The musical thing was sooo fun. We did acting exercises and in the end we sang Mamma Mia. It's far out of my comfort zone and I think I will learn a lot during this course.. some day in my life I want to be in a musical at West end or Broadway, that would be like the coolest thing ever.

Lovely Audrey

Yesterday's Psycle class with the team and the breakfast after was also great. We went to a place called detox kitchen and I had Granola with coconut yoghurt and berriies. And a juice with carrot, ginger and apple. :)

Hahah prettyyy, I love the team<3

Today I was off so I have been watching YouTube videos hahha and then I went to 1Rebel.

Tomorrow is fridaayyay, I want to do something but I don't know what yet....


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After work, 1rebel and a wrap with Hummus and carrots for dinner I'm now going to bed because tomorrow we're going to Psycle at 7 with work.. hahah we have staff meeting so we're doing that class then going to maple and co for breakfast. Fun fun. After that I'm working and then I have my musical thing in the afternoon. I'm soo exiiteed. And then I have the Thursday off, yayy.

Btw I have started listening to Alex and Sigge again now and it's so comforting hahah like it feels good and safe to hear some Swedish since I'm around English all the time. Sometimes I feel like I can't express myself in English and you feel like you have so much that you want to let out but you can't because of the language. I think that due to this it's also really good to have my Swedish roommates because then you can talk about things in another way than at work. I would feel so lonely without that I think.

Anyways, nightynight ❤

Today's smoothiie, with banana, peanut butter, coconut milk, coffee and something else I can't remember the name of. It's fun because at 1rebel all the instructors have their own smoothies. This was Tiago's :)




Yesterday I went out together with Iulia, and two guys from Sweden. We went to Maddox to begin with and then walked over to Little Tape, where we stayed until 2.30. It was nice to not get home that late. It was a fuun evening and we danced a loot.

Today I woke up at about 8 but I decided that I could sleep until 10 so I did. It's so weird because I have like my own alarm clock in my head. So often if I decide that I want to wake up a certain time, I do. And usually if I have an alarm on my phone I wake up just a a few minutes before it. haha it's niicee.

After I woke up I went to Tesco and Costa and bought some breakfast, grape, grapes (hahaha) and a croissant and then I made porridge like usual.

And the rest of the day I have just chilled, and done some grocery shopping and cooked for the week. I did lentils again and tuna and Hummus.

Tomorrow I have Psycle at 9 then I'm working at 12 :)

It was a bit sad to be here during the Easter because it is usually a time for being with family and eating lovely easter food. Which I had neither of this year...But oh weell, I'll be fine. Now I'm going to watch Match Point, Bea said it was good and it takes place here in London. It was such a long time ago since I watched a whole movie. 

Hope you have had a lovely weekend, 





As I told you, I went to Bicester Village yesterday to work at the outlet and it was really different compared to Harrods! There were so many people and it was busy the whole time. In Harrods we barely ever have more than 4 groups or people in the store, whilst here it was never empty. It was fun in a way since there was a lot to do but I still prefer my Lulu because this was so stressful at times..

The countryside I passed on my way there was so beautiful, I really missed horse riding when I saw it:(

Another fun thing is that I have signed up for a musical course hahaha. It's a six week course, 2 hours every Wednesday and the musicals we will be doing is Mamma Mia, La La Land and Wicked. I love Mamma Mia so much and I know like all the songs so I think this is going to be really fun. Although I have never done anything like this before, except doing theatre in the 5th grade for a term..

I have been to quite many musicals though, my favorites are Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia and The Lion King. If you're ever here and want to see something amazing you should go and the music in all of them is wonderful.

Now I'm going to Psycle, yayy, and then to work, and btw, Happy Easter 🐣💐🌷🌸☀️



Hellooo sunshines ☀️

Today my alarm woke me up at 7 and I had work from 8.30 until 3.30. It was a fun day and I had a lovely salad from the food halls for lunch. I'm still living of those last euros that are left from the Rome trip haha👍🏽 it was like a really random salad though. I picked mixed grains and spinach for the base and then I added cucumber, corn, edamame beans, prawns and pomegranate with a soya and lime dressings.. but it was soo good.

I loove the egg, totally buying one for Easter one day

After work I went to the post office to pick up my (first!!) amazon delivery. I had ordered an Indian clay mask and some food boxes so that I can prepare food for the whole week.

And then I went to Psycle! It was awfully hard today though.. From the beginning I felt like I almost couldn't do it anymore and I just wanted to leave. But I finished and as always it felt good afterwards.

And I had a smoothie and some banana bread afterwards, it was amazing.

Then I had an omelette for dinner and I made one for tomorrow as well. Tomorrow I'm actually going to Bicester village to work at the Lululemon outlet. Apparently it's really busy there and I can imagine it being much now for Easter. But it'll be fun to go on a little adventure for one day and I want to buy some things from lulu.

Hope you are all wonderful and are enjoying the Easter 🐣

​It looks prettyy.

Here is the clay mask and also my nails that I had done yesterday. I love the colour.



I remembered now that I told you I would do like reviews on the different gyms I went to. Haha I totally forgot..

Anyways, I have actually just tried three different places. 1Rebel, Psycle and Core Collective. I love both 1Rebel and Psycle, because at both of them you get a really fun and good workout and they have smoothies for afterwards as well as nice showers and body lotions and different things you need after you have showered haha.

At Psycle you do what the name hints about, cycling, but the classes are always different depending on the instructor. Everyone I have tried have been great and they're soo fit it's crazy. And the fun thing about Psycle is that you do it all to the beat of the music, it's really hard sometimes but it also makes it so much more fun compared to the cycle classes I did at home where you just cycle.

The class today was sooo fun, it was with Kevin and he and Sal are my favorites. Today it was like a themed ride so it was a bit special and the songs were great.

Tomorrow I'm going to get my nails done, I love having nice nails so I'm exiteed. Then I'm working and we'll see what I'll do in the evening:)

Lots of loove



Like I told you yesterday, I spent the evening at Lemon Jam. Bea, my roommate came with me and we had so much fun. There were pizza, candy, mac and cheese, fruit and different beverages. And the people who performed were so talented. It was also fun to meet everybody you work with in a non-work environment. We were there for about 2 hours I think and the winner of the "talent show" was Chester the comedian hahah he was so funny.

I stole some pictures from Tobyyy

Today I have another day off so I'm going to use it to take a walk, do some cleaning, plan the week and so on. The sun is out again and if it stays this way I'm going down to work on my tan as well.

I hope you all have a lovely start of the week and that the sun is out back in Sweden as well:)

Our street is getting soo pretty with all the leaves



Quite a nice way to spend a sunny day in London



Today is another day with looovely weather and I have no work at all! So I'm going to the park soon to meet up Ed and some of his friends I think and later this evening we have like an event thing with Lulu. It's called Lemon Jam and we're gonna have people singing and one guy is doing a comedy thing and Hayley is playing the piano. And there will be Pizza and Prosecco and both people from Harrods and Lulu is going to be there so I hope it will be fuun.

Hopefully I'll get a little bit of a tan as well haha

Have a great day☀️☀️☀️

Me and Johanna in Paris <3



Yesterday I was working until three but then I met Linn who was here for two days. It was a truly amazing day here with sun and 22 degrees and we bought some fruit and went to the park and it was woonderful. Everybody was laying in the grass and it felt like summer. And it was also great to catch up with Linn and hear about home and what everybody is doing.

After the picnic we walked home to change clothes and then we walked to South Kensington to have dinner at Franco Manca. They have sourdough pizzas that were sooo good so we shared two, one with pesto, buffalo mozarella and tomatoes and one with chorizo. After that we walked to Kings Road to find a place where we could have some dessert, we ended up at Pizza Express and had one chocolate fondant and one salted caramel thing, both were delicious. I love people that wants to share haha cause you always want more than one thing on the menu and this way you get it, win win. The fact that we could sit outside during the whole evening just made everything even better and it really felt like one of these summer nights you have on your vacation.