Flat Tummy Tea

Hooray! In the last week, I have received my order of a 4 week supply of Flat Tummy Tea! A great detox tea that I have been recommended a few times before, and have seen quite a few people I follow personally on Instagram that have used it themselves and seemed satisfied. I thought I would give it a try!

I will start with week one pictures, and take a picture every week to see and show my progress! I will post a blog every week on how I feel, what the tea has done for me so far, etc. Stay tuned!

Photo creds: @chloedentonxo

Muddy Body Face Masks

I placed my first order with Muddy Body last week! I ordered their Detox Clay Mask with activated charcoal and coconut.

Their website offers information on all their different masks and their many uses. For the one I am going to try in particular, it says:

  • Draws out Bacteria, Toxins, and Dirt
  • Acne and Blackhead Fighting Ingredients
  • Repairs Skin Cells & Promotes Healthy Cell Growth
  • Reduces Pore Size

(creds: www.muddybody.com)

I personally struggle with a lot of acne and scars, so I need something that cleans my skin and pores extremely well, and helps repair any damages to my skin. From what I have read and heard, the Detox Clay Mask was the best for my situation. I will use the mask as directed, everyday or week, and show my progress once a week through a post and updated pictures. Stay tuned!

Photo creds: @muddybody_



All about me!

Hello, my name is Alyson, but I frequently go by the pen name Miss Amane on other publishing websites. I am 21 years young, attending college full time for Professional Writing and Graphic Design. I'm a large horror fan, health nut and smoker of the herb. I own two beautiful fur babies, kitties Marley and Ruby.

This website is all about the reviews of different products I have discovered, or have been recommended. I am not paid for any of the blog posts or videos I post, and I pay full price for all products, right off the companies website or store like any normal shopper. I decided to create this blog out of pure fun and fascination. I know just as well as every other online shopper, that it's difficult to find a great working product, especially if you struggle with things like flat hair, oily skin or bad acne, a few things I myself struggle with!

I am open to business inquiries and promotions, but this blog is purely fun based and to give people a helping hand. Happy reading! <3