This is probably our last post. We have now learned more about the environment and how our “carbon footstep” affects the nature. So we have decided to cancel our trip to Asia because it ain’t worth it, instead are we going to go on a weekend in Gothenburg. We shouldn’t put the our interest in front the environment.

We have realized that the decisions we make in our daily life actually makes a difference. Therefore when Jonas bought the fruits for our fruit salad, it was a lot of different alternatives. So he did some research about what affects the environment the most and what you’re supposed to buy instead, or if there is any better choices. He made the conclusion that it’s a lot better to buy organic, because there is no toxic chemicals that will ruin the environment. The chemicals that is being used also affects your health negative, so there is not really anything positive about not buying organic. Except that it is a lot cheaper, but we can afford it so we’ll rather spend a little more money to help the environment.

And sorry for telling you guys so much about the trip and getting you excited, but it came to our knowledge that the emissions that the airplane does, affects a lot and if we choose to not travel with plane it means the “demand/request” will lower and if more individual people do this it will make a big difference. Before we thought it doesn’t matter what we do, the plane will take off even if we are on it or not. But we have now realized that in the reality it does matter. Together and in the whole picture it actually does.

Things that we will change in our lifestyle is the small things, like look what country the product is from, recycle, buy second hand instead of new products, it’s cheaper and better for the environment. We will search for more information about how our daily life affects the environment, so we can learn to treat it better.

Thank you for following us through these couple of weeks. It has been a pleasure, but during the time we’ve learned so much new important things and we have tried to spread the message to our readers. We hope you keep telling the word.

Together we can change the world.


Mika and Jonas

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Today is Friday which means we are free all weekend long. We will celebrate that with a little Swedish fika. I have told Jonas to stop at the grocery store on the way home. We are going to have a little fruit salad including different exotic fruits. The recipe told us to use bananas but none of us are really in to bananas. It is apple season in Sweden and instead of those bananas we thought we’d make a little positive change. By doing so, we make improvements by reducing the amount of emission and are not supporting irresponsible agricultural. We also want pineapple, grapes, oranges and some whipped cream. If it had been some months ago we would have taken the cheapest choice but after all this information about climate change our review is totally changed. Our economy is above sustainable and due to that we can indulge ourselves but at the same time support mother nature at the best we can.

Btw we have cancelled the trip!

Best regards, the squad



We are still planing our trip but have gotten new perceptions from another perspective. Like how our trip affects the enviroment and the well-fare in the industrial countries we will be visiting. We are thinking about how we could improve our footprints on the globe. Exampels is to travel by train instead of flying between Bangkok and Phnom Penh. We really want to scuba dive in a reef rich in speecies. But we have to be careful so we don't ruin the underwater enviroment. We might change our hotel because we want a hotel that cares more about the enviroment, for example how they sort their garbage and if they filter the water after use. Our journey is as told an experince for us, in a way when we explore the real Asia (exception: the hotel). Because of that will we be going to eat like the local people and due to that our global footprints will become low on that part. The working conditions also plays a big role to our choices. The tiny choices will matter alot in the end. What airline company we choose, if we drive the ATV or not or what we eat will also affect the equality between people within the country. If you buy local produced food or locally made food you will help their economy alot. The conditions for animal breedig is often equaly bad at all the farms. Then the best thing you can do are to choose from nearby farms, then atleast there is no pullution from transportation. If you want to eat meat the best sollution is ecological.

Everyone can make some changes for the enviroment, we made some and we hope you will bring the message futher.

This might be our last trip in our new ecolgical life so we will enjoy it! Cheers



So Jonas and I have now started to plan what to do on our trip, so here you go, our ideas on what to do in these lovely cities:

Ho Chi Minh City

Our first stop is in Vietnam's capital, Ho Chi Minh. We haven't actually decided what to do there, but we will just stroll around and look at the architecture.

Phnom Penh

Next stop is the capital of Cambodia. Both me and Jonas are very interested in history (and Pol Pot), and there for will we visit the Killing fields and s21. If you don't know who Pol Pot is then should you catch up in history, but he killed and tortured around 1.5 - 3 million people.


Then on will we visit Sihanoukville and there are our plans to go on a boattrip to tree diffrent islands and snorkeling.

Siem Reap

In Siem Reap we are going to go on a tour at Angkor Wat with a tuk tuk so we can see the sun rise. One day will we also drive ATV in the nature, We are really looking forward to do that, because we want to see the nature up close.


Our last stop is in Bangkok. There are we going to some temples and seeing the laying Buddha and the Emerald Buddha. But the thing I'm most excited about is the nightlife, cause I've heard that's lit and there are very many clubs, compared to Halmstad.

​Anyway stay safe and we will talk to you soon(er than you think)



Hi again. Now we have started to make plans about the trip. Me Mika have been in the southern part Africa and Jonas has been in Australia. Both of us have "visit wonderful Asia" on our bucket lists. We were considering about the U.S but decided to visit the lands of Buddha instead. We found a trip on hotels.com where you are visiting three different countries and five different places. We both thought it would be perfect because we want to see different parts of Asia and not staying on the same hotel all the time.

The countries are Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. And places like Phnom Penh. and Bangkok. The desire are not to stay and relax at a hotel but to explore the real Asia. Our wallet can also handle this kind of trip. Worldwide trip would be our dream but this trip are still on the other side of the globe and makeable for us. We have ordered a package prize containing the flight and hotels including breakfast. We both think that is perfect because we want to witness and discover their culture, nature and the people around.

We will always have dinner outside the hotel by reasons of trying new things, for us that is the important purpose of traveling. To do the opposite of your everyday life. We believe we start our journey in the beginning of March next year because the prizes are low and we have saved some money a couple of months so we can get the entire experience there and buy and do whatever we want to. We have changed our budget just rarely and we are saving about 11 000 SEK a month. Our budget is sustainable but to finance this trip we made some changes in our budget. We did cut down on our expenses to make sure we would afford everything we want to. For example we changed our mobile subscription to a cheaper one. During the time over there, those 17 days we will live the backpacker life and we hope it will be the best times of our lives.

Update soon :)

Love, your guys.



Hello lovely readers. We will attempt to make this blog a global success, our purpose with all this is to show you guys our everyday life and to inform and show you different projects. We start to better up our budget. To be informed and later on make our budget better, like stop wasting money and instead use them affectly on great trips and healthy food. Probably you will enjoy reading and follow this blog but in the meantime learn and take knowledge from it. We are two fun guys from the wonderful Swedish city of Halmstad. Our names are Mika and Jonas and we are two young (23 and 26 years old) guys who are having some midioker lives, as we are living in a small apartement and having medium-income jobs. Our biggest passion in this life is to travel, and we really want to travel the world around. Me Mika also love cars and especially my cabriolet BMW. Our rent is kind of reasonable compared to how much we earn. Due to that we have some money over to spend and both Jonas and I really want to make a worldwide trip soon.

We hope you will continue reading this blog, talk to you soon

Jonas and Mika