Hey everyone!💛 How is everyone? I’m feeling very positive today and also relieved! The only thing bugging me is the fact that I haven’t been posting so much, which annoys me! But I’ve had a lot going on the past week and two! And the next week will be busy too but I’ll have more time to work on my blog❤️ So I’m feeling optimistic right now!!

Finland turned 100 years on Wednesday! Which is an amazing thing!! It just shows the strength that our country and people have! I’m very proud to call this country my home! I haven’t always appreciated this country but to be living in a stable and comforting place is really great! And also to be able to see the support worldwide is amazing!

On Wednesday we went to watch the fireworks in the centre! The whole city was full of lights and decorations and also crowded with people, but we managed to watch the fireworks from a car park 😂✌🏼 We thought we wouldn’t be able to see anything but actually we had the BEST VIEW! The fireworks lit the whole sky right in front of us ❤️❤️❤️

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My mums birthday is today ❣️ We (me and my two little sisters) made her a special dinner tonight! We made salad, pasta and delicious sauce, fried cheese balls and halloumi cheese! We were laughing so much because we realised we legit used 6 different kinds of cheese during this meal! But hey that’s our family, cheese obsessed! 😏😜

We also went to buy my little sister a birthday present! Even though her birthday is in around 2 weeks, we just had to buy her the present now! 😍

Test week is finally over also! It wasn’t so stressful this time! THANKFULLY) I do have a biology test on Thursday though, which I haven’t studied for so much. So that’s spinning in the back of my head hehe but it’ll be just fine! I’m really trying to decrease the amount of stress I have because it’s not healthy. So maybe that’s why I’m not panicking for my test quite yet 🙈

Hope everyone is doing well! ❤️ Talk later xx

Here are some cute pictures I wanted to add of my mum and me! ❣️



Hey everyone! ❣️ Right now sitting on a bus heading home! I’ve got 2 hours left on the bus, so I’ve got plenty of time to write this post 😌 I love bus rides so much because I can listen to music and they have turned the lights off, so it’s nice and cozy 🙏🏽 I wish I could take a nap on this bus trip but I’ll just wait until I get home and then I’ll probably jump into my bed straight away!

This weekend was spent in Turku to celebrate my cousins birthday ❤️ Me and my sis left towards Turku straight after school yesterday and then our cousins birthday party began straight after we got to their place, so it’s been quite non stop these 24 hours.

Today was spent on the sofa, as well as going to Hesburger to get some recovery food 😂 oh gosh it was good xdd. After that, we went to the city to do some shopping because there were still some Black Friday sales! Sadly I didn’t find anything 😣 but oh well bright side is that I didn’t have to use my money 😂 After an hour shopping (gave up trying to find stuff and also was so tired) we went to a cafe! I had a Chai Latte, which I’m OBSESSED with! It’s the best warm drink for the christmassy and cozy feeling ❤️🙏🏽😌

I think I’m gonna fall asleep soon!! 4 hours of sleep is too little for me hahaha I’m a walking zombie 😴

Talk later ❣️ oh and if you guys want to be updated with my life, add me on snapchat: goodmil28 ❤️😚



I'm so obsessed with Christmas. They have started putting up christmas decorations everywhere. And I find it just sooooo pretty! And cozy! 💛

Hey ❣️

How’s everyone doing? Today was a semi good day! My day started off by waking up at 6:30, which wasn’t the best, but I only had 3 lessons with a 3 hour skip in between so it was bearable. During my 3 hour skip, me, my sister and best friend went to eat in the city centre. We tried a new place called Salaattiasema, which had a lot of different options to put into the salad and it was delicioussss😌 Except the carrots tasted a bit weird 🙈 We also went to a cafe and studied there. I got a lot of school work done, which made me a little less stressed.

After school, we went to Ikea! I love Ikea so much xdd who doesn’t?? Me and my sister are getting a new wardbrobe and so we were checking which one to buy. We finally decided on one and the parts should come on Monday! Can’t wait to get my clothes somewhere xdd right now all my clothes are on my little sisters bed, which is kind of annoying! But just a few days and then I’ll have a brand new closet, where I can put my clothes! So excited!!

Tomorrow me and my family are headed to Turku! We’re having a family reunion with my mums sisters, all the cousins and the grandparents! We’re going to have a “Pikkujoulu” (I don’t know what it’s called in english🙈😁). So that'll be fun!!

Talk later! Xx