These are some thoughts I had. Some are silly, some are not. Some of them have answers, some of them I'm not sure I will ever know the answer to.

why is there so much pressure to have amazing marks for university?

why do people disregard my opinion on the world right now, but next year I'll be the one deciding my country's future?

why is there so much pressure to look a certain way?

where can I find Zayn Malik? London, probably.

would anyone notice if I just ran away? Yes.

how do some Americans have the ability to ignore all of the racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. things that Donald Trump says? I wonder if the fact that he's not a politician is really enough to overshadow that.

is an acceptable Plan B if I don't make it in university to find a sugar daddy? probably not, but whatever.

who decides the grading systems in schools? why are my marks so dependent on things I'm not particularly good at? like math

why is everything so centred around money?

can I just travel the world for free please?

how come I have to travel to Sweden to see if I can grow out of my nut allergy?

should we spend $150 billion to try and end climate change? or should we spend $150 billion to end world hunger, increase access to clean water and health care, improve sanitation, improve world education and cure malaria?

when is my Koko Kollection going to arrive? probably soon.

how long would it take to learn all of the languages in the world? a long ass time. but it would be so cool and I'm tempted to spend my life trying,

what are the most used languages in the world now?

will California really become and island?

is there a reason that feminine hygiene products are so expensive?

what happens if the world becomes over-populated and we reach carrying capacity?

will anyone ever read this? do I care if no one does?



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I find that between all of the assignments I have to complete for school, my online course and my personal life, I can easily forget things if I don't stay organized. In most of my classes right now, I have what feels like millions of essays and assignments that all have due dates within the next three weeks. I have an online French course in which I am always forgetting due dates because there's no teacher in your ear going: "Remember to hand this in tomorrow!"... or rather; "N'oubliez pas de soumettre vos tâches demain!" Then, in my social/personal life I have shopping dates with friends, birthdays, my part-time job, etc. On top of everything I also have to remember to apply to university and study for my upcoming DELF. As you can probably tell, it gets a little overwhelming. So, if you're like me and you need to be in control of everything in your life, or you simply just want to remember when to hand in the essay that's worth 10% of your final grade, here are my top three tips for staying on top of things:

1. MAKE A TO-DO LIST: I find just having everything out in front of me, with dates of when they're happening, helps me set priorities. So that I'm not running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to complete everything the day before it's due (although this sometimes still does happen... hello? procrastination station anyone?). I can set priorities of what needs to get done and what I should get done first.

2. USE YOUR PHONE: I am 100% guilty of being on my phone the majority of the time, so why not use it as a fail-safe in case the to-do list doesn't work? Lost your to-do list in your mad dash to hand in your assignment at the last minute? Worry not, dear friend, your phone has your back. Set reminders in your phone, or write everything down in your calendar. That way, not matter what, you have the dates everything is due within arms reach and with reminders.

3. LEAVE NOTES: If you know that at 6am, when you're going to school, you won't check your to-do list or your phone, write what you need for the day on a sticky note and put it on your mirror... or in your shoe. Basically, anywhere where you are guaranteed to be in the morning. If sticky notes don't work as your last resort, write on your body in pen. I know, ink poisoning is a valid issue to be worried about, but you either need to make the sacrifice or use something like an eyeliner or a water-based marker to write your reminder on yourself. Just make sure if the ink is washable, that it doesn't wash off before it can actually do its job and remind you that you have to pick your three year old cousin up from school that day... 'cause you would never hear the end of it if you forgot.

I hope these tips help! And if they don't? Then may God bless your soul because I think you're beyond help... just kidding. I'm sure there are other tips that I've missed - if you know anything useful, let me know! I'm always looking for new ideas.

xx Rach




So this is my first blog post... I don't know what to write here. I guess I'll start with an introduction. Hi, I'm Rach. I'm 17 years old (as of right now) and I live in Canada. I've been thinking about starting a blog. Just to get the jumbled thoughts out of my head, even now it seems almost therapeutic. I'm not sure what kind of content I'll have, most likely whatever I feel like writing about at any given time. I don't think I'll tell anyone outright that I have this blog, even though I don't care if they read it - hello if you are! I just think there's something nice about the thought of writing whatever you want, not knowing who will read it or who will be able to relate to it. I'm not quite sure what else to write in this post. I guess I'll write again whenever I feel like it - we shall see if this blog actually goes anywhere.

Thanks for reading and welcome to the land of my miscellaneous thoughts!

xx Rach