Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I posted anything on the blog but I have been really busy lately with school, work and everything else..

. I Just thought I would let you guys see these make-up products that I bought and am currently in love with. A store near me just started selling NYX products and I've been very anxious to try some out for a while now. They are cruelty free and very affordable! Another thing that is so great about them is that they feel like expensive products because the quality is so great:D

I've had trouble finding a foundation that evens out my skin tone without making it look too un-natural or look shiny and greasy. Ive tried different BB creams and other foundations but they have failed to impress me. I am quite pale and I don't want to end up looking orange. My face also has a tendency to dry out really easily when I use foundations so I don't have many affordable options.

HOWEVER, this guy right here has worked wonders for me:

No shiny/greasy looking face

long lasting coverage

Very natural looking with a matte finish ( I don't look lika an Ompa lumpa thing)

And so far it hasn't dried out my face!

Another new favorite! So easy to apply and makes my brows "look on fleek" haha

seriously though, its a great product!

This is my first finishing powder so I don't really have anything to compare it too. I think it works great for what it is supposed to do and I use it everyday.

I've used this product once and so far I really like it! Like I said before this product feels expensive because of it's good quality!

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Helle everyone! Today has been such an amazing day, we've had 18°C and that feels almost like summer to me :) I decided it was time to fix our flower bed, Alex and I have bought soil for it and we also drove around looking for big rocks. I don't want a "perfect" looking flowerbed, I want it to look very natural and to be easy to take care of, therefore we bought some flower seeds that aren't nessessarily wild but definetly look like wild Swedish summer flowers. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I have no idea how to plant seeds the right way or anything so we might not get any flowers, but I really hope we do! Alex also planted a potato and an onion so we will see how that goes... haha 

Now I'm off to work, have a great Friday everyone! <3



This stuff right here is magical. Everyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE COCONUT.

It smells fantastic, tastes fantastic and does pretty great wonders.

Here's just a few things coconut oil is good for:

Eye-makeup remover

Make-up brush cleaner

Body lotion

Lip balm

Undereye cream

Stretch-mark cream

Body scrub- Mix it up with some sugar or coarse salt to create an exfoliator.

Frizz tamer

Dandruff treatment

Itch relief

Shaving cream

And my favorite: Deep conditioning I just cover my hair in the coconut oil and leave it in for hours, then I wash it out the way I normally wash my hair. It leaves the hair looking so nice and it feels so soft and weightless.



Tried something new with our mashed potatoes , we added garlic and it turned out really nice. We also cooked our quorn fillets in honey! yumm



​Photographed some young & wild neighbors tonight.Enjoy x 







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