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I just watched the latest episode of pretty little liars. I thaught the episode was okey but pretty boring after a while. I'm going to go over some stuff that happend during the episode and share my thaughts.


Emily was the one who blew the "don't tell" sign in this intro which i thaught was pretty cool, that they change it around. Anyway, apparently Sara isn't a suspect anymore beacuse she has some problem with her hands which i think is stupid, she should be a suspect anyway.

We found out that Hanna knows that Aria left the hotell room in the middle of the night, at that point in the episode i thaught it was Aria who killed charlotte but then i changed my mind. Spencer and Caleb have some chemistry and later in the episode we find out that they saw each other in madrid. Spencer and Caleb shouldn't be a couple or have chemistry! seriously, if the writer makes them be a couple that would be so mean to Hanna. We also find out that people have been acousing spencer of killing Charlotte on some blogs. I don't really care but there is always gossip. Jordan (Hannas fiance) came to her hotel room with food and suprised her which was very sweet of him. Jordan seems like a good guy but i really liked haleb so i hope hanna and jordan break up soon x)

When Aria left the hotel room she went to see ezra in the middle of the night when charlotte died. Aria leaves rosewood and goes back to work one day earlier than planned. We find out that her boyfriend works togheter with her but her boss can't find out about them. Her boyfriend was pretty hot and i don't like Ezria so i hope that Aria will stay togheter with her boyfriend.

Emelie went to the hospital to take some shots and we don't find out why until later in the episode. When Emily tries to pay she can't afford it and the girl who works at the brew pays for her. I think that she is going to be Emily's new love intrest but i don't care.

Spencer wrote an essay or something in collage about a murder which is exactly how charlotte died and the police might find this and then spencer will become a stronger suspect.

Alison invites everyone for dinner so they all come to her house. Caleb and Jordan meat eachother and it wasn't that awkward just as expected. Spencer tells Jordan that when she was in madrid Caleb was also at the same place at the same time. Later Spencer and Caleb reminiss and i truly hope that they don't beacome a couple!! Hanna and Caleb are alone looking for a whine opener and some glasses. I think they said that Caleb left for europe and that's when they broke up :(

Aria went back to rosewood beacuse of her job. Ezra gives her the thing she needs and Aria asks Ezra what he did that night after she went back to the hotel. Ezra said that he went straight back home but it looks like he's lying. Sense Aria went home from rosewood earlier the girls suspect that she killed Charlotte, after that i didn't think she killed charlotte beacuse everyone thinks it's her. Emily, Spencer and Hanna looks at the security photage and they can see that Aria came home just a while after Charlotte had been killed. The girls confront Aria and she tells them what happend that night. Aria couldn't sleep so she meet up with Ezra. Everything was closed beacuse of how late it was so they just walked around town. They saw Charlotte and Aria went back to the hotell. The girls believe Aria and they all think Ezra might have done it now, Aria said that when she asked what Ezra did that night after she left he didn't look her in the eyes, like he was lying.

Emily went to her father's grave to talk. We find out that she lost her scolatship which is unfortunate. I hope she can figure things out and get back on tack again. Emily sees Sarah at the Cemetery and runs away.

The episode ends with someone putting flowers and a grave and stepping into a limo. I know there is going to be a new A or "the big bad" but i really hate that. I just wanted the A reweal to make sense and then the show should have ended.





Tv shows i'm currently watching:

- Breaking bad (i'm at season 2)

-The vampire diaries (i'm at the latest point of the show)

-Sherlock (At the latest point of the show)

-Walking dead ( i'm at the latest point)

-New girl (season 4)

-Modern Family (season 5 i think)

-Fresh prince of bell air (season 5)

-Pretty little liars (latest point)

-Orphan Black (season 2, i stopped watching beacuse i got bored)

-Doctor who ( season 5)

-Prison break (season 4)

-American horror story (season 4)

-Archer (season 6 i think)

-Under the dome (season 2, i got bored and stoped watching)

-Orange is the new black (latest point)

​Shows i have watched that have ended:

-How i met your mother


-The returned

-Downtown abbey



-Safe house

-The big C

-Gossip girl

Shows i plan on watching:

-Sense 8

-Regular show



-Making a murderer


-Sons of anarchy

-Game of thrones



-House of cards

-Better call saul 

-The originals


I watch alot of shows! but i also watch youtube alloooot.

My favorite shows:

-How i met your mother (it will always be my favorite #cryeverytime)

-The walking dead

-Breaking bad

-The vampire diaries

Hejdå! arevoir! (frenchonpoint,not) goodbye!




This is a tag where you answer questions about yourself, sense this is my first post ever (wooo #goteam) i thought it would be  suitable.

1. What is your middle name?: I actually have two middle names, Viola and Josefin.

2.What is your favorite subject in school?: I like alot of subjects but my favorites are history,wood shop and art.

3. What is your favorite drink?: It depends of the mood i'm in and the weather outside. I have always been torn between tea or coffee but i very much like both. My absolute favorite drinks though have got to be lemonade and cider.

4.What is your favorite song at the moment?: I listen to alot of diffrent kinds of music depending on how i feel. But my top five songs at the moment have got to be: Night witches (sabaton), Get down tonight (KC & the sunshine band), sound & color (alabama snakes), californication (red hot chili peppers).

5.Favorite food? : TACOS and PASTA CARBONARA

6. Favorite color?: Black.

7. Do you have any pets? No :(

8.Favorite holiday?: Chrismas

9.Do you speak another language?: i speak swedish (beacuse im from sweden,ja) and english.

10.Favorite movies and tv shows?: that will be in another blog post ;)

That's the questions (yaay). I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to do this, just do it!