My computer situation has finally worked out! But it took a while, hence no blogging yesterday.

But today I have a favourites tag made by me... feel free to borrow!

1. Flower? Lilies or waterlilies.

2. Hobby? Writing! But I love a lot of things...

3. Colour? It changes all the time but at the moment purple.

4. Pet? Out of all of my pets my cat Luna has come closest to my heart.

5. Person? I can´t only pick one!

6. Author? I don´t have a favourite but so far Margaret Atwood, Kahleed Hosseini, stephen King, Markus Zusak and John Green have impressed me.

7. Anime? Haven´t seen too many but I really like Black Butler/Kuroshjitsuji and Death Note.

8. Makeup look/style? Colourful.

9. Artist? I really love photographer Alessio Albi´s photos.

10. Shoes? Converse!!!

11. Alcoholic beverage? Cider or Bailey´s.

12. Instrument? Piano or violin.

13. Occasion/holiday? Christmas.

14. Fictional character? Too many to pick one... But I love Grelle from Kuroshjitsuji, Danaerys from GOT and Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska.

15. Personality Characteristic? Realness, sense of humor and being yourself.


Happy Monday then! See you tomorrow with a very exciting update about my new hair/glasses!

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Guess what has happeendd... I have fucked up things with my Microsoft account as well as my old school account so now I can´t for the moment write on my story and I have to (cries) contact my school so that I can acctivate my old account so that I can connect my story document with my own account. Will be fun trying to explain my situation.... Hmm.

But anyway, I can´t sit and sulk forever so I will update you guys on the goals for this month. You probably know the drill by now but I will make up ten goals, minimum reques is to complete half of them but hopefullly more and after one motnh we will check up on these goals.

You ready? Let´s go then!

💗 Use the giftcard for colour analysis/makeover I got as a graduation gift. I´ve been meaning to use this for so long!

💗 Finally go to the hair dressers and get my hair done. Will of course update you guys on that.

💗 Complete my big 1000 pieces puzzle. It has been sitting there just looking miserbale and unfinished.

💗 Write 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Well... with the locke dup account and everything this might be a bit hard to complete but I´ll try.

💗 Start playing the piano again/repeat the basics. I actually used to play piano but then I stopped for some reason... I was never great at it though.

💗 Pass the practical part of my driver´s test. It might prove challenging, but I´m up for it!

💗 Clean my room once a week. Cause it looks like hell most of the time.

💗 Watch at least three movies. Because I watch movies way too seldom.

💗 Watch and complete at least two anime series. I want to explore the world of anime a bit more...

💗 Get a better and more regualr skincare routine. My skin has seen its better days.

Thanks for tha read! Now let´s just hope that my word document whatever get´s sorted out...



Hello, hello, hello!

So, we are back at analyzing my monthly goals of September, which, if you didn´t know, each month I do a list of ten things I want to accomplish during that month. I then at the end of said month take a look at the list. I count 5/10 as a minimi request for how much I HAVE to accomplish but hope to accomplish much more.

Let´s get right in!

💛 Pass my theory test that is part of drivers school.

YES! I did it. After two tries though, but nevertheless, goal accomplished!

💛 Clean out my wardrobe.

YES! It looks so much better now.

💛 Read all of my three unread books.

YES! Yes, I did it in quite a short time as well.

💛 Do an autumn playlist.

YES! With loads of cozy songs.

💛 Paint my nails every week.

YES! One day a week.

💛 Go to the cinema.

YES! I watched It.

💛 Have a sleepover with a friend.

NO! So was the plan, but she didn´t have the possibility to stay the night.

💛 Get myself an autumn perfume.

YES! I got Sí by Gorgio Armani.

💛 Give my blog some more structure.

NO! Unfortunately this proved to be too much of a task for me.
💛 Learn to take better photos.

NO! I instead learned that getting a better camera was in order.


So 7/10... That´s pretty good. Updating you guys tomorrow with my October Goals.




Great day... Everything has worked out in my favour today so far... Except my eyemakeup.

But yeah... September faves it is. And I want to start by saying that I have gathered WAY more products than I thought I owuld since I´ve felt like I only use certain products way too much/haven´t really been wearing a lot of makeup. But I do have a few items to share as well as a lot of skincare/haircare surprisingly.

As for makeup, it is five products and one brush. Starting off with the brush, I´ve really been enjoying this ecotools highlighter/sculpting brush (that I got in a kit a while ago) flr applying blush. It picks up product so well and blends it nicely. Great if you like a strong blush.

And for blush, my go-to has been theBalm Cabanaboy. It is a deep blush but looks great for autumn and matches well with a silvertoned highlight. Another product from theBalm has been the Sexy Mama translucent powder. I like this for my drier autumn skin since it smooths out the skin and adds a nice glow.

And then for foundation and eyeshadow I´ve been keeping it simple with Maybelline Fit Me Luminous + Smooth and Wet n´Wild Comfort Zone. The Maybelline one doesn´t give a lot of coverage but i makes the skin look natural and glowy. And the shade is a great match for me. I wear the shade 105 Natural Ivory and it is the perfect mix of yellow and pink which creates a neutral-slightly cool undertone. The W n´W palette has been used as a shimmer palette, where I blend out a shimmer shadow all over the lid and up in the crease and smoke another shimmer shadow over the lower lashline.

Lastly for lips.... The Nyx Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim. I´m not crazy about this dry formula but that colour is a good fall nude, it is warm and brown toned. Really flattering on my particular skintone.

Then for the skincare part. I tried out two products from Yes To called the Cucumber moisturizer and the Cucumber micellar water. These are meant for sensitive skin but I like them for my break out prone, drier skin as well. The moisturizer leaves a wonderful cooling sensation and the micellar water cleans out the skin thoroughly. Love both of these, would highly recommend!

Then I have Batiste Rose Gold edition dry schampoo. This stuff is worth allt he hype and cleans out my hair amazingly. As for lipbalm I´ve finally found one that I like from Hurraw in the lime flavour. This feels nontacky and nourishing on the lips and is so far the best one that I´ve tried.

Lastly, I do have a perfume, Sí by Gorgio Armani. This smells like a mix of a young but mature woman and an elegant guy but with a hint of flowers. It is a bit sweet, a bit musky and sophisticated. What the hell was that description even!?

What were your favourites?



Good evening lads...

Today I got a very exciting package from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I thought I´d share a few pics of what I got, my first impressions of the products as well as some thought of ABH as a whole as a brand and the whole buying straight from their website experience.

Let´s start with some lip products!

I ordered a set of lipglosses called the Fall Lipgloss set or something similar. I´ve always wanted to try the ABH lipglosses, but since I´m not a big lipgloss lover I ordered this set of minis for about 28 dollars which is about 25 euros. You get six shades, one metallic bronze, one nude peach, one deep mauve, one berry, one brown and one red shade. All shades I typically wear. You guys... I love these! I now want to purchase a full size someday. I tested them all on my lips today and every single shade looked great. And the formula seemed quite nice, thick and opaque as well. So will be reaching for those!

Then I ordered two matte lipsticks in the shades Honey (peachy nude) and Dead Roses (lilac rose). I really like these as well and they are quite affordable for highend lipsticsk (18 dollar a piece). But then again they are not particularly unique in formula or colours so will probably not repurchase. But I´m glad to have them in my collection.

And then some face products!

I got a stickfoundation in Cool Beige which is meant for light neutral skintones. The fomula is a bit dry on my face but I can easily blend it in without it looking too too cakey. I think I will like this more in the summertime than now. But the colour is excellent! The best shade match I´ve ever had in a foundation. I don´t yet know if I would repurchase or not...

Then we have some blush trios. These are in the shades Peachy Love and Pink Passion. These are very nice... They go on pretty pigmented (not super pigmented but they are meant to be buildable) and blend out easily. I only tried one shade though, so don´t take my word for it quite yet!

Final thoughts?

I was very pleased with the shipping (it was delivered in 2-3 days) and it did come with 17 dollar fract and some taxes but still I felt like it was worth it since the products are more affordable on their own website than at retailer stores (which makes sense, the retailers need their money as well). So in the end , I did save some money.

Overall I so far like ABH as a brand. They have pretty great prices for being highend and so far I´ve liked most of the things I´ve tried. Not everything but overall I feel like the quality is there, it is only a matter if you like a certain type of products or not.

Thanks for the read! What do you like/dislike from ABH?



Good morning people! This post was inspired by one of my favourite youtubers Livloveshermakeup that a while ago used to posts shots of products she used for that day´s makeup look on her Instagram. I thought that was so smart and a fun way to check out people´s makeup routine so I decided to do the same and include a few pictures of how it turned out.


For my base I used the Nyx First Bse priming spray. Now that my skin is a bit drier during autumn I really like this. I overall don´t like silicone primer but like a primer that makes my skin a bit more moist and makes makeup glide on. I also applied an oldie but a godie, my Maybelline Dream Fresh 9-1 BB cream in Light. This doesn´t give much coverage but it leaves your skin looking dewy and beautiful. Then I went in with a new product in my collection the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. It is a tiny bit too yellow (I wear the shade Light)... but it does cover upp decently.

To set everything in place I used a banan powder I depoted from an old Nyx palette and the essence all about matte powder which you know I love. I used the Nyx Dewy setting spray at the end to give me some extra glowiness.


I used my favourite bronzer the Bahama Mama (from theBalm) to bronze up the skin and went in with the shade Luna from the ABH Aurora Glowkit. I do like this but it is extremly glittery so shake off the extra glitter and proceed with caution. That´s what I do anyway. I applied the Cabana Boy blush also from theBalm onto my cheeks. I really love this blush for autumn! It is very deep though so I go in lightly.


For eyshadow I used to Nyx Full Throttle Quad in Daring Damsel as well as the Wet n´Wild comfort Zone palette. I went in with the brown, purple and highlight shade from the quad and with the taupe shade from the W n´W palette. I already made a post about my thoughts on these but overall they are pretty great products.


I used the darker shade from the Nyx Cake Brow powder duo in Blonde and the ABH browgel in Clear. Really lovw both of these for my brows!

Lips + Mascara

I deicded to try out the Loreál mascara in Exagerate and I don´t like it at all. It has way too big of a brush and mine has dried out so yeah... should have used that one up. Abd then of course for the lips, the Maybelline matte lipstick in Divine Wine. Love the fomula and the colour on that one.

Overall I´m happy with how my makeup turned out and most of the products were wins which is always nice! Hope you liked readign this post as much as I liked writing it. xoxo

What are you wearing today makeup wise?



Hi! Nice to be back writing about makeup. And how crazy isn´t it that the month of September is almost over? But that means that we are soon back at it with my favourite posts, the monthly faves and the goals update + new goals.

For today we have yet another series where I sort of compare products but instead of two or three I do a comparison of five different ones in a cathegory like eyeshadows, blushes etc. Just to keep it fair, I want to divide between drugstore and highend so today we have drusgtore palettes. I will do a ranking from number five (my least favourite) to number one (my favourite). Yeah, let´s ge ton with it!

The palettes of today!

5. Wet n´Wild Petal Pusher 
  • 👎 Would not recommend

This palette, you guys... First off, this has barely any shimmers but mainly chalky mattes or glitter infused shades. Second off all, the pigmentation is just bad. You have to dig in there like 7-8 times to get somewhat of a decent pigmentation. I understand that this is an affordable palette (5-10 euros) and that purples are one of the hardest shades to make but this is just not worth the money and not very versatile or user friendly.

The way I make it somewhat work is to build up a shimmer shade on the lid and smoke another shimmer shade on the lower lashline and use another palette to build up any defintion in the crease since these turn grey if you blend them. Also a lot of fallout is to be expected!

4. Makeup Revolution Iconic 3
  • 👍👎 Would maybe recommend

Okay so this is supposed to be a dupe for the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay and frankly I´m glad that I purchased this instead because the colour scheme is just that limiting! You ahve different shades of pink tones and while these do not swatch that well the mattes do build up decently on the skin and the shimmers will look nice if you help them up with a little setting spray. With that being said, I ahve not tried the UD palette and I will not either since this one is good enough for me.

But if the more highend one is better then maybe go for it if you realy like these tones? Otherwise, this is decent but not the best. But really great considering the price (5-10 euros).

3. Nyx Ultimate Brights
  • 👍👎 Would maybe recommend

I haven´t used this for that long but I can already tell that it is a decent palette but that there´s probably better bright eyeshadows out there. These do ahve pigmentation but definately not as intensee as these swatches could make you believe. This is 20 euros and that is a bit pricey for a drugstore palette but then again you do get sixteen different shades.

I´d say that for the price these are very nice but I do think that I´ll be looking into Sugarpill eyeshadows even though they´re pricier. And twenty euros is quite a lot of money... So yeah, maybe, if you are okay with building up the colour?

2. Wet n´Wild Comfort Zone
  • 👍 Would recommend

Okay, this is mainly a shimmer/ glitter infused palette with one matte shade (the light browbone shade). I will say that while these take some building up they do look nice as shimmers on the lid/lower lashline. These are way better than the Petal Pusher palette but still a bit overhyped in my opinion. I mean you have to do like 3-4 swipes before you get the desired colour payoff and this is not a complete palette since you need another one to make a full look.

But if you want a cheap (5-10 euros) neutral shimmer palette then this is a pretty good one.

1. Nyx Full Throttle Quad "Daring Damsel"
  • 👍 Would recommend

Granted, I have not tried all of these Nyx Quads but I´m very intrugued to due to this one. It is just a great product value (around ten euros) and I feel like products like this is the reason I would not buy a highend quad since these are so good. This one is smooth, pigmented and buttery and blends well on the eyes. I honestly can´t believe that I haven´t used it in a while since these are great colours for fall.

What drugstore eyshadows would you recommend that I´d pick up/avoid?




A bit dramatic there, puh. Well for today´s post I will talk a bit about some thoughts on friendship, my new glasses and dyeing and shopping off a big section of my hair next week. First off, I want to explain why I´ve not been blogging though... I´ve been feeling a bit drained of energy as of late and I feel like planning int wo blog posts a day is a bit too too much for me. So for now on I plan on posting primarily one, and two, if I feel like it per day. While personal style and beauty is my main focus on this blog I will also write more about other things because it gets so impersonal just writing more shallow stuff.

But back to my thoughts on friendship. For many years I was very lonely and didn´t have any friends and the people I did make friends with always seemed to think that I was not enough for them and too extra or too nerdy or whatever and if I didn´t mix well with some of their other friends they always had me as their spare reserve sort of. As of this and the insecurities of growing up and developing mental illness I felt really odd and got extremly reserved and scared of people but then everything change.

I got help for my issues and grew stronger as a person and when I finally believed what they said, that I wasn´t worthless or a boring person I stopped holding up my "shy" facade and dared to be more like the person I felt I was. An outacting, enthusiatic person who loved to take up space and talk to new people. What´s more, I finally found a best friend who didn´t try to put me down or make me feel less than I am. She liked me for who I was and thought it was fun that I was a bit extra. We are best frineds still and I hope we stay friends for the rest of our lives.

Now leaving the more deep and emotional part of this post... I got new glasses which I of course will show in this blog but not before I have changed my hair and my whole look. The glasses are bigger and rounder than I typically go for but I love them! Also for my hair I will cut it ear-lenght and dye it a deeper blue shade with pink strands. I think it will look cool but I have to ask the hair dresser/stylist of course.

What are your thoughts/happenings this week or next week?



Hello! Been a little blog break just because I was tired but better late than never, am I right?

Now, I will talk a bit about my movie experience with It. This is a movie that will have a sequel in a couple of years and that is based on the Stephen King novel with the same name. I haven´t read the book so I didn´t ahve any expectations.

So I made it to the cinema and had some time to check out and buy (shopaholic.. mmm) some stuff at the H&M store and then it was time to buy some popcorn and soemthing to drink and get a ticket. The price was reasonable, around 1 euros and all in all I din´t pay more than maybe 18 euros (?). There weren´t a whole lot of people there, which I prefer when going and watching a movie...

Now for the actual movie, it is not the best thing I´ve ever seen but it is not a bad movie per se it is actually worth watching. So the story is basically about a killer clown that has been killing off people (especially children) since the 1800s and about a group of unpopular kids that are bullied and have their own problems etc that decides to take up the fight with the clown that they label as "It" after one of the group member´s little brother is abducted and killed by the clown.

What was good? Well I liked the characters, despite of them being a bit cliché and I liked the luring feeling of someone watching them as well as the message that they were stronger together and conquering your fears and whatever. The big dissapointment was the clown... He was not really scary at all. To be honest, some of the real life problems like having to face a sociopathic teen bully or having to work at a slaughter house becuase you are to poor to do something else were much more twisted and scary to me.

And of course, there was the jumpscares... which did shock me a bit but still made the movie interesting.

So all in all, decent movie, would recommend it if you like these type of movies. I am now intrigued to read the book...



Dear, dear diary...

Long, but a bit uninteresting week... I did have fun at a relative´s birthday party yesterday and I haven´t been feeling bad during the week or anything like that but I feel like focusing more on next week since it will be funnier.

So I didn´t go to the movies this week but I will during the upcoming one. I will of course talk about wheter or not I think watching the movie was worth it or not after I´ve seen it but yeah I´m actually more so excited about my friend coming over for a sleepover at my house on Saturday. We will make some pasta and mudcake and then just chill and watch anime and maybe have some at home spa later on... I don´t know what anime we will watch yet because my friend has never seen anime and were a bit curious about it. So I´m thinking about suggesting something truly great like Death Note....

Also I picked out three palettes today at Beautybay and they should be here next week or the following... They are all quite different but has that autumn feel to them... But I won´t reveal which ones I picked out just yet... I´m saving that for when they arrive.

And lastly an update on the whole therapy business... my doctor agrees to writing the papers and suggested that I´d fill in the papers I need to do myself together with my therapist.... They are a "tiny" bit complicated so I hope she can help me sort it out.


Lol... That anime quote though...

See you again next week!