~ Be I worthy to hold my head above the clouds in your eyes

In a sky blue horizon

She sips nectar with the hummingbird queen in moments of gentle surrender

But still I ask

Be I worthy to watch upon thee

In these moments of sublimely tender

Spiralling tears of court room jesters

To old to perform, to young to die

Be I worthy to hold the jewels which bind thee to the ground

With which you freely walk

See her watching the waves which beckon her fate

Sweet nectar of dawn so new, crystallized in breath of angels

Breathe upon my cheek before I fall

Sweet mother of life itself

I be worthy ~



Well, this is a blog about me, so i guess that me describing myself is a necessitie.

So, on September 23 a baby girl was born. She had golden brown hair and blue/grey eyes. I don't even have to explain that this is me. Later on I began wondering why the name Signe sounded so appealing to my parents on my batism day. Was it served on a silverplate one morning? Or did a little bird whisper it in their ears? Honestly, I have no idea. But either way, that is the name that I have to live with all my life. I can't really say that I like it The author Signe or Professor Salomonsson, Signe the feminism or maybe "Hi, my name is Signe and I'm a fangirl". None of it has a nice ring to it, but I would never change it.

I really don't know what to say about myself other that I'm a professional fangirl. I have read so many books, from Harry Potter to Percy Jackson. Soulless to Hunger Games. I look at myself as a pirate, witch, ravenclaw, divergent, tribute, soulless, demigod, shadowhunter, nerdfighter, member of the fellowship, an elf, princess and a warrior. Or perhaps I'm not, but I'm a reader, and that's the same thing. And to those who say that fictional characters aren't real, well, perhaps they're not. But they taught me to love, to care, to dream and to seek adventure. They helped me find my real friends, my inner strenght and who I really am. And therefore, they are real to me.

I am also a feminist. And no, I don't think that women are better than men. And neither do I think that they should rule the world. But I DO think that we are equal to men, that we deserve a place in the society, that we always have. And anyone who thinks otherwise. Please, just leave. Hell's that way ->. But really, just go crawl down a hole and never show your sorry face to the world again. Because give me ONE good reason that men are better than women. Are they stronger mentally? No. Are they more capable of doing anything? NO! Just don't fight me on this. You know I'm right.

In this blog I am going to write anything. Everything from essays to short stories. Opinions to "To do lists". If you're interested, follow me. If not, leave.

Either way, I really look forward to this.

// Your fellow fangirl