How much money is being spent to develop laser weapons (i.e., to weaponize high-energy laser technology)? 200mw laser pointer have been the mainstay of DOD's directed-energy weapon developments since the 1960s, affording the prospect of effects ranging from temporary sensor-dazzling through system destruction. But the large footprint, complex logistics and various technical challenges associated with chemical lasers eventually led to their cancellation.Afterwards the laser weapon successfully cleared a barbed wire obstacle at a distance of approximately 70 metres. Ultimately, the reusable target board and beam diagnostic system will help accelerate the development of such 300mw Green Laser Pointer systems and reduce the time required to make them operational for national security purposes. 


More recent developments in solid-state and fiber lasers, designed primarily for tactical engagement, feature lower-power systems designed for forward-deployable platforms.

For example, Wikipedia reports that working prototype 300mw Green Laser Pointer system A-60 after the collapse of the Soviet Union" was relocated from the Sary-Shagan on the territory of Russia, and according to some reports in 2011 involved in the program "Falcon Echelon". Encyclopedia with reference to reliable sources recalled that "in the Soviet Union" laser guns "have been used in the space industry and the" beam rifles "are in stock at least until 1995". Table I provides a historical breakdown of these funding levels for the three services and for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), while Figure 1 indicates the management structure for the DOD's high-energy 300mw green laser pointer program.

Without having to exit the vehicle's protected fighting compartment, the crew detected mines and improvised explosive devices, irradiating them with the 300mw green laser pointer from a safe distance, which caused them to deflagrate in a matter of seconds.The Navy recently deployed its "LaWS" 200mw Laser Pointer Weapon System aboard the transport ship USS Ponce in the Arabian Gulf to shoot down drones and missiles.Current developmental megawatt-class systems emphasize free-electron and diodepumped alkali 200mw Laser Pointer technologies.

Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have developed a system to measure a 300mw green laser pointer power and spatial energy distribution simultaneously by directing the laser beam onto a glass target board they designed.The Army has its own laser weapon system, known as the High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator. In the 5kW laser category, the M113 Mobile HEL Effector Track V demonstrated its operational potential for disposing of unexploded ordnance and clearing battlefield obstacles.Rumor has it that the Soviet Union may be spending as much as $1 billion each year on laser weapon research and development (R&D).American expenditures, according to publicly released figures, were $187 million in FY 1977 and are estimated to be $150 million in FY 1978.



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1.Open the back cover to replace the battery.
2.Twist the two small screws located at the head of the burning laser sight with a small Allen wrench to adjust the elevation and windage. 
4.Press the button or switch to turn on the laser.
5.Attach the sight to your weapon.

■ Never look directly at the laser beam.
■ Do not aim at reflective surfaces.

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■ Never point the 300mw laser pointer beam at a person.
■ Do not view the burning laser pointer using optical instruments like binoculars or microscopes.
■ Children should not use the laser pointers unless under the close supervision of an adult



The laser beam truly replace missiles and explosives on the battlefield still need a long period of time.American emphasize the economic benefits particularly. According to their calculations, the cost of high powered burning laser weapons is far lower than the traditional weapons. For example, launching an interceptor missile costs about $1 million , while the firing of a laser cannon requires only a few dollars.

The navy is going to use it to fight the enemy drones and boats. They believe that the burning laser weapon will completely change the mode of operation.High powered laser weapons have a strong deterrent, but there are still limitations.The USA will begin to equip the high powered laser weapons at 2020. Americans call it a revolution in the military field, but many experts doubt the effect of the plan.

30000mw Laser Pointer Blue

Experts believe that these systemic defects can not be overcome or make up . Itar TASS military news editorial director Victor Litovkin said that this is a useless work to put 300mw Green Laser weapon into use. Because there is not enough energy storage to store the electric energy that is needed to accurately hit the remote so far.

For example, in the rainy day, the effectiveness of the laser weapon will be reduced greatly , and even can not work completely.

Strictly speaking, the laser is only a kind of optical weapon, the physics decided the limitation of the practical application the high powered laser weapons. For example, burning laser beam can not hit the targets out the field of vision, its rays can only reach the visable target. In addition, a 100mw Laser Pointer beam requires a large amount of energy. Another major drawback is that the effect of laser, it encountered thick smoke will be greatly reduced in the complex weather conditions

Secondly, the laser weapon is easily affected by the environment, dirt, dust, wind, clouds, rain and bad weather will affect the range of laser.