Today it is finally weekend, and that means that I will have my second leg workout of the week. On this day I usually always start the workout with sumo deadlifts, my all time favorite exercise. It is a great over all leg builder and fantastic to really grow the glutes. I also love the feeling I get when I pull some heavy iron, endorphins all the way...

Before I start lifting I make sure to warm up properly, I probably spend around 20 minutes on just the warm up (including warm up weights.) First I start with dynamic strecthing, focusing on the hip flexors, ankle mobility and knees. Then I do overhead squats with a stick and I also always to pass throughs with a stick for the shoulder mobility. Just before I start pulling some light sumos I do high rep stiff legged deadlifts with just the barbell. Then I'm ready to zone in, focus on the form and increase the weights on the bar set by set. I vary the rep and set scheme every workout when I'm not on a program (like right now.) A couple of different options may be: 5x5, pyramid sets, 5x1 (real HEAVY!!), 10x10 (aka german volume training), etc. I either do short or longer rests depending on my goal for the session. If I want to pull heavy and close to my max I have longer rest periods, around 3-5 minutes in between sets. This is one of the reasons why my leg days take f-o-r-e-v-e-r..

After my sumos I always do at least one more big compound movement like barbell lunges or right now my fave glute builder - barbell hip thrust (not compound but heavy.) I also like to include one or two supersets to really get in a good burn and to get the pulse up. I love combining walking lunges with stiff legged deadlifts or good mornings. Cable squats with cable kickbacks. Pull throughs with curtsy lunges. The variations you could to are endless.

But I will tell you guys what it will look like today. With writing my workout on here I will make it official, by doing this, I HAVE to do it!

Sumo deadlifts - Pyramid sets 15, 11, 9, 5, 3, 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 15 =11 sets --> fun to do uneven numbers for a change
Hip thrusts - 5x3
SUPERSET: Step ups 3x8-12 per leg & close stance leg press 3x12
SUPERSET: Walking lunges with KB's 3x20 & booty blaster kickbacks 3x12
Reverse hypers 3x20

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Hello there!

I keep talking about that I'm going to get better at this blogging thing but every time life keeps getting in the way. Work is taking up so much of my time and then I have to go to the gym of course, do all the meal prepping, food shopping, and all that jazz. I also try to get time to apply for other jobs that is not located in Stockholm since I am not happy here. You have to set yourself first, if you're not happy, how do you expect to make other people happy then?! I'm a restless soul and I will not stop searching for what I want in life. If something doesn't feel right it usually isn't either, trust your instinct and don't settle for anything less than you deserve.




"Either I look like I'm going to the gym or I'm going to the gym.." describes me quite well. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I actually like fitness clothing and I definitely think it's possible to dress it up or just keep the look as it is and take it with you to town or whatever you wanna do. I thought I would start share some fitness/lifestyle outfits on here for inspiration that works both outside and in the gym.

​Tights: Drop Of Mindfulness
Top: Dcore
Sportsbra: Adidas (that you can't see that much)
Poncho: Don't remember but I think Ellos
Shoes: Vans
Glasses: Ur&Penn



I have been such a bad blogger the last couple of weeks. Or, actually this last year if I am going to be totally honest. Sometimes it feels like I am just coming up with excuses why not to write but the truth is, if you want to do something bad enough you will find a way to do it. Okey that sounded way to serious to be about only blogging, haha. I haven't had either inspiration or joy of writing for such a long time now. Or, some days I actually do miss it. I miss writing down every feeling I have or all the things that have happened in my life lately, both good and bad. But I feel like you have to be really careful what you're putting into words nowadays for people to not get upset or offended. Sometimes I do not give a shiiizzz about that but sometimes I do, because I am only human. It also feels like my blog have transformed to some kind of "thoughts only" blog and I don't want it to be. I started my blog for over five years ago with one mission - to inspire others and I want to get back to that. If you have any thoughts on what you want me to write about, let me know!

Also what would you think about seeing these topics in my blog:
- Workout/fitness fashion
- Workout videos or more educational workout topics
- More IIFYM and flexible dieting talk
- Competition talk, tips & trix etc.
- Trying out different training styles and writing about it
- Easy and affordable recipes
- Columns

I want to know what you guys think!

Lots of love





I've been MIA lately, again, busy with work and other stuff. Like turning 25.
I didn't really look forward to my birthday this year. Truth to be told, I have been quite disappointed on my birthday the last couple of years. All I wished for this year was a raw birthday cake and to feel a tiny bit special. My wishes didn't come through. I absolutely don't want to sound like a spoiled brat, I still had a nice birthday with a breakfast buffet together with my family and then I got to meet up with a friend over lunch/dinner which was very nice. She was too cute and even brought me a birthday present. :) I also got a spa day cruise by my mom and I really look forward to spend some quality time with her.

But no birthday cake. Lucky me that I had bought myself a birthday cake protein bar though, not as good as a real cake but better than nothing, haha..

This coming weekend my best friend will come visit me from Malta. I am so looking forward to that!



If you read the caption you may wonder what I meant with "help" at the gym. Let me tell you..

One thing that really annoys me at the gym is when some people think it's totally ok to just walk up to you and correct your form without you even asking for help. A couple of days ago I had a guy that was working out on a machine next to me when I was doing triceps and I could really feel that he was watching me. When I was resting in between the sets he walked up to me and told me "how" to do the exercise correctly. Note that I had my earphones in as well, which basically mean: do not talk to me. I told him that there is many different ways to perform an exercise - which is true (but you should always make sure that you have good form and posture of course!) After that he let me be but I could see that he was watching me on the rest my exercises too. Very annoying!

t is very tricky how to "help" someone you don't know at the gym. Not all people like it. If I look at myself I would mostly get annoyed but it definitely depends on how you approach me and how relevant your critique is. So to be on the safe side - don't just interrupt someones workout just to give them some input on their training. If the exercise they're doing is dangerous and they're trying to shift some heavy ass weight with real shitty form - yes, then it would be good to say something but make sure you say it in a good way. Criticism should always be constructive.




Hope everything is well with you guys and that you're enjoying yourselves with whatever you are doing - vacation, work, travels etc.

I have been getting pretty busy.. Or at least tired from work lately since I just started working night shifts. I'm a morning person by heart so it has been very hard for me to adjusting to a new sleep schedule. I think I'm averaging about 3-4 hours sleep a day and it definitely is getting to me. When I visited my friend Mimmi in Västerås I felt started the weekend of very tired, but her bed made me sleep like a baby - thanks for that & for a superfun weekend!

One more thing the night shifts have been affecting is my training.. I feel so weak and tired all the time and yesterday was the first time I went to the gym in a week! But at least I had a really good workout - so that made me a happy camper. Today I'm going on my last shift for the week before I have Sunday off and then it's time for two days of daytime work. It will be interesting to see how I'm feeling on Monday..

Maybe I should share my awesome leg and shoulder workout I did yesterday as well.

4x2 back squats
4x12 barbell reverse lunges
4x12 romanian deadlifts with DB's
4x16 walking lunges with DB's
3x20 front to back shoulder press
3x12 lateral raises
4x20 reverse hypers
4x12 calf raises
3x16 reverse cable flyes

Do this workout. Warm up properly & make sure you REALLY push it on every single set & rep. I can promise you that it will leave you sore for days. Thank me later, or don't if you hate being sore.. Haha!




Hello lovelies!

Sometimes when you are reading a blog (especially a new one) you may wonder who that person really is, what are their passions & interests, what do they do for work, where do they live etc. I always think it is nice to have a little background story on a person that I follow. Even though I have an "about me" page I thought it could be nice to do write a small blog post about myself. ✨

Height: 5'5 (165 cm)
Birthday & age: 20 aug - Leo, turning 25 this year.

Balancing a couple of different jobs at the moment. Online trainer. Security guard. Receptionist & event work. Working at a kiosk at special events like football games & concerts at Tele 2 Arena.

Oviken, a small village outside Östersund in Jämtland.

Currently living in Stockholm

Where I have previously lived:
Halmstad for 3 years, Stockholm - on and off since 2010, Gothenburg, Sandefjord in Norway, Zurich in Switzerland, Mooloolaba, Surfers Paradise and Burleigh Heads in Australia. You could say that I have changed adress quite a bit since I turned 16 years old and moved across the country for studies..

Mom, dad, 3 brothers (26, 19 & 7 years old.)

My blog:
I write about health & fitness, life, my thoughts, food, travels & other stuff. I hope to inspire people. :)

Few of my favourite things:
I'm very passionate about fitness and practically call the gym my 2nd home. Other things that I absolutely adore; my friends, travelling, food, peanut butter, chocolate, sandy beaches, animals, converse, workout clothing, trying out new health cafés, long talks, watching the sun rise or set, adventures and spontaneous trips.

5 facts about me:
1: I have done military service as a mounted guard.
2: I am a fitness competitor and aspire to get my pro card with WBFF.
3: When I was a little girl I wanted to become a professional jockey and that's why I chose to move across the country and study horse racing. A decision I'm not regretting since I met some of the most genuine and beautiful friends there
4: 2 - years is the total amount I lived in Australia. First I moved their for studies (the best 1,5 years in my life.) Then I wanted to see more of the country and do more travelling - which is one of the reasons why I went back there.
5: Determined, goal driven and intuitive are three words that describe me quite well. If I decide to do something I usually always do it - it may take time but I work my ass of to get there even if it feels impossible sometimes. I need to work towards goals and that is probably why competing is such a passion of mine. I listen to my intuition A LOT, if something doesn't feel right I will do something about it. If I'm not happy at work - I quit. If I feel like I don't belong somewhere - I move or travel. If I have a gut feeling that just doesn't feel right - I question it and then I will do something to change it. My intuition could be a disadvantage sometimes and make me do very rash decisions - something I have to work on.

I am social yet a bit shy, friendly, kind hearted, open minded, spontaneous, humorous, sarcastic, indecisive, trustworthy, forgiving, opinionated, imaginative, silly, strong minded, self critical, perfectionist, humble & very easy going.

I try to stay away from: drama, spiders, politics, hateful people, religion, horror movies and things that make me feel less worthy as a person.

I hope you feel like you got to know me a bit better! 😊

Johanna 💛



It was actually a very long time since I shared my workouts with you. So I thought, why not post the workout I did today. As I have mentioned, I started a new workout program last week, the program is like a spinoff of a rest pause routine. It is called RP - 21 and contains two lower body days, two upper body days and 1 conditioning day.

Today I did the first lower body day and I will share the workout down below.

First I did a mobility and dynamic workout like I always do. This is very important! You need to get your muscles and joints properly warmed up before you put them under load. I probably spend at least 15 minutes on the warm up (including warm up weights too.) Then I started my workout:

7 set 3 reps back squat -1 minute rest in between sets, load 70-75 % of 1 RM
6 set 5 reps romanian deadlift - 30 sec rest in between sets, load 50-60 % of 1 RM
6 set 5 reps hip thrust - 30 sec rest in between sets, load 50-60 % of 1 RM
6 set 5 reps walking lunges - 30 sec rest in between sets, load 50-60 % of 1 RM
6 set 5 reps seated calf raise- 30 sec rest in between sets, load 50-60 % of 1 RM
6 set 30 sec ab wheel - 30 sec rest in between sets

Cool down --> stretching (also very important but easy to neglect.)