I get a lot of DM's on Instagram about how I take and edit my pictures so I thought I would dedicate a blog pist about this topic.
If you want to spice up your Instagram feed or just make it more interesting; pictures are the key. That means new followers and more likes. Pictures give a reflect of who you are and what you like. They catch people's attention and makes them wanting more from you.

Who takes my pictures?

Okay, before anything you need someone to take the pictures of you. This is probably the hardest part of the whole proces lol. Most of my pictures are taken by my little sister when I used to live back in Copenhagen. She has an incredible eye for good shots, because she been observing me for years and know exactly how I like my pictures. However, now I don't have here with me in Cape Town, so I needed to find someone new to take pictures of me.

So when my sister is not here with me I needed to give the camera to my dad. To be honest; It is mentally hard to get your parents to take nice pictures of you because they do not understand how it all works, but I got you.

  1. Tell them what size picture you want. I mean do you want a full body picture? A half body picture? Only a portrait? This is import because if you don't tell them what crop the picture you want should be they will take pictures from all weird angles and then it's just wasted time. Nobody wants to waste their time.
  2. Show them what kind of pictures you want. I have a friend who actually prints out pictures so she can show exactly what she wants to her mom, but you can always just show old pictures of you to the person who is taking pictures of you or even screenshot other instagrammers. It is the key that they know exactly what you want.
  3. Make them understand your "picture style". See, if they don't understand your style, how will it fit into your feed? Make them understand or show them what you want. This means the crop has to be perfect and the angles has to be right on spot, but that won't happen unless you make them understand your style.
  4. BE PATIENT. This is everything; You have to be patient because no one gets it right the first time. You have to tell them and guide them towards what you want.

Oh and all these tips work very well for your friends too or even your boyfriends.

What do I take my pictures with?

I actually take all my pictures with my iPhone 6s or my dads iPhone 8 (I need that camera wow). I have a friend who takes pictures of me with a Sony Alpha 6000. I can always tell the difference, but since I have always been taking pictures with my Iphone I feel like "perfect" pictures taken by a real camera ruins my feed since it seems "too" perfect. I have found that cool pictures taken with your iPhone get's more likes than a real set up shot sometimes.
So my tip is, you don't need to get yourself an expensive camera because you see all these instagrammers with perfect pictures. You can take as good pictures with your iPhone too just as long as you know how to take them.

What do I edit my pictures with?

See, now you have the perfect shot, now the only thing you are missing is the edit. I have friends who tells me they don't edit their pictures but I feel like when you edit them you give it a more personal touch.
I only use the app called VSCO. I swear to this app. I've been using it for years now and it has everything you need. With VSCO I recommend you to download the extra filters you can get. I am not sure about what the price is since I downloaded them a while ago, but you get so many filters to use, that you can find a filter for anything. Weather it's a selfie you are editing or a picture of the landscape.

For most of my pictures I usually just use filter since I aim for the perfect lighting and crops when I am taking the picture. So I do usually not edit a lot but making the pictures more sharp and changing the exposure and then putting a filter on.

This is all from me about how I take and edit my pictures. I hope you find it helpful.

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Dress from Zara

Makeup details:
Eyes: Urban Decay Heat Palette
Face: Fenty foundation in 300
Eyebrows: NYX eyebrow pencil in Espresso
Highlighter: Fenty Trophy Wife + Fenty Girl Next Door
Lips: MAC: Shake, shake, shake

Happy New Year! I celebrated the new year in Cape Town. As you all know I decided to move to Cape Town which obviously meant new friends. Over the past few months I've become very close to a couple of girls here in Cape Town. I celebrated New Years with a friend where we got ready together and had pre-drinks at my place. Then we headed to a place in town called Yourstruly where we spend the rest the night. We drank, danced on the tables (I did - bc people are not fun like in CPH) and just had the best time with some of my fave people in Cape Town. Hope you all had a great celebration as me, and let's make 2018 even better than 2017!