As an independent company specializing in Pool and Spa Engineering Consultancy, Devin has a broad track record and the long experience to provide quality design and construction projects. Among its many clients with finished projects are the following:

1. Huddersfield Sports Centre

2. Aberdeen Sports Village

3. Splashpoint Worthing

4. Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre, Fife

5. London Aquatics Centre

6. The Life Centre Plymouth Life

7. Aqua Vale, Aylesbury

8. Clondalkin Pool

9. Dubai Aquatic Centre

10. Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre

11. Michael Woods Sports & Leisure Centre, Glenrothes,

12. Google Pool, Dublin

13. The Hurlingham Club

14. Killingworth Leisure Centre

15. Loughborough University

16. Edward Cripps Human Performance Centre

17. Northampton School for Boys

18. University College Dublin

19. University of Leeds

20. University of Surrey

21. Westcroft Leisure Centre

And many more. . . .

However, with all its capabilities in on-site pool and spa design and construction, the most intriguing aspect of Devin’s forte as a company is its ability to deliver quality and durable portable pool structures. For every child who remembers going to the circus that had sprouted at the town’s outskirts, the prospects of having a pool wherever you want to put it comes as sort of being magical. No, it is not an impossible undertaking but neither is it a very common thing even in the most progressive or wealthiest cities or countries. That a company such as Devin actually does it and is very good at it, provides a spectacular and fascinating feat of modern technology at work.

One would have to imagine how difficult it would be to put up a sizeable portable swimming or spa pool considering the necessity of sourcing out enough water for the structure as well as for water-treatment, draining and cleaning purposes. One would think such a project belongs only to the super-rich and famous. Not at all!

A portable pool and spa can be actually procured for a single family when the need arises. We have seen people buy those affordable 2-feet plastic-lined pool where kids can splash in or adults can wallow in on their backyards. A sturdier, deeper and bigger pool can be acquired for any practical or special purpose, such as parties, corporate affairs, private resorts and other unique events whatsoever.

There is no limit to what Devin Consultants can do when it comes to designing and building pools for any particular function. One only needs to talk to an expert professional to know what can actually be done in this age of modern technology. Devin can do it for you in the best way possible.