So, as my #nouw30daychallenge begins, I'd like to start with my most recent project: vlogging.

It all begins with an idea a while ago but never really found the time and the right material to record about. I'm not really a pretentious person so I didn't really want to begin with "What I do every day" or "30 things about me" because.. I'm no one to the public eye. People that know me, already know all of the things I might say in these kind of topics because they follow me on social media (if they don't skip through it), but they have some sort of idea.

I recently went through a life changing situation where I changed perspectives on life and saw things more clearly. I detoxed from things I used to do and people I used to hang out with. I learned how to properly let go and understand my life is going to get better if I work on it. I had decided to surround myself with positive influences and people that have an interest in my well being.

So, the idea for my first video was, the traveling I did before this situation. It was a very joyful trip and I will be posting pictures of it in another post, and I did it to reflect the kindness of my family and the person I was before this experience. You can't really see much, since you can't hear me because of the background music I selected but I can. I see myself and it's not the person I am right now. Anyway, I got to wander around Washington DC and it was beautiful. I will leave the link to this first video here .

The second video was very important to me. Even though I had some ideas of talking about life experiences and how to learn from them (such as heartbreak, etc). I put together a few things that have helped me feel better. For the record, I struggle with depression and so, these things have helped me infinitely, whether because they distract me or really change my attitude towards my day and since I keep myself busy, I don't have time to wallow. I wanted to share these tips because I know there are people just like me that don't know what to do to feel better and sometimes they don't like talking about their problems for whatever reason they might have. This video was for the solid purpose of helping others dealing with depression, heartbreak or pure boredom. I believe that you can change your way of thinking and control your emotions and what better way than to keep yourself distracted with things you love to do? It may be hard if the depression is severe but if you work on it, slowly, to your own pace, you might find yourself getting there sooner than you thought, it is going to be closer than where you were before. The link to the second video is here .

If you'd like to subscribe in case I post more videos you can do it here .

You can also find a quick access in the right side of this blog. Thank you for reading!!

À bientôt !

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What a GREAT way to start the year. I've always wanted some sort of excuse to commit myself to blogging and I feel like this is the P E R F E C T situation. I love this blogging platform and would love to be an important part of it. I enjoy taking pictures way too much and I'd love to share them somewhere else other than my VSCO profile in a more deep, meaningful way. My life is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions with its good and its bad times but the good times are definitely worth sharing. I've admired so many bloggers ever since Instagram exists and I believe it's time to try and be one of them.

So, let's start blogging!!!! #nouw30daychallenge



Over the past year I've been struggling with my favorite part of my body, my hair. It was way too long and damaged by this summer and I decided to give it a trim and try a new color. I dyed it blonde from the tips and it was really hard (and expensive) to keep. So I decided to detach myself completely from it, even though it hurt and cut it altogether. This is, I think, the shortest I've ever had it and I've only gotten compliments over it and it's a lot more comfortable for me to have it like this. Except when I go to the gym... I can't even do a ponytail. Anyways, here are some pics.

"han gillade hennes hår länge, så hon klippte det kort"



Hi guys,

So, I dyed my hair blonde, right? I had no idea it was going to be so hard to keep! The sun, water and any kind of wrong shampoo will ruin the tone you got in the first place and will transform it into something else.

First, my hair looked like this and I loved it:

Then, it started turning orange because I wasn't using the right shampoo.

Then, I got back to Texas and bought shampoo and conditioner for blondes, it turned a little more yellow than orange and in the sun, it looked kind of golden and I actually loved it, looking back, I wish I kept it like that..

I bought a toner and even though my stylist told me to keep it on for 5-12 minutes, I listened to the lady at Sally's and left it on for 30 minutes.. worst decision of my life.

I became a dark ash blonde in 30 minutes. Don't get me wrong, it looked really pretty, it just wasn't the color that I wanted.

I kept using the shampoo and it's been going from a yellow-ish to orange. I don't like the brassiness so today I'm buying a purple shampoo and see how that goes.

This one is from today with the light at the office, I wished it always looked like this, but its just the effect of the light and the camera if you just look at it, it looks light orange.

oh well..

à bientôt!



The last few weeks with my family flew by, specially the very last one because I got sick so I couldn't do much.

Mexico played against Croatia and we lost.. kind of a bummer. 

I had a lot of fun that weekend with my dad and my brothers.

My brother is studying architecture and this was one of his final projects. Pretty good for being a freshman. Well, newly sophomore.

My mom and I went to see Mexico vs Ireland with a couple of my friends and it was pretty fun, we won 3-1.

I said goodbye to my parents once more and..

I'm back in Edinburg. 

À bientôt



Hey again!

Today was shopping day!! I went to one of the malls here in Boca del Rio, Veracruz with my mom today because she wanted shoes and I wanted a bikini, so..

That's the mall, it's honestly one of my favorites. Weather sucked today by the way.. but you go out to the balcony and you've got... the ocean (Gulf of Mexico)

Of course, I had to have my starbucks green tea lemonade..

(Rocking the blonde hair, not used to it yet).

Oh, and this is me with the ocean in the background..

My mom bought her shoes and this beautiful case for her phone:

Then I went to eat with a couple of friends to watch a soccer game and it's always nice to catch up with them. True friends are really rare. Not to mention, one of them is my ex and we're pretty cool.

À bientôt .



Hey! Sooooo, I decided that my hair had had enough of its simplicity and its forever orange decoloration due to the sun, so, why not go a little.. blonde?

This was before..

Dull, right? Sometimes it would look somewhat golden..

So, ugh, decided to get rid of all that and this was the result:

But, it'd still look really orange from the back and it looked terrible tbh.. so, my stylist thought I needed to try to go a little lighter.. 

It's legit the LIGHTEST I have ever been and I'm having a little bittle of a hard time getting used to it but it looks better than I thought it would look, I thought it would make me look darker but it just makes me look tanned.. and it's not bad at all. Even though I know some may not like it and speak out of their butthole but guess what? No one really cares‍♀️. 

À bientôt!!✨




Spring semester ended and I'm currently in Veracruz, Mexico at home with my family. It's been a crazy 2017 and hasn't been that great to me, I'd like to keep my head high anyways.. 

So, once I get home, my family instantly notices my tan, this is the darkest I've ever been in a while, I ride my bike to school and keep playing soccer so, my tan lines are kind of inevitable. 

Next, I realize that with my tan comes my messy hair. It's so burned out by the sun I desperately need to cut it out and change it up a bit so it looks more alive. I'm still deciding on the length and color. 

Ever since I got home I've been trying to keep myself busy so I don't think about stuff I shouldn't and it's been great so far. I've had a really good weekend with my family and I'm grateful for these kind of moments. Hopefully, after I go back to Edinburg, I feel better. I have something going for me and I'm hoping it works out. Here's hoping.

À bientôt !



Yesterday, Laverne Cox gave a speech at my university and it inspired me in a lot of ways to follow my dreams. She never gave up and she's where she wants to be so.. that's more than enough for me 

I'm trying to find another blog platform that lets me play around with the post more, more personalized. :(

Au revoir!



Hey! So, I decided to start a blog because I love taking pictures and just wanted somewhere to put them other than vscocam. These are a few from my trip coming back from Veracruz, my home, to Texas where I attend college. I spent a month at home with my family and closest friends. Came back to start my junior year at UTRGV. Oh, happy Inauguration day, I guess.✌