Hello again! I've been quite busy this weekend, that's why i haven't updated the blog. I told my colleagues about my and Jonas trip to Gran Canaria. They started to ask plenty of questions about the environment and if the hotel we are going to stay on have good working conditions. I haven't thought about this and didn't really care. In the end of the day I couldn't let this thoughts out of my mind, it was really the only thing I was thinking about. So I started to search on these things and review our vacation to Gran Canaria. I started to see about how our vacation affects the environment. So i did a little bit of research that i would like to share with you all.

We are flying to Gran Canaria with Norwegian. It's a direct flight from Copenhagen to Las Palmas airport. We were choosing between the direct flight or a flight that stopover in Barcelona. The direct flight costs 1 435 SEK more than the flight with a stopover in Barcelona. So it's cheaper but the direct flight is a more easy way to travel than a stopover in Barcelona. That isn't the only good thing with direct flights. As you probably already know, it isn't good for the environment to travel with airplanes. The direct flights is the best way to fly as environment you can. If you do a stopover, you flies 4 times, but if you flies with an direct flight, you just fly 2 times. So I think that we did a good job to choose the little more expensive alternative because it's better for the environment. Thinking about environment is quite important because we harm the environment more than we think we do. Such as In local areas we use resources like energy, water and other materials. We damage the local area and affect the local population. Tourists often do not keep the beaches clean after them. This unhygienic behaviour damages both the nature and the animals. It is totally unhygienic and it costs a lot of money to clean it up. According to studies of Robert B Cialdini people will most likely make a litter in places where it is already unhygienic. Tourist also occupy quite good amount of land like tourist facilities, hotels, golf courses and pools etcetera. It highly affects the people and animals that are on the island. Another big problem is overuse of freshwater. Our hotel ving is funded by the EU eco. They have there own official label and to be able to use it you must have to live a highly eco friendly life. We are trying to be as eco friendly as possible, so we were thinking about our activities and how to plan them.

It's obvious that our activities and life on the island make an impact on the environment. I saw which activities we've planned and started to see if they affect the environment. So the purpose with this vacation is to relax and enjoy the sun, therefore we have not planned to much before the vacation. We have chosen three activities that we wanna do in Gran Canaria. The first activity that we are gonna do is to hike in the mountains of Gran Canaria. My colleague Marie was hiking in Gran Canaria last year and she told me that Ruta de la Presas is the best place to hike. It's close to our hotel which is good. We're going with bus from our hotel to Ruta de la Presas and then back again. The bus isn't so good for the environment because it's emit co2. On the other hand is it the best option we have. We could bicycle but I don't think we have the stamina to do it after our hiking. Another thing that could affect the environment is if you are loud and don't show respect to the nature when you're hiking. The other activity that we have planned is diving. Diving is an popular thing to do in Gran Canaria. We have an Diving center close by our hotel so we are just gonna walk to it. I didn't think that diving has so big impact on the environment as it has. Divers throws trash to the ocean. The trash is very dangerous for the animals living in the ocean. Our last activity is a trip to the harbour town puerto de Mogan. We're going to look at the beautiful town and maybe buy some souvenirs. Then are we going to eat on a local restaurant. We do that because we want to help the local life. When we eat on all inclusive, the most of the food is imported. When we eat on a local place , we help the local people.

The negative thing about all inclusive is that they waste to much food. Hotel staffs orders extra food and then just throws away the rests. Tourists are the cause of all this waste because they take more food than they think they can eat. The food is neither locally produced nor organic. Most of the food is imported from other places and therefore it requires tractors to transport them to the hotel. It is not so often that the hotels tries to be eco friendly. They often buy as cheap food as possible so they can earn lots of money. All this affects the work conditions

I started to see on the working conditions for the workers that we are ``using´´ on our trip. A controversial topic right now is how the staff that's working on the airplanes working conditions is. I searched on Norwegian and tried to find facts about the working conditions for the workers on Norwegian. It was really interesting, I found out that Norwegian uses staffing companies. They are hiring people so they can work for them. Norwegian does that because they come around some conditions and rules for the workers. They don't need to pay the same wage that they should need to pay if the workers was directly employed of Norwegian. So you can sum up this as Norwegian have to do more on the employing area.

I also searched how the working conditions in our hotel is. Our hotel have a corporation with ving. Ving is corporated with travel life. Travel Life is a organisation whose job is to show and lift up the most ideal hotels that are eco friendly. The best thing about ving is that they follow all rules and regulations of that country that it is situated in. For example union freedom, minimum wages, a good working environment and regulated working hours in the country. Ving is totally against child labour. According to tourist concern by uk those who work on all inclusive hotels become mentally sick because they are too stressed and they have very low salary.

Another important thing is how the country is that you are travelling to. So here's little about the country Spain. Spain is a good country with democracy. It's an monarchy but the king and queen dont have any political power. The head of the government is named Mariano Rajoy. Spain have very good civil and political rights. The only problem spain have is that the region Catalonia want to be self independent. It's a big discuss right now in Spain. According to globalization statistics in spain 29.4 % of CEOs are women. The socialist government who ruled from 2004 - 2011 worked really hard for equality in the society. Spain is also known as one of the most ideal examples when we talk about equality.

Okay, so I haven't done all this research for nothing. I think this is good because I see the hole travelling part with new eyes, and i hope you learned something about this to. So i'm gonna improve our vacation a little bit. One thing that we could do is to choose an diving company that thinks and cares about the environment. That should make less impact on the environment than an company that does not think about the environment. We could also eat good food on the all inclusive. We should not eat too much meat and of course don't waste food. If we want to help the local people we could eat on a local restaurant one more time.

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Hello friends, we are planing to saving money for three months because we want to go on a trip to Gran canaria. The weather here in Sweden is so boring. It has rained in 6 days now. We started to talk and discuss which type of destination we should travel to. We both conclude that we wanted to go to Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is an ideal place of what we wanted, a warm and relaxed vacation. Jonas started to look on cheap hotels with all inclusive. He found a really nice hotel, Dorado beach aparthotel. Its an hotel close to the beach with swimmingpools and all inclusive. The hotel is an family hotel, which is great beacuse we both love childrens. The dates we are travelling is 18 January to the 26th January. We are flying with Norwegian. We want to visit Puerto de Mogan wich is a port city to the west of Puerto Rico. We want to visit Puerto de mogan because there are many resturants and shops. Both me and Jonas are really excited for this trip! 

Stay tuned!!



Hello, my name is Mika and I am 26 years old. I live together with my partner Jonas, he is 23 years old. I work as a nurse and Jonas works as a janitor. We live in Halmstad in a little apartment in the city. Jonas was born in Jönköping and I was born in Halmstad. Jonas family lives in Jönköping and my family lives in Halmstad.

We are saving money because we want to travel around the world, Jonas has already traveled around the world and he has worked as a bartender. I have studied vehicle program and i am very interested in cars. Jonas and I met at a pride festival in San Francisco two years ago, we started to talk and it was love at first sight. Two years ago Mika lived in San Francisco. We have two big dreams, the first one is to be able to live in USA together and the second one is to have a child. My biggest interest in life is cars and Jonas is obsessed with football he plays football in IF Leikin. He also loves to watch football and he’s favorite team is Aston villa.

Now i’m going to work, stay tuned!


Here is a picture of Mikas house when he lived in San Francisco.


Mika Jonas