Yo! Mickey Ozzet here!

I had an old Blogspot before, but since i never had the energy to write, i simply abandoned it. But now it's time for a new start here on Nouw. 

You can find me on Instagram, where i put up all of my pictures. I will mostly write, and not post pictures on this blog! Check my presentation for basic info about me! ✨

So, shortly, who am i?

Well, i'm 18 (in a month =^ ^=) year old, trying to survive school, and my chaotic everyday life.

I'm right now in a quite depressed state, and are very very stressed (and confused?), after a "family tragedy".

My life have always had a tendency to be very chaotic though, and i have quite a bad luck.

I even struggle to keep up with my own interests nowadays, and have no energy at all really. But hopefully it will turn out okay soon.

I'm a person with a lot of interests (but unfortunately i have a tendency to never finish my started projects), but mostly i spend time doing some kind of art. Everything from drawing to writing. One big hobby that i have is to collet porcelain dolls. I also work with restoring (and repainting) old second hand- bought dolls. I have a shop on Facebook where i sell some of the dolls, but currently, it's unfortunately only useable by people in Sweden.

I also spend a lot of time gaming. Mostly World of Warcraft! ✨

I have a huge love for Japanese culture aswell, studying Japanese and watching a lot of anime and j-movies. 

But my big goal in life is to become a makeup artist. I'm spending a lot of time on makeup (mostly sfx makeup). I'm currently self taught, but i'm hoping to get into a makeup artist school. 

One important fact about me is: if you wonder if i have a religion: yes. I'm a strongly believing Wicca.

I guess another important fact about me is that i have Asperger Syndrome, which affect my life greatly.

That was all i had the time and energy to write today. But i will write more about myself when time is right.

Now we just have to hope that i will remember to, and have the energy to post here more often! 

Hugz! ✨