For the last few weeks we've been going through some hairstyles from different time periods - all the way from the renaissance to the 80's. We got to choose a few to style hair according to that time period, and so I chose the renaissance and the 60's.

I made the renaissaince look with a modern twist and the 60's look was a bit inspired from Audrey Hepburns hair in Breakfast at Tiffany's and the makeup from Twiggys iconic makeup look.

I'm quite happy with these and I think the renaissance look has a nice romantic vibe in it and the 60's look a cute girlish vibe. 

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About a month ago I participated in a photoshoot, with two others from my class, where I got to do makeup on two of the three models. I did the makeup with the shimmery violet and the bright red and yellow.

Here are some of the final photos.

​Photos by Sara Bodegard from Studio Sara

Models: Anna Tuulensuu, Anni Laakso and Lotta Isosaari. 



Yesterday in school we had this super fun assignment. Our teacher gave us a picture of a makeup-look that we were supposed to copy - here's the result.

And here's the picture I was supposed to copy. I mostly used body paint from Grimas for this look and also a few different shades of lipstick that I mixed together.

This assignment was so much fun! I've always loved painting and also went to artschool a few years back. The only difference to painting was that here my canvas was a face! Definately want to do this again.



An assignment we got in school was to create 3 look-a-likes of basically anyone. It could be a character from a movie, a celebrity or just a 'copy' of a photo. Here are the 3 ones i created.

​So I chose Grace Kelly, a random mermaidinspired photo I found on pinterest and Princess Leia from Star Wars. 



Here's my outfit from today! Black mesh type of skirt with a white tee, white laced shoes, my floral bomber - and finished it off with some Nyx soft matte lipcream in the color 'Copenhagen'.

​Oufit: Floral bomber -Colosseum / White tee - Bik Bok / Mesh skirt - Monki / Shoes - DinSko / Bag - Zara



Hi! Wow, this week has been so busy for me... A lot of school assignments to do, but very fun and creative ones!

This one I did yesterday which is a mermaid inspired makeup look that I came up with. I got the inspiration for this from some photos I looked up on pinterest. You can find me on pinterest here. (I love pinterest so I have lots and lots of boards there for inspiration). So for this look I used sequins, decorative stones and glitter eyeshadow. I'm very happy with the result of it!



Yesterday was a very exciting day! On Tuesday we got information about a photoshoot in Seinäjoki that needed someone to do the makeup and hair for the shoot. 2 others from my class were interested and so we all decided to go!

The photoshoot was for a designing company called Get Bli - they make jewelry and homedecor. There were 3 models to do makeup and hair on.

So, VERY early in the morning on friday we drove to Seinäjoki to style all the models. We were all a bit nervous, because this was the first time we ever did hair and makeup for an actual shoot. I did the makeup on 2 models. The style was boho/viking and so Alexa, who contacted us for this, wanted very dramatic eyes.

Here are some backstage pictures I took throughout the day. I will have the final photos in probably a week so I'll show you those later. (Sorry for the bad quality, these are taken with my phone cause of course I didn´t have my camera with me...).

Here I used a violet creambase on the eyes to get the color to look more intense. I'm really happy with this look! Hair was done by Valeria Simonova.

Here I tried some bright red, also with a creambase, and added some yellow to the bottom. We helped each other out with the makeup looks too and Valeria did the base and brows for this look, and also the hair!

And here are also some outfit picture from the day of the shoot!

​Outfit: Floral bomberjacket - Colloseum / Laceup shirt - H&M / Pants - BikBok NeverDenim / Trainers - Reebok / Hoops - Glitter



Hi there! So as my bio says, I'm studying fashion, beauty and styling. The name for these studies is estenom, which more or less comes from aesthetics. I've loved fashion for a long time already and I've also had time to try lots of stuff (weird stuff) with clothing and my hair - dying my hair pink being one of these things...

To the point - in my studies we have internship once a year and this first year of studies I went to A-lehdet in Helsinki which is a finnish publishing house. They have many magazines related to interior, health, fashion and beauty. Many topics. I was at the magazine Kauneus ja terveys which translates to beauty and health. I got to do a lot of cool stuff! I got to write trend reports (lots of them) related to fashion and beauty and also do some interview. All of these were in finnish. The biggest and most amazing thing I got to do was interview Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg at the same time as I got to be a part of the NYX Cosmetics launching event here in Finland.

Here's the result of when Linda showed us the makeup look she had created for NYX on a model.

I got to take some pictures with her as well!

And last, but not least, me and a giant NYX soft matte lip cream.

I'm going to link all my trendreports and interviews I did for here down below so you can go check them out! :) Unfortunately, these are all in finnish!

Interview with Linda Hallberg

Eye makeup trends

Lip makeup trends

6 trendy cuts for short hair

Trendy hairdos for long hair

Graphical nails

The 5 trendiest accessories

10 x trendy white shoes

Off-shoulder shirts and dresses

Shoe trends

Bikini trends

And then there were a few in which I asssisted a little:

Trendy outfits

Trendy glasses

I wrote a few more but they haven't still been published :)



Hi there! It's been a while since the last time I had a  blog - I guess it just wasn't the right time for me. Now I feel like I have the energy for it! I want to write about exciting things in my life, my studies and maybe also some health related things like working out. I myself work out all the time, the energy I get from working out keeps me energized and feeling good.

Enough about that, these photos were taken a few weeks ago by my friend. I'm still figuring out my camera a bit so for upcoming pictures the quality will (hopefully) be better, haha. We took these pictures a sunny spring day in front of Tuomiokirkko in Helsinki. Helsinki is so beautiful right now!

Outfit: Shirt - Bik Bok / Pants - Bik Bok / Shoes - DinSko / Bag - / Sunglasses - Aldo / Velvet choker - Topshop