Merry Christmas my friends.

I am currently in Sweden and I've been celebrating Christmas with my family for the first time in like 4 years. It's been really nice to be able to relax, wind down and just take it easy all the time since I got here, I think I needed that.

I have also been really relaxed about both my food and training. I have not been tracking my macros for one bit the whole week and I've also just been to the gym twice this week, I have also done 2 at home workouts and 1 cross country workout.

Even though it's very nice to go of plan every once in a while I am missing the gym and my routine very much and I can't wait to get back on track again. I will go back home to Oslo on Wednesday and I hope to be back on the grind again on Thursday.

Oh! We're also very close to a new year and let me tell you how excited I am for that..! 2016 have really been trying my nerves in every way possible, I have been through some really dark times but I have also experienced lots of beautiful moments too. I know you can't really say that everything will change or that it will be easier to make a change just because there is a New Year, but sometimes that is a push in the right direction. I will make sure that it will be a push in the right direction for me. It's time to get back on the grind and really work on that positivity.

I really hope that you all had a beautiful Christmas filled with love, good food and laughter.



Raw gingerbread and saffron lingonberry cheesecakes. Drinking glühwein and eating cake with dad.

Raw lasagna - lunch - christmas shopping with that

Saffron risotto with bacon wrapped and cream cheese filled pork tenderloin. Cooked dinner for my family.



Hello fam!

Last weekend I went to Stockholm over the weekend. I went there because of the big fitness expo that took place there. I catched the bus from Oslo on Thursday morning and arrived in Stockholm in the late evening. Then on the Friday I had a whole day to myself to just walk around, network and have a great time at the expo. On the Saturday I worked in the East Coast TAFE booth all day and in the evening we had a small reunion with some of the peeps that have been studying at TAFE over the years. We met up at Lemon Bar in the evening where we got treated to burgers, fries and drinks (non alcoholic for me.) It was a great evening and it was so nice catching up with everybody.

The Sunday was the last day of the expo and I first walked around once again mostly by myself but then Louise joined me. We got a lot of taste tasting done, got treated to a lot of freebies and attended some competitions. Another great but exhausting day that we then finished together at the gym. The workout felt very tough because the body was lacking sleep and proper nutrients. But it felt at least good to get it done even though I felt like throwing up afterwards..

I just LOVE attending these kind of events and be able to meet and speak to so many inspiring people. It is the people that makes the industry what it is and I am stunned on how many opportunities it is out there if you surround yourself with like minded people.

In the evening I felt sad that it was over so soon but I also felt so much joy for the whole experience and all the fantastic people that I met.

On Monday morning I had to wake up really early to catch the train back to Oslo because I had work in the afternoon. It was a short but sweet visit and I cannot wait for another health and fitness expo to come around,



Louise, Sandra Prikker and me

Louise and me

It was such a pleasure to meet Sandra, she is very inspiring!

IFBB pro Candice Lewis-Carter and me

Tavi Castro and me



Well hello there, again, a couple of million years later..

I promised to talk a bit about where I have moved. If you follow me on instagram or snapchat you probably already now. But if you don't I will tell you right now.

I have moved to Oslo. It's been a little more than a month since I packed my bags and left Sweden. There is many reasons to why I decided to move and one of them was because of my job. I am now working as a Personal trainer again but this time at Sats Elixia. I have had my hands full trying to organize my life since I got here so that is also a reason why I have really been slacking at my blogging game lately. Now I feel a bit more grounded, so I will try to get better at this again, like I have said like hundreds time before. I need to stop procrastinating and start doing!

I live in a quite big apartment in central Oslo with 12 other people, everyone is super nice so I really enjoy it here. I am a very sociable person so I do not really like to live all by myself. I am looking for another place though, but the reason for that is more because the street we are living on is not considered as the best place nor the safest to stay on.

Me dressed as a ninja with few of the people I live with. This was on Halloween as you might figure..

What more have I to tell you?

Oh, I will go to Fitnessfestivalen this coming weekend and I am soooo excited!! Anyone else going??

I have also become a brand ambassador for Gaspbbstore and they have a competition where you get the chance to win two tickets!

Until next time.






Long time no see.. It's been nearly a month since I updated my blog and also a month since I moved away from Stockholm. I have found some new inspiration to write and I figured it's time to start again. I also promised to put up the workout I did on Saturday on here so this blog post will be about that.

I jumped on a new/old program last week since I want to have more structure and be able to track my progress. When I follow a set plan I am much better at recording what weights I use and also to force myself trying to increase them week by week. I am doing a DUP - program again, I did kind of the same program I did earlier this year when I was dieting so I thought it could be interesting to see what kind of gains I could make doing it on my improvement season.

So the first lift of the week I focus on arms then I have three days with my main lifts DUP style, then one day of HIIT and the last session of the week is a crazy circuit.

The circuit consists of four rounds - ascending reps and descending weight. You start out with 10 reps on all exercises with the heaviest weight then you drop the weights and do 12 reps, 15 reps and lastly 20 reps. You rest 2 min in between the rounds and this is just enough time to change the weights on all of the exercises. Don't let the light weights fool you though on the last round, this one is a real killer!

- Back squats
- Lateral raises
- Good mornings
- Arnold press
- Leg press/front squats
- Hanging knee raises

If you try it out, let me know what you thought.



Hello my friends.

Hope everything is well with you. I'm starting a new chapter in my life since I quit my job and moved out from Stockholm. If you have followed my blog for a while now you may have noticed that I seem to move around quite a bit. I'm (like I've mentioned before) somewhat of a restless soul. Right now I'm in an "organizing everything" phase in my new place. I will tell you all about where I've moved and why, when I'm ready. Until then stay tuned and I will get better at updating my blog and I will also try to improve my content that I share with you guys as well.

Other than my life update, my training is going very well again. I feel strong and happy in the gym and that is all that matters for me right now.



Don't we all just love pancakes and waffles?! I know I do! It always feel like such a luxury (and a bit naughty too) to eat pancakes/waffles for either lunch, dinner or breakfast. When I want to eat it I always try to make a healthier version and it so very often happens to be protein enriched recipes.

One more thing that I have been getting very obsessed with lately is topping my pancakes and waffles with turkey bacon and something sweet like honey or maple syrup. It is seriously SO GOOD!

Pancake recipe: (1 port)

1 small banana
1 egg
1 scoop protein powder (25 g) - I used Myproteins impact whey in the flavour Danish cinnamon
1/2 oats
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp psyllium husk

Mix all the ingredients and fry the pancakes in lots of coconut oil.

A few topping suggestions:
- Turkey bacon and maple syrup/honey
- Berries and coconut yogurt
- Berries and peanut butter
- Protein pudding and fruit
- Ice cream

Waffle recipe: (makes 8 waffles)

2 bananas
2 eggs
1/2 cup oats
1 tbsp coconut oil
25 g polargo vanilla protein smoothie (can sub for protein powder but be aware that it can get sticky in the waffle iron)
1 tsp psyllium husk
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
20 g gluten free flour

Mix everything together and add water until you get a thick but somewhat runny batter. Let stand while you heat up the waffle iron. Aaand waffle away! Top with whatever your heart desires.



I dare you to get out of your comfort zone next month. Challenge yourself to do something different in October. You can go big or small, as long as it gets you out of that comfort zone. It is when we do this that great things can happen. As long as we are in the comfort zone we will not experience growth, yes it may be a safe and nice place to stay in but who want to just get by in life? I know I don't. So I will challenge myself to do something in October, something scary but yet exciting. Stay tuned..

Maybe you want to go climb a mountain?




Today it is finally weekend, and that means that I will have my second leg workout of the week. On this day I usually always start the workout with sumo deadlifts, my all time favorite exercise. It is a great over all leg builder and fantastic to really grow the glutes. I also love the feeling I get when I pull some heavy iron, endorphins all the way...

Before I start lifting I make sure to warm up properly, I probably spend around 20 minutes on just the warm up (including warm up weights.) First I start with dynamic strecthing, focusing on the hip flexors, ankle mobility and knees. Then I do overhead squats with a stick and I also always to pass throughs with a stick for the shoulder mobility. Just before I start pulling some light sumos I do high rep stiff legged deadlifts with just the barbell. Then I'm ready to zone in, focus on the form and increase the weights on the bar set by set. I vary the rep and set scheme every workout when I'm not on a program (like right now.) A couple of different options may be: 5x5, pyramid sets, 5x1 (real HEAVY!!), 10x10 (aka german volume training), etc. I either do short or longer rests depending on my goal for the session. If I want to pull heavy and close to my max I have longer rest periods, around 3-5 minutes in between sets. This is one of the reasons why my leg days take f-o-r-e-v-e-r..

After my sumos I always do at least one more big compound movement like barbell lunges or right now my fave glute builder - barbell hip thrust (not compound but heavy.) I also like to include one or two supersets to really get in a good burn and to get the pulse up. I love combining walking lunges with stiff legged deadlifts or good mornings. Cable squats with cable kickbacks. Pull throughs with curtsy lunges. The variations you could to are endless.

But I will tell you guys what it will look like today. With writing my workout on here I will make it official, by doing this, I HAVE to do it!

Sumo deadlifts - Pyramid sets 15, 11, 9, 5, 3, 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 15 =11 sets --> fun to do uneven numbers for a change
Hip thrusts - 5x3
SUPERSET: Step ups 3x8-12 per leg & close stance leg press 3x12
SUPERSET: Walking lunges with KB's 3x20 & booty blaster kickbacks 3x12
Reverse hypers 3x20



Hello there!

I keep talking about that I'm going to get better at this blogging thing but every time life keeps getting in the way. Work is taking up so much of my time and then I have to go to the gym of course, do all the meal prepping, food shopping, and all that jazz. I also try to get time to apply for other jobs that is not located in Stockholm since I am not happy here. You have to set yourself first, if you're not happy, how do you expect to make other people happy then?! I'm a restless soul and I will not stop searching for what I want in life. If something doesn't feel right it usually isn't either, trust your instinct and don't settle for anything less than you deserve.




"Either I look like I'm going to the gym or I'm going to the gym.." describes me quite well. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I actually like fitness clothing and I definitely think it's possible to dress it up or just keep the look as it is and take it with you to town or whatever you wanna do. I thought I would start share some fitness/lifestyle outfits on here for inspiration that works both outside and in the gym.

​Tights: Drop Of Mindfulness
Top: Dcore
Sportsbra: Adidas (that you can't see that much)
Poncho: Don't remember but I think Ellos
Shoes: Vans
Glasses: Ur&Penn