Me and some friends from school just been away on a weekend in Poland. Why did we decide to go there? Well, we are students, so we are not swimming in money and the plane tickets from Malmö to Krakow was really cheap so that is one factor. Also none of us (5 people) had been there before, so it was a great opportunity to visit a new country. We stayed for 2 nights, and I think when you are travelling for such short time you really make sure to make the most of it.

First of all, we had a apartment, where we shared room with each other, luckily there were to bathrooms to save time in the morning and also in the nights when we made ourselves ready for dinner and night out.

Secondly, we booked activities such as 'Schindler*s factory museum', 'escape room', which is very fun were you have to teamwork to solve riddles and other tricky quest in order to escape a room before 1 hour past by. 'Pub crawl' where they literally just had a bottle in the doors of the pub and poured it into your throat. And we also went to a shopping mall and a Christmas market and tried out hot 'mied', which I guess is similar to mead.

The last night before we were going home we went to a club with only Spanish songs, 'teatro cubano' which I can really recomend. Where there of course was a lot of Spanish speaking people. I've only been to a place like that once before but it is really fun. People sang along with the lyrics, the music wasn't too loud, you could actually keep a conversation up although I had my throat all destroyed from having a cold - and it went pretty quick to get the drinks. (Pic 1 is on a theater that looked really cool. Pic 2 is of the bar, borrowed on google).

I really like this town, I mean, it was not the best food I ever ate (that being in Italy). But all entries, food and transfers were cheap. They had some great streets with pubs, and also nice old buildings. They had cozy markets and you could learn a whole lot about Poland during the occupation in WWII just by visiting old town and the Jewish quarters. All and all a great city for a weekend.