​Foundation, Concealer & Highlighter

A couple of days ago, i decided to throw some of my makeups away because i felt that they were just taking a whole lot of space and had no reason keeping them either. So i'm on a new mission, lol mission... Sounding a bit like james bond!

anyway on my previous blog, i said something about buying alot of makeups so that i can do my makeup all by myself often because i simply wanna learn more about makeup and also because makeup brings comfort to my soul. I love seeing other girls that knows how to do their makeup slaying every dime they've spent. I'm already inspired and i willing to learn so that i can inspire others as well cause lord knows i ain't no pro when it comes to makeup but i'll get there sooner or later right?!

Ohhh yeah so i bought three Mac products and the high lighter is actually my favorite, it looked stunning on me when i tried it on at the store.

Feels like i've been writing non stop so i'm gonna stop right here and let ya'll rest for a moment.

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​Hello babes,

So i came home for like an hour ago and i'm feeling extremley happy for some weird reason lol!

Anyway... When i woke up this morning. I was feeling a bit down, it's probably because of the weather but you know what?! F**K the weather. However i dedcided to hit the street with Mojie because i was so in the mood of shopping for some new makeup. It has been on my to do list since months ago but you know  i've been too lazy i swear and it's all because of working night shift and i rather just sleep during the day eventhough i wake up early every damn day lol!

After finding what i was looking for, we ate and did some window shopping. An hour after that we got bored so we took the train back home.

That's how my day been :)

ciao babes



Hello babes,

Welcome to my blog. So bascilly i'm here to share everything i love about fashion and beauty simply because i love to inspire others and i know that i'm gonna be able to do that through my own very personal blog.

I've been blogging for a while now so no i'm not new to this. I just felt like creating something new and just start from the bottom and also focus on just my blog and ofcourse my readers.

My previous blogs has been mostly about fashion and my daily life but there comes a time when certain people try to distract me from doing what i'm good at and i end up posting irrelevant stuffs on my blog and that's not my goal at all so the purpose with this new blog is making it relevant lol.

Anyway that's pretty much all for now but let's hope for the best and that is me staying here forever and not giving up on my blog for the 1000000000 time.

Stay tuned for more post!