In the era of digital life taking over, Camtasia Studio focuses on making your video creating experience happening and easy with numerous features. No matter whether you’re looking a software for business purpose or just to get you a hike on your passion, it is a great choice. With Camtasia Studio making an outstanding video is no more troublesome.

Here are the ten things you can do with Camtasia Studio:

1.Motion Graphics: To make your video look exceptionally great and attractive, you can add various motion graphics available on Camtasia Studio like lower thirds, intro slides, and much more. Also, you can even change the shape colors in the Motion Graphics Intro Clips and the Lower Thirds according to your pick.

2.Readjusting of the video: Stop bothering about adding or cutting of mini video clips while creating your video because Camtasia Studio allows you to do so. Making an outstanding video is no more troublesome.

3.The addition of elements: You don’t anymore need to worry about where to give sound track in the background. Besides letting you put various graphics, Camtasia Studio lets you put audio according to your choice. You can either record it yourself or can select from the options of audios and music available on Camtasia Studio. All you have to do is go through them and select your favourite music for your video. All sound tracks available are royalty free and hence you are free to put your video on Youtube or Vimeo.

4.Add captions: Along with creating splendid and innovative videos, you can even put your words down in the form of captions in whatever you create. This will make it convenient for your viewers to understand what you’re trying to show. Especially if you’re creating an educational video lecture, adding captions will be a great idea because it will then be easy for students to understand and study.

5.Annotations: If you are trying to bring attention to some particular area while the viewer is watching your video, you can add various annotations like arrows, callouts, and various shapes. You can focus on your point or note with the help of this. You can mark important points. Again this is really helpful for video lectures because important notes can be marked with annotations.

6.Striking animated backgrounds: Are you worried about the start of your video being boring? You need not worry about it while working on Camtasia Studio because here you have options of unlimited animated backgrounds to put from the start of the video and with those amazing catchy backdrop, you can easily gain the attention of your viewers.

7.The framing of any video: You can easily put together a bunch of still photos which will constitute to your video. The Camtasia Studio gives you a completely new experience of framing your videos easier than ever.

8.Multi track video: You have an option to select multiple tracks for images, video, text, and audio and combine them together to give rise to an easy to make an impressive video in no time. This lets you create the video you’ve always wanted to by putting all the things you love together without any restrictions.

9.Interactivity: This feature of Camtasia allows you to skip a section from your video and jump off to some other link wherein you can allow people seeing your video to play games or answer quizzes. Interactive hotspots give the viewers the choice to direct to another section of a video, replay it or even to launch a website.

10.Adding Green Screen effect: Camtasia Studio lets you put two images or video streams together on the basis of color hues by giving you feasibility of Green Screen effect which is a post-production technique. This will help you remove the background from any picture or video and will make it appear like you’re right in the action.

Camtasia Studio gives you the opportunity to explore a number of features to help you come out with exceptionally outstanding video. Try it and experience yourself.