At the moment I am using shampoo and conditioner from Maria Nila. They are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, sulphate and paraben free. These products are so good for my hair because it is damaged and coloured. I would say it has a heavy feeling of and you only need a tiny bit when you give your hair a wash. It is made in Sweden, don't know if you are able to order it from over seas.

Shampo HERE , Conditioner HERE

The leave in conditioner I am using is from Vision hair care and called Thicker. It makes my hair so smooth and smells divine. It gives the hair a thicker look and also includes heat protection. I combine this product with the root lifter from the same brand when I am blow-drying my hair and would like a bit more of a volume. As it is a volumizing spray mousse to have in your routes with heat protection as well.

Vision haircare thicker HERE , Vishion haircare root lifter HERE

I always used to use Fudge as my purple shampoo, though I found that too harsh on my hair and making it more damaged than it already was. I recently tried purple shampoo from eleven when I had my last visit to the hairdresser. This one is doing its job as well, not as good as fudge but I feel it is damaging my hair less.

Blonde shampoo HERE

SP LUXE OIL, OK guys to my hair treatment, I LOVE THIS ONE! It smells so good, I love it! and it makes the hair so soft. If I could pick one of all these products this would be the one I pick I am definitely trying out more of their products in the future. I use this one once a week.

Hair mask HERE

xx Tess



Breakfast! His and her coffee šŸ˜‰ - Acai bowls from WIA Cafe

Beautiful Noosa


Bikini HERE

Lunch from Betty's Burgers. I had the shroom burger. It is the best vegetarian burger I've ever tried. Always craving it.


Golden hour

Hi everyone ā¤

I am currently in Brisbane visiting my boyfriend Jacob who lives up here. We have worked a long distance relationship for a bit over a year now and I have been trying to fly up and visit him at least once a month. Today we got up early and drove from Brisbane up along the sunshine coast. I absolutely love the Sunshine Coast; itā€™s so tropical and absolutely beautiful. We spent most of the day chilling at the beach enjoying the warm weather. Jacob even went for a swim!!! (Itā€™s the middle of winter haha). Wish I could re-live this day over and over again, when we donā€™t see each other often we value every moment we spend together. I fly back to Newcastle tomorrow which sucks. I wanna move up here NOW haha, only 4 months to go and then I will be Brissy livin.

Hope you guys had an amazing day too. Remember to never take time with your loved ones for granted :)





Anyone else other than me who loves lipglosses and lipsticks!?Here are some of my favourite lipglosses from Clarins. I don't  use a lot of makeup everyday as I like a natural look. However, I do like using something on my lips on a daily. I find that lipgloss looks more natural for a casual kinda look.

I always buy these lipglosses at airports because they sell them in packets of 3, which is a better deal than buying them in regular stores. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative I recommend budget lipglosses from NYX, they are also great and a lot cheaper. 

Clarins lipglosses feel great on the lips and aren't too greasy. They feel just like a lipbalm but with a bit of shimmer, and they smell divine. I have the colours 01 "rose shimmer", 02 "apricot shimmer" and 06 "rosewood shimmer". They are $30 on the website.