place to eat. The menu had ridiculous prices but they had a weekend deal so everything on the menu was 50% off. I had a pasta and he had a taco meat sandwich (yes it was just as weird as it sounds). The food was alright but the company was great so who cares.

Quickly after he finished, he started to look longingly towards the café across the street. Apparently he's addicted to caffeine and he hadn't had coffee all day. Haha he looked so miserably cute. Especially when I finished my plate and they cleared the table, but didn't give us the bill. I think we sat there about 15 min but he acted as though it was for like 40 min.
When we finally got it we went straight to the café.
We sat there for a couple of hours and just hung out. When they were about to close, it was actually perfect timing for us to make it to the party. But first we went to get some beers to bring with us.

I was in a mod kinda mood

On the way to the party I was kinda nervous. I was mentally preparing myself to not being able to keep up with the conversations because they were in danish. He must've noticed my nerves because he asked me what was going on. I told him jokingly my problem.
But to my pleasant surprise everyone would speak English there. "G" is an intern at a huge IT company so a lot of his coworkers are expats. And this party he would be the only person who spoke danish. Most of them were British, some of them were American and there was a girl from Spain. And suddenly most of my nerves went, I was a little worried that I wouldn't belong because they all work at with computers. But I figured that they were expats so that would naturally make it easier to connect with them.

I turned out to be right, it didn't take more than 15 min before I was a part of the group, well at least it felt that way. The thing with expats is that they're usually more open to new people. It's kinda like the situation I had in Paris. Everybody's new to the country and want to make friends. And I also think that it takes a certain person to be a expat, generally speaking.

I had a lot of fun, and I genuinely like everyone of them. They were funny and kind and just cool people. I'd love to hang out with them again. It was a great party with cake, booze, snacks and a piñata! My only problem was that there was a lot of games, like card games and such. I hate games, they always make me feel anxious. Because I rarely understand the rules, I don't want to seem stupid and I usually suck at them. I hate that every time it's my turn, the full attention turns to me. Like it puts me on the spot and I get extremely self conscious. I am a shy kid but I'm just very good at disguising it.
But like I said it was a great night. And if it wasn't for the fact that I'm not going to see "G" for about a month we would've stayed longer. I must've made a good impression because when he told everyone we were leaving they said that he could go but I should stay. 😂

And then the looooong way home began. If we would've gone to my place it would've taken 40 min to get home. But he really wanted to bring me home to "his" place. So that's were we went. He's temporarily living with his brother in their dads basement. It's a lot better than it sound, the basement has been rebuilt to a twi bedroom apartment with a bathroom and kitchen. The house is in a town about an hour away with train. But first we had to take the metro back to inner Cph and buy me a ticket and then take the train from there. So it took us about 2h to get there. When we finally got there we went straight to bed.

Sunday 5th February
I woke up to the sound of the house waking up, around nine. At that time I was too tired for my nerves to kick in. "G" was still sound asleep (he's a very sleepy person) so I feel back asleep. Around two hours later we both woke up and watched a couple of episodes of "Vikings". Until he got a text from his brother (from his room) about getting up. So "G" went in to talk to him, and went back to tell me that they were having family friends coming over within the hour.
When he came back he told me he wanted to introduce me to his dad and sister, because apparently his brother was in a mood.
So upstairs we went, and I was getting nervous again. His dad was very sweet and invited me to join them for the lunch with the family friends. Him and his dad were switching between danish and Icelandic and then they put in some English words when the spoke to me. I'm alright at understanding danish but it was kinda hard with the mixture of three languages. 'Are they talking to me?'Should I understand this?'

His sister is twelve and seemed a bit shy but nice. I also got to meet the puppy Yoko (my fav member). His dad was cleaning the floor so he asked us to bring the dog with us to the basement. I think Yoko is a western highland terrier, so she kinda looks like this :


She must've liked me too because she feel asleep seconds after I picked her up. When we walked down to the basement I made sure that it was okay me to stay. I would understand completely if "G" felt like the lunch would be a little too intense. But he said that he was alright with me staying so I did.
Then it was time to meet his brother. He wasn't as open as his dad but he was nice too. When we came in he was watching a League of Legends competition. Which I saw as my icebreaker, my darling Isis played LoL and watch it online. She's even made me play it once. I told him that I played it once but constantly died.
I made him laugh and I was in. ☺️
We sat and talked with him for a while before going back to "G"s room.

We started to watch South Park (yay he loves it too) but one episode in and we heard people walking down the stairs. The guest had arrived. I heard his dad tell them that they were about to meet "G" s girlfriend that he'd just met 30min ago himself. Haha it didn't end there with the awkwardness though. Then we heard a knock on the door and they came in, and said hello.
They said something in the line of 'so you're "G"s girlfriend?' Haha I looked at "G" who looked back at me and we both went eeeeeeehh... His dad said well they're in the early stages. Haha we both died of awkwardness, we haven had the talk yet.
Then they went back upstairs. We laughed about the situation and went back to watching South Park. A little while later there was an other knock on the door, it was his sister telling us the food was ready.

We went upstairs and the lunch was served. Oh and that's when I met his stepmom.
The lunch was nice but I didn't add much if at all to the conversations. Because it was all in danish. I do understand about 70% of what they're saying but I can't keep up. So I hope they didn't think I was rude, because I tried to understand. But I have to be really focused, because if I'm not then I kinda loose the thread. And at the same time there was two dramas from two different friends texting me. I told them where I was but they both continued so I didn't want them to feel like I was ignoring them.

After the lunch and the cake we went back downstairs. Which made me feel like a teenager, haha the whole thing did. But I was happy that "G" wanted to show me off. I stayed for a couple of hours more. But then a friend of his and his brother was coming over from Åhus. So they were picking him up from the station and dropping me off.
When the friend saw me (he's a brother) he started to high five "G" and telling him way to go. Which made things a bit awkward for me at least. When "G" told them to go without them because he was walking me to the train they both grinned and said said "We'll wait.". And that's how my weekend ended; with a kiss goodbye. I think I'll miss him.

See you soon xx



So today is probably the last time I get to see "G" for almost a month. And because cosmos is a bit of a dick; ended up getting my period two days ago. Last night I couldn't sleep so I thought 'hey, what if there's a way to end it earlier or maybe postpone it' so I turned to the inter web for help. Most sites said stupid things like, your period is a beautiful part of being a woman blah blah blah. But then I finally ended up in a forum where they had a few tips in postponing it. They said to eat a lemon or drink pure lemon juice. An other option was to drink apple cider vinegar and an other one was to drink gelatine before its solidifies.
It didn't sound true but why not try it.

Which leads me to today. I've eaten two lemons and drunk some apple cider vinegar. I've also drunk a whole lot of water and orange juice (apparently Vitamin C speeds up the process) and it's actually working. My period has stopped for about five hours now. I'm not sure how long it will stay away but hey, I guess I can just repeat the process. Who would've thunk it, I don't know which part did the trick maybe it was the combo. Maybe I was just lucky.


See you soon xx



Friday 3rd February
Last week was one of my closest friends birthday Linn (aka dad). She wasn't in town for her birthday so we decided to throw her a surprise dinner tonight.
It was a cozy evening with good food, lots of laughter and a lot of wine. I think she enjoyed herself and that's the important part. It's so fun to do things like these for the people you love and it's even better when they don't suspect it


Have a good one xx



It tastes a lot better than it looks

So I'm not very good at eating breakfast, but I've started with this bowl of super foods. It's so
flipin good and so easy to make and eat. It's basically a bowl of things that I like, that also happens to be healthy.

Super Bowl 😆

Blue berries
Sesame seeds
Coconut flakes
Chili flakes
Turkish yogurt

Have a good one xx



Haha I guess it was a good day at work today! I only worked for five hours so I'm not even tired now. Aaand I was lucky to stand at the till when two girls came up to hand me and some of my coworkers goodie bags. I'm guessing it's a marketing ploy to check out their new store, but still. It was a little something to cheer up the day.
Now I'm going home to eat pizza, have a good day!

See you soon xx



I had to leave fairly early because a friend of my mom and I, just had a baby. And later that day we had a few hours with Ylva from Stockholm. So we had to push the baby meeting to around 10. Because I was eating brunch at Sofia's (the new mom of two) I just had coffee at "G"s place. And then he kissed me goodbye at the station.

Sofia lives outside of Malmö and it's about 40min away by bus. So it is a bit of a hassle for us city folks 😂 But the brunch was really nice. And the new member of the group was adorable. He slept through most of it and didn't scream once, so I'm already a fan.
It's so weird that he's going to turn into and adult with complex relationships and responsibilities. He's going to get his heart broken at some point and he's probably going to break a few. I wonder what he'll be like. And what he'll like.
I'm going to look at him in twenty years or so and tell him, I remember when you were this small. Haha that's so weird.
Maybe he's not even a he.
Humans are weird and don't even get me started on life.

Afterwards we went back into town to spend some time with Ylva. It wasn't that long ago we met her last time, but it's enough time to miss her. She only had about three hours open in he schedule for this visit, so we went to a bar and caught up with each other's life.

Both mom and I were hungry so we ended up eating Indian food. I'm not a huge fan but I love the rice they use. It was a good day full of people I love/like!

I finally got to work. I got a five hour shift and after that it was time for our delayed Christmas staff party. Friday was a good day not only because of the party but I ended up getting a shift from one of my fav co-workers. She was going to the party but didn't feel like going to her early shift the day after so she asked if i wanted it. It was an offer I couldn't refuse, when you only work a couple of days a week a early shift after a late night isn't that big of a deal. Haha maybe it's because I'm in my early 20's.

Speaking of 20's; that was the theme of the party! I love themed parties but I've got to admit I was a little lazy in my styling this time. It ended up being a great party, with lots of laughter and a couple of drinks. I got placed at a table with some of my fav co-workers so I came out of my shell and just had a lot of fun.

So "G" decided to come into to town early that. I thought. So I set my alarm at 06.30 to have time to tidy my room a bit. Haha he was meeting up with me after work so I wouldn't have time to do it after. My shift started at 08.00 and ended at 17.00. I was in a good mood the whole day because I was going to meet "G". But I was also nervous because he was going to meet my mom as well. I had a fun day at work though, everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

After work I met up with "G" he'd been working (on his computer) at a café nearby. I know Malmö isn't big but I would've been too nervous to find my way on my own. He's been here before and even been here with me before but still. We went straight home, and chilled. And then my mom came home.
It actually went by smoothly, they got a long well. They even found common ground with annoying things that I do. ☹️
Haha no actually I'm happy that they're getting along. Even when I went to the kitchen to make snacks, I could hear them talking loudly and laughing. After an hour or so mom took a shower and went into her room. She was tired as she had a long and early day at work.

Me and "G" thought about going to watch a movie but we ended up talking. And by the time we he asked when the movie was showing, it was already too late. So we stayed on the couch eating candy and cuddling.

Mom woke up early to go to the gym. But "G" and I took our time in getting ready. On our way to the store (to buy breakfast) we bumped into mom making her way home. When we came back we found that she'd bought pancakes. So we had a big breakfast together all three of us. It was actually really nice, and felt natural. 😊

Mom took an extra shift in my store so we went to work together. "G" wanted to walk me to work so he tagged along as well. Before kissing me goodbye. Haha I hope it wasn't too intense for him, my mom and I's dynamic is a bit weird.
He seemed fine though.

Have a good one xx



Haha so apparently this blog has turned into a weekly blog. I need to fix this, but it's not easy. The thing is, I don't really do much. Okay that's not true, buuut it involves a few people I haven't asked permission to blog about so, no pictures. And like I said in my previous post, I've grown weary about my "love life" so when something actually happens I don't want to jinx things. I guess I just have to get over that fear and live in moment. We'll see. Anywho here's my week:

I need to save money, I'm way too much of a spender. My biggest expenses are food and clothes. So I decided that today was the day to do something about it! I deleted all of my shopping apps, to remove the temptation. And I bought food to last at least the whole week. My mom cooks pretty much everyday now, but I need lunch, breakfast and something to snack on. My food budget is 300:- a week. But I think I'll have to raise it a bit, because my receipt came out 311:- so from just one grocery run I'd already passed it. The good thing is that I bought things that will last for weeks so it's okay.

When I came home, I started the meal prepping. So now I have a freezer stocked with food that just has to be heated. I felt like a domestic goddess or something, when I was done. Yaas Vanessa; getting things done. And that was pretty much the only thing I got done that day.

My day ended with a FaceTime date with Andres. We planned out my four days in Paris. It's going to be awesome but expensive af! 😂 Good thing I food prepared.

Lazy day, I had zero plans whatsoever. No plans nor work for two days in a row. I was bored out of my mind. I tried making plans with a friend that woke me up with a snap He was also having a lazy day, but he was enjoying his. Playing PlayStation, so I figured I'd make it a sims day. So that's what I did for most of the day, that and I ate a lot! I eat way too much on my lazy days.

When mom finally got home from work she already had plans with a friend of hers. The friend and I work together so I know her too. So mom asked if I wanted to join them. I'd promised myself not to spend unnecessary money. (A promise I couldn't keep more than two days this week. )But I was bored out of my mind so I agreed to go. I only bought a cup of tea, so it's something. 🙈

When I got home I FaceTimed with "G" and asked if we could hang out the day after. He wasn't sure if he could (because of work) but that he'd tell me the next day. He's a busy guy and I didn't have a shift, so I didn't mind.

I woke up to a message from "G" that I could come over, when he got off from work. Yay!
He's renting out his place to a couple from Argentina for three months. So this was our last time hanging out completely alone. Because I live with my mom and he's moving in with his brother.

He was sorta tried from work when he met me at the station. So we decided to just spend the night in. We cooked dinner and watched movies. We made a one pot pasta thing, and it was delicious!
While we cooked he looked at me and said "our first home cooked meal together". I just can't with the cheese so I gave him a light punch telling him to stop. It was cheesy af but still sweet. Haha I guess I'm just not used to it.

See you soon xx



So this week I've actually been kinda lucky with getting shifts. Heck I even got a double one on Thursday! I've almost decided on a pretty big thing, but that'll either be in August or next year. Probably next year, but we'll see. But I'll write about that when I'm certain.

I had a nice bump in with Elvis, at work. It was good to see him, it hasn't been that long but still.
I'm kinda lonely now that even POW left, most of my friends live far away from me now. It's hard not seeing them in person but I think I'm pretty good at keeping up with them virtually. A lot of Snaps, sharing things on Instagram and Facebook and a couple of phone calls keeps our friendships strong.Thank god for technology otherwise I would probably die from loneliness. 😂

Saturday 21st January
My day started with mom asking if I wanted to join her and get waffles. I couldn't turn that down so I pulled myself out of bed. And on we went. One of her friends has started to work at a charity/ thrift shop place, where they also have a little café. So that's the place we got waffles. We spent about an hour there, talking and eating. And every now and then moms friend would sit with us and chat.

Waffles for breakfast

Afterwards we went to an other café and had some chai's. We went there to setup my moms new phone. You see we don't have wifi at home, because we only use our phones for internet.
My mom is anything but tech savvy, so the small task of setting up her phone took ages to do. Because I want her to do it herself and not rely on me. I mean she has to learn! 😂
She did eventually do it right, but by that time I was close to running late for my date.

Well maybe not the date itself but with all the prepping for it. You know shower, shave, put on some makeup. And I promised to wear my wig this time, so that took some time as well. I had to do all of this and help my mom with something else tech wise. Ugh I was sure that I'd miss the train. But I made it just in time!


Chai Time

So me and the Icelandic guy have sorta been seeing each other on the regular for a while. Now I'm not going to go on too much about him, because I don't want to jinx things. I'm very paranoid when it comes to guys but this one has yet to let me down. Haha he seems to be a genuinely nice stand up guy. So we'll see what happens.

He lives in Ørestad, Denmark which is about 35 min away from Malmö. It's not far away but I like to stay in Malmö on most weekdays in case I get a shift. So it's mostly during the weekends that I go. That usually means that I spend the night and the afternoon after, there. So it's kinda like a little get away every time I go there. Which is perfect for my restlessness and boredom of my city.

This time we decided for the classic of dates, dinner and a movie. We went to see my pick "Assassins Creed" he wanted to see "Passengers" but as you know, I've already seen it. I've been pretty lucky at picking great movies lately. Like most of the movies I've seen in theatres, I've really liked.
"Assassins creed" was no exception, I loved everything about it, the acting, the plot, the characters, the soundtrack was awesome.
I've never played the game myself but I've watched my brother play it. And Simon is a huge fan of the game series, he's pretty much told me the plot of the hole thing.
So I actually recognised a lot from hearing Simon talk about it. "G" (the Icelandic guy) didn't like it, which isn't surprising because we disagree on most things. 😂

We must've both been very tired because we stayed in bed for most of Sunday. Well until the hunger overcame us. "G" wanted KFC, so that's where we went. And then we went shopping, meaning he did and asked for my advise. It was a good weekend. Hopefully there will be more of those.

See you soon xx



Hey guys! So today my second wig arrived in the mail. This one I ordered from TrendyWigs, a site I found on Instagram. It was a sort of a spur of the moment buy, because it was on sale. And I had Andres on the phone cheering me on. Aaaaand there was a discount code, in other words I just had to.

The wig extended my expectations, it's sooo soft, so so pretty, and it smells of lavender.

The wig came with :
A wig brush
Two wig caps one "skin coloured" and one black
Bobby pins
A hairnet
A little pocket of lavender

Unboxing the wig

The wig is very long so I decided to trim it a bit, to make it more natural. I also sprayed on some dry shampoo to get rid of some of the shininess. But like I said before I'm in love with this wig. It's perfect! I think I sat in front of the mirror for a good twenty minutes. 🙈

I feel so ethereal and badass at the same time, wearing it. I'm getting closer to my space fairy image. 😂

See you soon xx 🖖🏽