Yesterday I was at the Logandale Fall Festival with Rafaela, a friend of mine and there was Rodeo, BBQ and Country music going on. At 3 pm we were watching the Rodeo and then we walked to the Fair, where all the food and the booths were. Marina was working at a food truck, so we said hello and met Kennadie (from HS and CC) and her cousin. We hang out till 5 and then they left. At the Festival they sell anything you can imagine. From clothing to instruments to toys and there were chicken, cows, bunnys, goats you could feed. Idk why, but that was pretty nice. Rafaela and I listened to the Country bands that were performing on stage and then we got ourselves some food and talked and talked and guess what happend... A BIRD SHIT ON MY HEAD and it was just growse and I had to swipe it off my forehead and ew. We stayed till 8 pm and it got pretty cold, but at 8 we left and we got driven back home to change our clothes. There was a party going on at a friends house where we were and then we did a movie night at our house with some people. We watched the new Ghostbusters movie and that was my day.

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On the Friday night, the 21st of October, I was with Therese in the Moapa Valley Corn Maze and it was funnnn, but also terrifying lol. For the entrance we have to pay $17. In the Corn Maze there were creatures/monsters hiding in the maze and they try to creep you out and to scare you. There were lots of clowns, pigs, people laying down in coffins, creepy girls in white long shirts and black hair, that were shining in the dark and lots of lots of more haha. Oh and some were following us, they were walking RIGHT BEHIND US. Yup, that was kinda creepy haha. And omg, the scariest thing was in the end. Therese and I only heard the sound of the chainsaws in the beginning and we said, that we're not going that way, because we heard people screaming and it was just noooo. But as fate will, we were ending up where the man with the chainsaw was. So let me explain the scenario: Therese and I were standing side by side and were walking really slow in the big circle, because there was a creepy man sitting in the middle watching us as we go. So we were focused on that man and all of the sudden he was literally sprinting to us with the chainsaw in his hands and making these noises and it was jusr scary.... So we were running away screaming and then an another man with chainsaws in his hands was jumping right in front of us. I almost peed in my pants, seriously. That's why we tried to ran back into the maze where we just came from, but no. There was another one with chainsaws (of course) running right at us and I was so done. 1 man with these things was enough for me, but 3? I was so done hahaha. Therese and I were just running out of the maze, through all the corn and were not following the path anymore. Just wanna leave the maze haha. We just heard the men laughing at us. And I think I would've too lol. We were screaming like girls. Well, we are girls, but like girls girls, you know? We were 30 minutes lost in the maze.

Yup, that was my experience with the Corn Maze and seriously... right after that, I would've done it again, but there were too many people standing on the line, waiting to enter the Corn Maze and nah. In front of the Corn Maze there were other activities to go to, too. We did some Go Kart, were watching the country band performing and there was a Corn Maze for little kids, where we've been. Well, apparently we got lost in there too haha.

All in one, the Corn Maze was so much fun and I would totally do it again. We also saw people from our school and it was just a fun night.

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I just came from a 5K race. My last race for Cross Country. Today were Divisions Finals and it was tough, but I kinda liked it... I didn't PRed, which I'm not proud of, but that's ok. In the last few races I always improved my time, but today was just: Meh. We had to run against the wind and we got uphills and so much concrete and it was just ew. I was 1 or 2 minutes slower than my PR and ran the last 100m into the wrong way. It took me 35, almost 36 minutes to run this course. Ah, I forgot to turn left and ran straight on the track, but oh well. The girl behind me didn't passed me anyways lol. But tbh I could done better today... I walked a bit toooo much and shouldn't have walked and talked with the girl from the other school, but she was so nice. As my last race I should've put more effort in it.

All in one, I'm going to miss running at races and I know it sounds ridiculous, because races are never fun, but the feeling after finishing a 5K or a 2.5 is just amazing. It's the same with practice after school. After dying and melting in the heat, being all sweaty and running in the desert, I can say, that I made it and I'm done.

In 2 weeks are Regionals and maybe we go to state, but only Varsity is running. Me as a JV runner am not going to run, because I didn't qualified. At practice we had to run 2 miles under 20 minutes, but I got 23 minutes. Yup, that's why I'm not qualified. Anyways... at Regionals me and my other running buddies are not going participate, but we're going to be there to support the team, which makes me happy :) ok, I will take a nap now, which will probably takes me 3 hours long, but idc.

Ah u can check my time from every single meet in the internet too.

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Homecoming is over and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed my first and last homecoming and it was just memorable.

Let me start from the beginning. For those who don't know what homecoming is: Homecoming week starts from Monday to Tuesday and it's all about the football game on Friday. Each day we dress up differently and have a "theme" how we are aloud/should dress up. And everynight there are activities at school you could join. Monday was PJ Day, which means that we can wear our Pyjamas- obviously- to school and take blankets with us to school. That was pretty fun... At 5:30pm they offered Sign Painting in the Cafeteria. But unfortunately I wasn't there, because I got Cross Country practice and right after that Powder Puff Practice. Powder Puff was on the next day and in that "sport" girls play flag football and compete against the Frehmen (9th grade) and the Seniors (11th grade). As a sophomore I was in a team with the sophomores (10th grade) and the Juniors. For the Powder Puff Game girls ask the football players for their jerseys. So one week before Homecoming week started, I asked a boy who's in my semenary class and Sunday church and got the jersey.

So on Tuesday was Mathlete vs. Athlete Day. On that day we could wear the football players jersey or something what makes you look like a nerd. I was an athlete. At 6:30pm Powder Puff started and we were pretty prepared and so pumped up for the game. The boys were the coaches and we had a men squad, who did cheerleading. It was so much fun! The game was intense and we got a touchdown, but lost 12-18 at the end, which makes me so mad. We were so good... and lost anyways. I was offense, which means that I block everyone who comes in my way. The other team played rough, but not rough enough to beat me. I was awesome.

On Wednesday we had Squad Day and I dressed up with the Cross country team and we made up to wear our shirts for that day. But when I came to school nobody wore the same shirt as me. So that was kinda a fail. Only two boys of the team wore the same shirt as me, but anyways... At 7pm we had a movie night at school on the football field and everybody brought their blankets and pillows with. Some brought couches with them haha. We watched Pirates of the Carribean 1 and from time to time it got colder and colder till we were all freezing.

On Thursday was USA Day. We dressed up in America's flag colors and carried our US pride with us. In the evening after school we had a parade. The past few days the students built floats for each grade. So we had a freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior float, which also had themes. The sophomore floats theme was India. And the grade who got the best float wins. The whole valley was there to watch the parade. On the parade the Cross Country (including me), soccer, volleyball team etc. was marching and we threw candy and stuff. After the parade there was an Assembly. I don't know if I told you what an Assembly is, but at my school they do Assembly's on special events for example there was one for the first week of school, start of hoco week etc. It's kinda like a meeting where the whole school comes together and people announce special events that are coming up this week, teachers get called out to play games like "imitate the teacher" or once they played Russian egg roulette. One time siblings got called out to play the sibling challenge etc. Everything you can imagine... So at the Assembly on Thursday the king and queen, princesses were presented and they all looked so pretty! One week before Homecoming week started, every student at school was supposed to vote for their princesses, kings and queens. We got a list with all the girls we can vote for and even I was on it. I was pretty surprised! Haha. Anyways... the princesses who had the most votes wore fancy dresses at the Assembly and it was just sweet. They got their crowns on, capes and yup... At the Assembly the cheerleader and dance team were performing, athlete of the season were announced and the juniors float got first and we got second.

On Friday was Extreme Blue and Gold Day. These are the colors of our school, which means that we can wear our Pirate HS Shirts to school. At 5:30 Marina and I were at school again even though the football game starts at 7pm, because Marina is in Marching Band and is going to perform during half time with her Orchestra class. So I was there talking to some people from band/orchestra and saw everybody in their suits and they looked so cute. Then I walked alone to the football field and sat at the bleachers where people I know from school and church sat. When the football game started the princesses and kings stood on their floats and then the marching band and cheerleader came and performed. We played against Rancho HS and won 57-12 or something. I don't exactly remember, but we won haha. It was our last homegame for the football season, which makes me so sad. Friday football nights were my favorites and the school spirit and the cheering was just amazing.

On Saturday the Cross Country team arranged the Kill Hill Challenge for The Valley. Just a few of my teammates ran, but mostly (including me) just helped out. I already ran the Kill hill at practice and all I can say is: Never again. It's a pretty rough course, especially running up the hill killed me and you just got sand in your shoes and everywhere you look is just dirt. And nahhh better not. The first race started at 8am and at 8:30 the 2nd. Around 10am we were done and my homecoming day could start. At 12am Marina and I did a picnic with a couple of friends in the Logandale park and then we drove to our house to watch a movie. Then I got myself ready for the dance. I showered, put on my dress, ate something and then we were at a friends house. There were some other girls who got ready for the dance. A friend of mine did my hair and one did my makeup and I looked so damn good at the end haha. The dance started at 8pm and ended at 11pm. The dance was so much fun! Even though not everybody danced so much as I did, I was rocking it on the dancefloor with my group of friends. The slow dances were kinda awkward, because I was dateless, which reminded me that I was single af, but never mind. There were only 2 or 3 slow songs, which was good, because the rest of the dance only fast songs were playing. My feet were sore and hurting during and after the dance. That's why I danced and walked barefoot at the end of the dance and it felt good lol...

And that's how my homecoming was and it was just amazing... I'll definitely gonna miss it! A lot! And it makes me so sad that it is my first and LAST homecoming :( Even though I spent this week more at school than at home, I love school. I really do...

Monday - PJ Day

Tuesday - Athlete vs. Mathlete (Powder Puff Game)

Wednesday - Squad Day (movie night)

Thursday - USA Day

Friday - Extreme Blue and Gold Day (Football Game)

Saturday - Kill Hill Challenge, Dance

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Um 6am waren Marina und ich am Logandale Exit und haben auf die anderen Vans (Auto-Bus) gewartet, wo andere Exchange Students drinnen saßen. Im Van waren einige Leute, die ich aus New York kennen gelernt habe und es war fun! Die Fahrt bis zum Zion National Park war ca. 2h lang. In der Zeit habe ich mit Marina Kopfhörer geteilt und meine Musik gehört. Im Zion Park war ich mit Mayke (from the Netherlands) und Marina unterwegs und es war beautiful. Die Natur war a m a z i n g. No kidding! Es war echt pretty... und wir haben ein Reh und eine Schlange gesehen, was auch ziemlich cool war. Das Wetter war on fleek. Nicht zu warm, nicht zu kalt. Mit dem Shuttle Bus sind wir von Station zu Station gefahren. Um 1:30pm waren wir beim Visitor center und haben nach Souvenirs geschaut und haben was zu Essen gekauft. Um 3pm haben sich alle am Treffpunkt versammelt und sind mit dem Shuttle Bus zurück zu den Vans gefahren. Wir haben noch ein Gruppen Foto vor dem Sign gemacht. Später sind wir noch bei so einem Cowboy Western artigen Ort gewesen, Fort Zion. Da haben die echt weird stuff verkauft, aber es war cool. Fake Waffen, unicorn/ alien Köpfe, die man an Wände hängt, Seife, Chili Saucen und Karotten. Ja, Karotten. Da stand einfach ein Korb mit Karotten. Und da war eine poop collection von verschiedenen Tieren. Da war horse poop, snake poop, etc. idk why. In Fort Zion gab es sogar Eseln, Alpaccas und ein Pony und so western nachgebaute Häuser. Das war ziemlich nice. Um 7pm ging es für uns nach Hause.

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Ich bin gerade von meinem ersten Cross Country Race nach Hause gekommen und es war INTENSE. Für mich auf jeden Fall... Nach der Schule sind wir um 2:05 mit dem Bus auf dem Weg nach Las Vegas. Mit 3 teammates habe habe ich meine Zeit mit ,,truth or dare" vertrieben und es wurde von Runde zu Runde more strange.

In Del Sol High School angekommen, war dann auch der Race und ich war ein wenig nervös. Bevor wir gerannt sind, habe ich von Coach noch diese ID Nummer bekommen, die ich auf mein Trikot pinnen sollte und ich habe noch ein Chip an mein Schuh befestigt bekommen. Der Chip ist dafür da, um meine Zeit zu messen und ja... Der Race war 2.7 Miles lang, was umgerechnet 4.345 km sind. An die Düsseldorfer die den Blog lesen: Das ist so weit wie von Wehrhahn S bis zur Kirmes am Rhein.

Ich bin 31:00:05 Minuten gelaufen und 28. von 30 Mädchen geworden, aber für mein erstes Race bin ich schon stolz auf mich. Ich war mega, auch wenn ich an und zu langsamer geworden bin haha. Kurz vor Ende, wo das Ziel ist, bin ich gesprintet und ohne Spaß, ich dachte ich fliege. Als ich am Ziel war, war mir schlecht und meine Lunge war trocken und rau af. Aber dann ging es wieder...

Das wars von mir und morgen wird Fotos fürs yearbook gemacht, was heißt, das ich wieder duschen muss.

Bye bye,

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Gestern haben wir uns von Logan verabschieden müssen, da Logaaaan für 2 Jahre Missionary in Denver, Colorado sein wird. And it was sad to say goodbye.

In Cove Fort haben wir noch ein kurzen Stopp gemacht, bevor es nach Hause ging. Im Auto haben wir die Mittel sitze runtergemacht, sodass wir unsere Beine ausbreiten konnten haha. Ich mein, wenn wir reisen, dann mit Stil. Zu Hause hatten wir Pizzen bestellt und so endete mein letzter ,freier' Tag bevor die Schule beginnt.

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Heute waren wir in Salt Lake City am Temple Square und haben uns da herumgetrieben während Logan, Luann und Lance wegen Logans Missionary sich im Tempel befunden haben. In der Missionary lernt man mehr über die Bibel und den Book of mormon und das 2 Jahre lang. 

Später sind wir auch in einem Gebäude gewesen, wo man ein Blick auf die Stadt und den Temple Square hatte und das Gebäude war way too pretty. Überall hingen diese Kronleuchter und es sah so alt aus. Aber so schön alt... In einem anderen Gebäude haben wir eine Tour durchs Haus bekommen. Und das war so eine Art Museum mit Bildern von v. 200 Jahren vor Christus. Auf der obersten Etage war noch so eine ,,Terrasse" mit wieder dem Blick auf dem Temple Square. Und alles in einem kann ich sagen: Salt Lake City is pretty beautiful und das ich immer wieder gerne zurück kommen würde. Ah, und ich habe Deutsche gesehen.

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Am Sonntag sind wir auf dem Weg nach Utah gewesen und haben Sotchie (unser Hund) bei jemanden abgesetzt. Es war eine 7 stündige Fahrt bis dahin, sodass wir um 11 zu Hause von Lance's Eltern (Host dad) ankamen.

Am Morgen sind wir im Promontory Summit "Museum" gewesen. Das ist ein historischer Ort, wo vor Jahren zwei Züge in the middle of nowhere aufeinander zugefahren sind. Dann sind wir zu einem Platz gefahren, wo Raketen waren. Das war cool. Und danach sind wir zurück nach Hause und haben Besuch von der ganzen Familie bekommen. Wir haben gegrillt und die letzten Sonnenstunden gemeinsam verbracht.

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Gestern war mein erster Tag auf einer US High School und es war pretty good. Mein Stundenplan sah so aus:ü

Algebra 2
US History
Graphic Design
Geo Science

English 10

Auf Publications (yearbook) und paintings habe ich mich am meisten gefreut haha. Während des Tages habe ich viele neue Gesichter und Namen kennengelernt, aber nur noch 40% am Ende des Tages im Kopf behalten. Und was mir aufgefallen ist, das überall Air conditioning ist. Überall! Aber ich mag die Schule... Die Leute sind nett und lustig und die Lehrer sind definitiv lockerer als in Deutschland. Und Probleme mit den Klassen finden hatte ich jetzt nicht sooo. Ich musste mal hier mal da fragen, aber es ging mit der Zeit besser mit den Klassen finden. Am ersten Tag sind wir die meiste Zeit die Regeln der Schule durchgegangen. Um 2pm ungefähr war Schule zu Ende und hatten eine Stunde Pause Zeit uns für Cross Country fertig zu machen. Ich mach schon seit einer Woche Montag bis Samstag Cross Country und das ist hauptsächlich nur laufen und es ist anstrengend af. Vor allem, da wir unter der Sonne laufen #dontaskmewhyimdoingthisidontevenknowwhy. Und Cross Country gestern war irgendwie anstrengender als bei den anderen practices gewesen. Vielleicht lag es am 40 grad Wetter, aber 4 Runden ums Footballfield hat mich fertig gemacht lol.

Abends war Sports Kick off auf dem Fußballfeld der Schule. Da waren verschiedene Stände aufgestellt, organisiert von den Schulsport Teams: Volleyball, tanzen, schwimmen, Fußball, Wrestling etc. Die Stände jeweils hatten verschiedene Spiele, wo man Thirts gewinnen kann UND es gab gratis essen. Beim Sports Kick off habe ich mit 3 anderen Schülern am Schwimmstand ausgeholfen und Leuten gezeigt wie diese und diese Spiele funktionieren. Und der Schwimmstand ist der beste stand haha. Wir sind bis zum Ende geblieben bis es dunkel wurde. Mit einem Late Night swim im Pool endete der Tag. Und omg, der Sternenhimmel hier in Moapa Valley ist so klar! No kidding. Und es sind so. viele. Sterne. In Düsseldorf sieht man mit Glück einen. Aber ich liebe Moapa Valley... Auch wenn es so eine kleine Stadt ist, ist es eine echt sweete Stadt. Love it. Und so ging mein erster Schultag zu Ende. Byeee

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