Side note: I´m aware that this has little to do with the original concept of grunge... That was a musicstyle/movement back in the nineties (?)

This is just inspiration I found online under the tag grunge.

You´re ripped at every edge but you´re a masterpiece


Second post of today is some depressing inspiration... Wow what an oxymoron. But I do liek these darker type of pictures... ones that are typically labelled as grunge nowdays so I searched with that tag and found many (to me at least) inspiring pictures.

What inspiring tags do you like to search for at sites like We Heart It (etc)?

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Happy Wednesday everybody!

When this goes up I will have had my first job interview... Iiihhh excited! Sorry if I sound dumb... But it is a big deal you know. But more about that in this week´s weekly update on Sunday. I plan on doing a dear diary series where I every Sunday update you on what has happened during the week, random thoughts etc. Will be lots of fun (for me at least).

Now back to this post which will be a comparison between two masks from the brand 7th Heaven. These were very affordable masks... You get 175 ml of product a tube for 7,50 euros (which is about 75 Swedish Crowns). These are cruelty-free and the brand claims that they are vegan. They are peel of masks, which by the way are my favourite and you are supposed to ahve them on for 20-25 minutes (when they have dried down completely).

But can such affordable masks be good? And which one was better? To find out scroll down.

I got one for oily skin called Cucumber peel-off and one for problem skin called Tea-tree peel-off.

Starting with the oily skin one. I really loved this. Having used this one about once a week for three weeks I felt like it made a significant difference. It is supposed to clear the skin, refresh it and leave a natural glow which isn´t something that you hear a lot about regarding oily skin products. It does truly refresh my skin but does not leave it greasy and might even dry it out a bit which I do like for my skintype which is somewhere between normal and oily skin.

For the problem skin mask. I do not ahve problem skin and only noticed that this was meant for that skintype having already bought it. It is supposed to be detoxifying and used in the t-zone only. And it does work best there since it dries out the other parts of my skint oo much since this is extremly dehydrating. Dry skin-problem skin people... I think you won´t like this. If ou are super oily you´ll probably love it though. It is calming and does give results but I find myself not reaching for this very often since I like a one-and-done mask you can use all over the face.

So are they good? Yes, probably not the best on the market but really great for the low price. They are easily applied as a gel and then removed once they´ve dried down to a powder-like finish. I love that they are all natural (almost) and vegan and cruelty-free.

Which one is better? For me, the oily skin one. And I might consider giving the one for problem skin to a friend.

As a final verdict I would say that this is the budget minded mask beginner´s friend but not a must if you already have mask you love. But I will definately keep on using the oily skin one!

What are your favourite masks?



Mmm... Just thinking about this pasta recipe makes me drool. Hands down one of my favourite foods...

Hello there! Today I´m giving you a take on one of my alltime favourite recipes that was originally developed by my dad and that I changed to fit my taste. The best part is that the basic pasta sauce can be made with anything. I do it with tuna but you can do it with soy "meat", quorn or even chicken, beef, salmon... whatever you´re feeling. You can switch up the spices or add some form of cheese or cream to it.


💙a jar of crushed tomatoes

💙 two cans of tuna (or other filler)

💙about one tablespoon of soy sauce

💙about a half-one tablespoon of ketchap manis (sweet soy sauce)

💙Depending on your taste: Sugar, pepper, herbes de provance, cayenne, paprika powder

💙Spaghetti (or other pasta)


1. Start boiling up the water that you will cook the pasta in.

2. Warm up oil (I use olive oil) in a pan and fry the tuna.

3. Add the crushed tomatoes and the soy sauces as well as a bit of water.

4. Throw in the other spices and let it cook together for about five minutes.

5. When the water is boiling cook the pasta.

6. Serve with grated cheese.

See you all in my next post!



Feels so weird to go back to more "shallow" makeup related posts after my emotional last post...

But anyways I´m back at it with one of my favourite topics, in other words blushes!

This post will target the Milani Baked Blushes which I own in three shades and rather than doing a full review that I typically would do eg for an eyeshadow palette that is really indept etc I will do more of a chill take on it in the form of talking about wheter or not this blush formula is really worth all the hype that it is getting and how I feel it works for me.

Let´s get started!

I´m gonna start with the minimal of basic info. These are in the shades "Corallina", "Luminoso" and "Berry Amore". And they are cruelty-free and most of their baked blushes are vegan as well (these three belong in that cathegory).

Now on to why they are so hyped!

This is a formula called baked which means that besides colour they are supposed to give a luminous feel to the skin and that they have a very almost silky formula. The problem with most baked products are that they can be powdery and lack pigment. Of course they are formulated to look more natural on the skin and not as harsh as a typical matte powder blush.

Now these sort of went "viral" in the beauty community due to the fact that these were a relatively afforable drugstore blush that had a great colour selection and supposedly gave off a lot of pigment as well as that beautiful sheen without all that powderiness.

The colour Luminoso in particular was a huge fan favourite but they ended up changing the colour which is a bit controversial... I ended up picking up the upgraded colour and it does look very different from the original one that is a soft peach while this is more of an intense peach/coral.

But are these worth the hype?

For what it is, a baked blush, it truly is worth all the good things they say about it. For being this type of a formula it is pigmented as well as non-powdery and smooth in my opinion. I do feel like the colour selection is beautiful and the price reasonable (about 11-12 euros). What makes me a bit sad is that they changed the Luminoso shade that looked better in the original version in my opinion. But they do have a colour range that goes all the way from being suitable for super fair skin to working well on deeper complexions.

But for me personally these are just not that insanely pigmented powder formula that I prefer on my skin and I feel like they look too natural for my doll blush look that I do all the time. They are beautiful and I like them for more of a natural look but they truly blend into the skin and almost disappear throughout the day.

So I´d say that they are worth the hype and that I´m glad to have them in my collection but that I due to personal preferences feel a bit conflicted about these.

I would recommend these for people who like a really natural blush and don´t do the doll face look like I do!

What is your take on the Milani Baked Blushes?



What the hell to write as a greating.... getting tired of just writing Hello! on every goddamn post.

No, I am not mad to today... or yesterday... I´m writing this on a Sunday but it will be up on Monday. Anyways today I will talk about my plans for the upcoming year when I actually won´t be attending school/university. I have chosen to take a gap year where I won´t study anything but rather take time for myself and aspirations that I´ve had that are hard to reach when you´re living the busy school life.

I will start with why I chose to take a gap year.

I have not always had the easiest times with my mental health and without getting into deep detail about it I was very tired during my second year in Upper Secondary School and opted to taking my studies at a slower pace which meant that I studied for four years instead of three which is an option given to everyone so there were others who took it in four years instead of three as well.

Now I got a lot of a sloppier schedule but after four years I was so tired of school (not because I found it to be too much of a challenge but because I got a bit bored) and what´s more me and my therapist had started to dwelve deeper into some of my problems and I wanted to finish this challenge of facing myself with her and nobody else. And that would ahve been hard to accomplish if I started studying in for example Helsinki or Turku.

I was also really worried that I wouldn´t be able to keep up with the more challenging university studies since I on top of being tired of school ould ahve to adapt to a quicker pace of studying again. And the final reason for my desicion was that I wnated to make time for all the things I didn´t take the time to do during my time at Upper Secondary.

So what will happen during this year? I don´t know yet and for the first time in my life I am left with a completely blank page. And it scares me to death. But I do think it is important to face your fears and that is what this year is about for me. But I do have some wishes/plans.

Here´s a list of them:

1. Get my driver´s license. One thing I chose to wait with due to stress/mental health issues.

2. Spend time on hobbies I like/have dropped becuase of stress. I plan on starting writing hardcore for the first time in like forever. I have already written almost 100 pages and that is a lot. I plan on starting practincing piano as well.

3. Get a job. This is a bit of a challenge but I do plan on applying for different jobs and I actually have a job interview on Wednesday.

4. Spend more time on my relationships with people I care for and open up to new relationships. I see my family everyday but I plan on spending more time with friends and I have come so far that I dare to get outside of my comfort zone and even consider dating.

5. Make an effort with therapy. I have always taken that seriously but I really want to figure it out now. I feel like dark thoughts are hovering and I want to figure them out rather than psuhing them away.

And what after my gap year? I will apply for two different lines (?) at Helsinki University. I am interested in those both equally much and will probably do a different post about them.

So that was it... Got a bit more deep and emotional than what I usually write but I hope you found it interesting.



Hello! Autumn is such a romantic season isn´t it?

Therefore I am sharing a collage which describes my personal dream first date outfit for a chill autumn date. Just add red lipstick and the look is complete!


I really love the colour yellow for autumn and I love to match it with grey in particular. I just feel like this outfit ties togehter as a feminine but at the same casual outfit that has a hint of "dressed up" in it.

What would you wear on a first date?



It´s a beautiful warm August day... And I plan on spending it in bed writing and blogging. Yes... plenty satisfying.

Hello! Today moi is going to share five of her first makeup loves plus a quick little demo picture of what they look like on her face. And I will talk about if I would repurchase them or not and if I still obsess over them. Let´s get into it!

1. Maybelline Dream Fresh 9-1 BB Cream.

This was the first foundation like product I ever bought and I am happy to say that I still do think it is a great product. It doesn´t have a lot of coverage but it looks really fresh and natural on the face and I do like it even more now that my makeup knowledge has expanded. Nowdays I would set it with a powder and it would hold up decently on my face. But I do use other foundations a bit more since I like a bit of a better coverage.

But yes, I would and will most likely repurchase it!

Rating: 💗💗💗💗

2. Nyx HD Blush in "Hamptons"

Still use it to this day! Love all my Nyx HD blushes and this is a gorgeus rosy cool toned colour that compliments my skintone really well in my opinion. Very pigmented and easy to blend out. I do have other shades of this formula that I love just a little bit more.

Yes if I ever run out of it I will run to the store and buy a new one!

Rating: 💗💗💗💗💗

3. essence Make Me Brow

Nice eyebrow gel and I would definately buy this instead of the Benefit Gimme Brow since this is a fraction of the price. I love the undertone and how much volume and extra coverage it gives. Back in the day before I would do my brows a bit more darker and bolder I would only brush this through my brows and that is a look I´m never doing again! I feel naked without big eyebrows! The reason I´ve fallen out of love with this is because I nowdays use a brow powder that already has the perfect undertone and I don´t like to mix with the colour of it by adding a tinted browgel. Also this one doesn´t really hold the brows in place during the day.

I would maybe repurchase it... But only if I didn´t have another better browgel nearby...

Rating: 💗💗💗

(Little bit shaky picture, but here you can see what the products look like on my face)

4. essence Lash Princess Mascara

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand it is a very volumizing and lengthening extremly affordable mascara. But on the other hand it is a bit runny and gets a little bit messy when you initially apply it. It takes some time to dry down and it falls from the top lashes down to your lower lashline if you are not careful when you apply this. But I still think it is a decent mascara especially for the price.

I would maybe repurchase it... due to the cheap prize mostly.

Rating: 💗💗💗

5. Lumene Wild Rose Lipstick in "13 Heathers"

This goes WAY back in the days when I purcahsed my first lipstick in other words this one. I loved the colour and at first I didn´t care about the fact that it doesn´t wear good at the lips at all even when you mattify it with a bit of translucent powder. It gets extremly messy and in all honesty it is pretty pricey for what it is. I now have better things in my collection that I reach for more frequently.

I would not repurchase this... I might even give this to a friend.

Rating: 💗💗

Hope you all liked this post. What are your first makeup loves and do you still feel the same way about them?



Nice Friday everybody!

Topic for the day, a little collective mini review of some sample products I got the last time I ordered from Beautybay. I plan on doing more of these in the future since I feel like they are a fun way to get in touch with products without actually having to buy them. I will start with the ones I would repurchase, continue with the ones I maybe would repurchase and end with the ones I would not repurchase.

Let´s get started!


Products I would repurchase:

Beautyblender Solid Cleanser. This is a soap you use to clean your brushes and I was very impressed with it the time I used it. I feel like it cleanses the brushes extremly well and despite the high price I would buy it again since my brushes do need to be thouroughly cleased all the time!

ABH Clear browgel. Yes, this is as good as everybody says it is! It practically glues your brows in place and it is on my upcoming buy list. I do believe it is worth the twenty euros. It does make your brows a bit crisp so if you don´t like that, stay away from this product!

Products I maybe would repurchase:

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream. The only thing that keeps me from immediately putting this on the buy list is the steep price (it´s a high-end product). I am not someone who spends a lot of money on skincare but this nightcream for oily--combo skin is just that wonderfyl for my oily skin. Every morning I awake after using this my skin looks ten times better.

Products I would not repurchase:

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. This is for all skin types and does smell really lovely. But it is not good whatsoever at removing makuep (especially eye makeup). I feel like it is as good as my Garnier Micellar water and if I can get a decent drugstore product that does the same thing, why spend a lot more money on this!?

Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion. This product is for dry to combo skin as well as sensitive skin. The reason why I would not repurchase it is simple. It does not work with my oily skin. But I think it would be fantastic for those of you who does hve dry-combo skin.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. For dry to combo skin. Motivation: Same as the one above. This makes my skin extremly oily!

Thanks for the read! Which products do you plan on repurchase/not repurchase?



Doing my second post for today!

Also, I do plan on start with the doubble posts/day from next week forwrd. I can´t alwyas promise that it will be so but I will try my best. I´ve also started reading more blogs lately so if you want to tip me about yours.... then feel free to comment!

Subject of today! A tag I made up all by myself. I´ve noticed that it usually are a lot of describe this and that in thre words questions in Q&As, tags etc. So I did a whole tag dedicated to it.


  1. Your mum. Intuitive, strong, blunt.
  2. Your dad. Philosphical, caring, listener.
  3. Your style of clothing. Colourful, feminine, personal.
  4. Your style of makeup. Loads of blush.
  5. Your best friend. Sweetheart, shy, sensitive.
  6. School. Ambition, bad food.
  7. Autumn. A fresh start.
  8. Winter. No... hello darkness...
  9. Spring. A Boticelli painting.
  10. Summer. Very mixed feelings.
  11. Happiness. Peace with yourself.
  12. Love. Multitude of caring.
  13. People. Different but alike.
  14. Finland. Home of beauracracy.
  15. Dreams. Wife, cats, author.


Feel free to borrow this tag!



Hi there! Writing this on Wednesday but will be up on Thursday...

Anyway, today I´m sharing my thoughts on the beautiful colour scheme of old vintage/romantic/powder pink in all sorts of shades... I´ve just been loving these shades lately and it might have something to do with the fact that my style has evolved to become very feminine and a bit more classical lately. This is just such a feminine colour since it is not girly, not childish, not party-like (think hot pink) but rather a very muted and sophisticated colour that I like to wear all year round.


Which colours are you obsessed with?