As I wrote in my last post this year is not a new beginning or a new start to my life. I'm not working on a new me, but I will continue to grow throughout this year just like I did last year, and the year before. Last year, I failed several exams and one of my teachers made me think very little of myself. And I kept thinking 'I can't do it, this is not the right education for me even if it is the only thing I can see myself studying'. But I made it and getting her acknowledgement for my work at last felt like a bigger victory than any of my other teachers had given me. It doesn't matter how many times you try. I needed three tries to pass one of my exams, but I did it, and so can you. As one of my brothers kept telling me at the time was that 'if you want it badly enough, you'll make it,' and I kept telling myself that in order to get myself through it. 2016 taught me not to give up, even if I was very close to. I kept thinking I'm stupid and that I won't get an education, that I can't, but I believe I can now. I know these battles are small compared to others', and last night as I was about to drift off to sleep, I found myself very blessed to have a roof over my head. I felt blessed by the small fact that I could turn on the heat, but even if we're privileged does not mean we don't struggle and don't have problems. We all struggle with something: small or big, we all have our problems, our battles, but we can get through them. I have faith in that. Just remember it's alright to ask for someone's hand when things get hard because we are not meant to face our battles on our own, and I'm sure you'll get surprised at how many people are there to help.
You might not know it, but I'm certain 2016 taught you something as well, and that should be your motivation because, hey, you made it :)
No one knows what 2017 will bring, but I'm going to be open hearted and be positive and spread a bit more love because I made it here. And if we all work together and focus on the positive things, hopefully, we can make the world a little better. Just remember to never give up.
Have a lovely weekend:



First I want to apologise for not posting anything in forever. I guess I just didn't have any inspiration for a blog post, but I do now. I hope those who celebrate had a wonderful Christmas and may we all have a wonderful 2017!
Now, I know I'm not the only one who has seen adds for a work out programme or for diets or detoxing or anything related to body and health, and honestly I'm getting tired of it. Why is the beginning of the year always the start of a new lifestyle? A new beginning etc? Well I don't want a new beginning, because my past made me who I am today. And it is not like I am starting over. I'm not going to be a new person, or get a new body. Yes, I can make myself stronger and I do not know what 2017 is gonna bring, but I know there is nothing wrong with who I am and I'm annoyed with the media for telling me there is. I'm not going to take out gluten from my diet or carbs or alcohol because this is my life, and I want to be able to eat and drink what the hell I want. I do not believe changing what I eat drastically is going to make me feel better, and even if my body feels better what about my soul? I want to live my life the way I want, without so called expects telling me what is best for me. It's funny no one ever says to stop eating meat, but hey it would be better for the entire planet if we stopped the meat production all over the world. Yet, people try and tell me to remove gluten from my meals. Why? I seriously do not understand why there is this big fuss about these things. It's a new year. So what? Yes, set yourself some goals because it's good to have dreams, it makes you work harder but do not try to start over. You conquered whatever you have been struggling with last year, remember that and use that strength to get through whatever life throws at you this year.
People say you need to reset your body. Well sorry but you can't do that. Yeah you can eat differently, but that does not mean it'll cleanse itself either because some foods that are good for some people aren't for others. Just like even if I add a lot of protein to my diet, I still have a hard time obtaining iron. Whereas if someone ate the same as me might not have. We are all different and so are our bodies, and therefore, I just want to say that you should not listen to the media. But be happy and treat people with respect. And remember you can conquer whatever you put your mind to.
I must admit though, that I'm trying to cut down on sweets after Christmas and I'm trying to exercise more since I have not been doing much lately. But that is only because I feel better when I exercise, and because I want to. Not because someone else is telling me to. With that said it's my birthday tomorrow and trust me I'm going to eat whatever I want without thinking twice twice about it.
Did you have a good start to the new year?



OMG I had an encounter with a customer at work, yesterday. She asked me if it was okay to breastfeed in the restaurant, and though her question was innocent and clearly she did not want to offend anyone, somehow it ended up offending me: because how in the year of 2016 can we be provoked by someone who's breastfeeding? Like seriously. It hurt that she even had to ask. And though I quickly told her 'of course,' I afterwards thought is it allowed? If not I would not want to work where I work. Because it's seriously the most natural thing in the world. That's the reason women have breast, and not because of something sexual. So how the hell can that provoke someone? I even mentioned it to my colleague and though he doesn't agree that it is provocative he does understand why some people would see it that way. Like wtf? It really saddens me and hurts me that a mum can't feed her hungry child. There's nothing disgusting, or provocative about breastfeeding. I want people to see it as something beautiful because it's the way for the baby to get the right nutrition and formula cannot compare to the real thing. Besides we've practically all been that baby. We've all been a child being dependent on our mum for food, so can we please stop body shaming women because of this. I don't even understand what the fuss is about. Like seriously, grow a pair. And let's hope the future will learn something.



I went to Paris in my autumn break to visit a friend, and let me tell you Paris is so beautiful. I seriously forgot how beautiful it actually is even though I've been there three times prior.

I only stayed for three nights, but I got to see the city by night on my freind's scooter. It was so cool, and an amaing way to see the city.

Since I visited a friend, I stayed at her place and it was very nice to get to see how French people in Paris live. She still lives with her mum and siblings and at the moment her cousins lives there as well, but it was so different from my childhood home. Then again, my parents do not live in a big city and considering I'm the youngest they do not have any children living at home anymore.

Anyway I thought maybe you'd like to see some of the pictures I took of my stay. I really love autumn. It's my favourite season, and it was so nice to see Paris during this season. It's absolutely beautiful.

I really am not a big fan of birds, but I always think they are good in pictures. Apparently, I caught this in a good spot with the Eiffel Tower in the back.

Notre Dame. If any of you ever watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame (the Disney movie), you'll know this church.

Do you spot both rainbows?

The pictures above are all taken the same day, so as you might be able to tell the weather changed quite a lot. One minute I was not wearing a jacket and the next minute I was. But luckily it was not too cold.

The second day the weather was even better, but I took much more pictured the first day there. My friend went to UNI and so I got to explore the city all by myself and therefore went into the city centre. On the second day she took me to a park called Bercy and we walked to Bastille. It was very nice to see something less touristic than what I'd seen before.

I also went to a creperie. A place that makes both salty and sweet crepes. Did you know that salty crepes are actually called something else? I don't remember the name though. But it was a very nice place, and it was nice to try to taste some French food.

Have any of you been to Paris too? And did you like the city? I actually have a friend from the UK who isn't much of a fan, but I love Paris. The buildings are so, so beautiful. It's such a different way of architecture than in Copenhagen, though I must admit I love Copenhagen too. I like the coloured houses and all the water.



I'm sure everyone has heard that you should say 'no' more often because if you don't you have too much going on in your life that you can't keep up with everything. Saying no helps you relax more because you have more free time, and it helps to not place too many things over your head that you know will eventually fall down over you. Or does it? Does saying no really help you?

I have never been bad at saying no. Well actually I'll say: 'I don't think I can find the time', or 'I'm quite busy', which might not be a lie, but it is just the easy way out of saying 'No I do not want to come.' The worst part is that saying: you don't want to because you don't want to is not a solid excuse. Because people will ask 'why not? What other plans do you have?' And if you don't have any they'll think you don't want to spend time with them which is not the case.

As I said I do say no or come up with excuses when I feel like I'm too busy or don't feel up for it because doing too many things simply stresses me out. Yet, I feel like I get punished for saying no And though I tried to avoid being stressed by saying no I then end up stressing over what people think of me. Because of course, I don't want them to think I'm a bad person. And I don't want them to think I don't want to spend time with them that is not the case. But being an introvert I get drained of energy by constantly being surrounded by people, whereas it's the exact opposite if you're an extrovert. Now, it's not that I feel like I'm drained of energy every time I'm with people, but with some people I put in more effort than I do with others. E.g. I never feel drained of energy when visiting my parents because I can just tell them 'no I don't want to do that', or I can hide in my old room if I want to be alone. But sometimes if you have people over or you're visiting someone, you can't suddenly disappear for a couple of hours and tell them you need some alone time. (At least I wouldn't do that).

But saying no really should not make you feel bad, and it should not be so damn hard. Because let's face it we all have moments when we don't feel up for certain things, and what's worse? Going anyway knowing you won't enjoy yourself to please someone else or staying at home knowing you'll feel good, but maybe also offend someone? I feel like it's a non-ending battle and no matter what you're going to lose. But why? If saying no means you'll feel less stressed then I'd say it's not a bad thing. Putting yourself first should be a reality. There's no shame in that because if you don't put yourself first how will you expect anyone else to? Besides you need to be happy first, in order to make anyone else happy. However, that does not mean it's easy saying no. But who the hell said that life was easy? Take small steps and focus on yourself. I'll almost go as far as to say it'll make you happier, but everyone is different, but there's definitely no shame in saying no even if you don't have an excuse for saying so, and there's no one else who should tell you how to live your life.



Two weeks ago I made a blog post about not having a phone for two days. I ended up not having a phone for six days, and guess what the phone I’m using right now is my dad old’s Samsung which means I use it for text messages and phone calls only. It’s really small and it’s quite hard to write with. Why were phones made small at one point? It’s awful with such a small screen and I must admit I’m beginning to miss having an iPhone, yet it feels good not being as addicted as I was before. I spend less time on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc. than I normally which is good. Although, I really miss being able to take pictures. I really love capturing memories, and without a phone, it’s becoming a bit more difficult as I do not bring my camera with me everywhere. I really thought I would feel naked without an iPhone, but I really don’t, thus, I must admit that I’m looking forward to getting an iPhone again. But as I mentioned in my last blog post I'll try and use my iPhone less once I get it back. Because let's face it, it's a waste of time to spend time on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and all the other apps, though I would not want to live without them. But spending less time on social media has been good for me.

Enjoy your day/night xx



Saturday afternoon I handed my phone in to the store where I bought it. The battery is not working properly and neither is the software which means that for more than 50 hours I've been living without a phone. Some of you might not think that two days is a long time, but try to remember when you last tried to live without a phone. If you have a smartphone it's almost scary how much people use it for. Calling, texting, taking pictures, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Tumblr, reading, net banking, the weather etc. Even my schedule is shown through my calendar on the phone. Luckily I know my schedule by heart, but it's quite ridiculous how much I (and I'm sure most of you out there) use the phone, but surprisingly enough I'm not missing it. Normally, I would feel naked without my phone. I would get really annoyed with myself if I forgot it at home, but now that I don't have it I don't really miss it. It does bring some obstacles, though. Normally, I use it in the morning as an alarm. To my luck, that has not been a problem yet, but it easily could have been. And today I was babysitting and I thought 'What if something happens to one of the children?' I know I could just go to the neighbour, but then it struck me that I don't know the parents' phone numbers because they are saved to my phone. I also needed to call my parents Saturday evening, but I just used Skype instead which works quite well too.

So in all honesty, I'm not really missing it as much as I thought I would. Though just after turning it in, I wanted to use Google Maps to find a store, and then I realised I didn't have my phone. It's a good thing I don't really need Google Maps at the moment, then I think I might have missed my phone more, and I do miss being able to listen to music. But apart from that, it's quite deliberating. It's very nice not to waste time on Instagram (because I honestly use that a lot), and I've also come to realise how much time I spend looking up the weather and counting my steps on the Health app. It's not that I use these apps constantly, but I do actually look up the weather quite a lot.

So I'm hoping that this has taught me how to be less addicted to my phone and understand that it is okay to leave it at home. I'm honestly thinking of turning it off once in a while and tell myself to use it less.

What about you? Do you think you're using your phone too much?



Hello everyone

This post is for only girls. Unless there are any guys out there curious about what us girls go through every month. BTW I'll warn you that I'm using some explicit language.

I've tried the cup for five days now, and I can see why people talk highly of it. Especially considering how good it is for the environment and someone's body etc. However, I must admit it is not as easy to use as I thought it would be.

On the web page, they say that it doesn't smell. And no it does not smell when you have it inside of you, but once you go to the bathroom to empty it the blood does in fact smell. I believed that using the cup meant that it would not smell at all (because that's what reviews and the webpage make it sound like). But it does, and you'll definitely smell it while you're cleaning the cup. And it's not the normal smell of blood.

I agree that it is easier to use than using a tampon and panty liners etc. But only if you insert the cup correctly. On the page they make it seem like it's the easiest task in the world, it's not. It's actually quite hard and if you do not like to put your fingers inside yourself, then this is not the right option for you. Honestly, it can get quite messy. (Or maybe I'm still just new at it). But seriously you need to use your fingers a lot, and it does not automatically slip in the right way. It takes practice.

Now for the insertion part, it hurts as hell. Like seriously it hurts, unless, you use some kind of lubricant. Without lubricant it's kind of like inserting a tampon when you are not bleeding that badly, or you use a tampon to be safe in case your period might come. If you haven't tried that, let me tell you it hurts too. So remember lubricant. It says so in the instructions too, but not that it is necessary. It says it might. Let me tell you, you must use lubricant otherwise it'll hurt. At least, if you are not yet on your period but want to feel safe.

Removing it is a task I still haven't figured out. Like I can remove it, but it says to use your stomach muscles which do not work, and neither does squeezing it to get it out. Well, it works in the sense that you'll get it out, but I do not know how to pull it out without it hurting. The pressure you make when you try and remove it is quite unpleasant but bearable.

So here are some things to remember when trying it out:

Use lubricant.

Make sure you've inserted it correctly, otherwise blood might leak.

Taking it out can get messy, and it'll most likely hurt. (The first time you try it, I'll suggest only trying to remove it at home)

With these things said. Let me focus on the good things. You do not feel the cup inside of you, and it's easy to sleep with. It's nice knowing you can wear it for longer than a tampon, and it's nice to know it's better for the environment and your economy, but beware of the things I've mentioned above. I'm sure it'll be easier to use the cup once I get used to it. Because I'm not going back to tampons. The first days using it were also harder than the last.

Have any of you tried it too? If yes, how was it for you the first couple of times?


Hej allesammen

Dette indlæg er kun for piger. Medmindre der er nogen fyre derude nysgerrig efter, at vide hvad os piger må igennem hver måned. Forresten vil jeg advare om, at jeg bruger et meget explicit sprog.

Jeg har brugt koppen i fem dage nu, og jeg forstår godt hvorfor folk taler så meget om den. Især i betragtning af hvor god den er for miljøet og kroppen osv. Dog må jeg indrømme, at den ikke er så let at bruge som jeg troede den ville være.

På hjemmesiden står der, at det ikke lugter. Og nej det lugter ikke, når du har den inde i dig, men når du går på toilettet for at tømme den lugter blodet. Jeg troede at hvis man brugte koppen, ville det ikke lugte overhovedet (fordi det er hvad mange andre og hjemmebsiden får det til at lyde som). Men det gør det altså, og du vil helt sikkert lugte det, når du renser koppen. Og jeg snakker ikke om lugten af blod.

Jeg er enig i, at det er lettere at bruge end at bruge en tampon og trusseindlæg osv. Men kun hvis du indsætter koppen korrekt. På hjemmesiden får de det til at lyde som om at det er den letteste opgave i verden. Det er det ikke. Det er faktisk ret svært, og hvis du ikke kan lide at have dine fingre oppe i dig selv, så er dette ikke den rigtige løsning for dig. Ærlig talk kan det godt gå hen og blive en smule ulækkert. (Eller måske er jeg stadig bare ny i det). Men helt ærligt så skal du bruge dine fingre en del, og koppen glider ikke automatisk op den rigtige måde. Det tager øvelse.

Nu til indsættelsesdeenl: Det gør ondt ad helvede til, medmindre du bruger en form for glidecreme. Uden glidecreme er det lidt ligesom at indsætte en tampon, når du ikke bløder særlig meget, eller du bruger en tampon for at være sikker i tilfælde af, at du får din menstruation. Hvis du ikke har prøvet det, så kan jeg fortælle at det også gør ondt. Så husk glidecreme. Det står også i vejledningen, men der står ikke, at det er nødvendigt. Men jeg ville nu mene at det er nødvendigt. I hvert fald hvis du endnu ikke er har fået menstruation, men ønsker at være sikker.

At tage den ud er heller ikke den letteste opgave. Jeg kan godt fjerne koppen, men der står på pakken man skal bruge sine mave muskler, hvilket ikke rigtig fungerer, og det virker heller ikke rigtigt at klemme den sammen for at få den ud. Eller det fungerer i den forstand, at ud kommer den, men jeg ved ikke, hvordan man trækker den ud, uden at det gør ondt. Trykket som opstår gør at det er ret ubehageligt at fjerde den, men man ovelever.

Her er nogle ting der er gode at huske når man bruger den.

Brug glidecreme. (Det lyder måske ulækkert, men det er bedre end ikke at bruge noget)

Sørg for at du har indsat koppen korrekt, ellers kan du godt risikerer, at du bløder ved siden af. Dvs at det samtidig ville være en god ide med et bind også.

At få den ud kan godt være ret svært, og gør sandsynligvis ondt. Måske får du blod på hænderne. (Så det kan være en god ide at undgå offentlige toiletter til at starte med)

Med det sagt så lad mig fokusere på de gode ting. Man mærker ikke koppen inden i sig, og den er let at sove med. Samtidig et det rart at vide, at man kan gå med koppen i længere tid end en tampon, og samtidig er det jo bedre for miljøet og din økonomi, men vær opmærksom på de ting, jeg har nævnt ovenfor. Jeg er sikker på det bliver lettere at bruge koppen, når jeg vænnet mig til det. For jeg har ikke tænkt mig at gå tilbage til tamponer. De første dage var sværere end de sidste, og det bliver ligeså stille nemmere.

Har nogen af jer også prøvet den? Hvis ja, hvordan var det for jer de første par gange?



Hello Everyone

I finally received my OrganiCup yesterday, which means I still haven't used it, but I just wanted to share my first thoughts with you.

It is actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be. Perhaps you can get a sense of the size through my pictures, if not I guess it doesn't matter too much. But this will most likely make it easier to insert. I've heard that it can absorb quite a lot, which is honestly quite surprising to me as it doesn't look like it can contain much. On the website it says that it can contain three times as much as a big tampon. I'm wondering if that's true, but I can tell you all more once I've tried it.

The material is also harder than I thought it would be, but perhaps that is to make sure it doesn't fall back out. 'That would be very embarrassing wouldn't it?' ;D Haha.

If you want to lean more about it, you can read it here. (You can change the language on the left)

Have a nice Sunday.

Hej allesammen

Jeg modtog endelig min OrganiCup i går, hvilket betyder at jeg stadig ikke har prøvet at bruge den, men jeg ville lige dele mine første tanker om den med jer.

Den er faktisk noget mindre end jeg troede den ville være. Måske kan i få en idé omstørrelsen på overstående billede, hvis ikke så det lige meget :) Dette gør formentlig at den er lettere at indsætte. Jeg har læst at den kan absorbere ret meget, hvilket kommer som en overraskelse da det ikke ser sådan ud. På hjemmesiden står der, at den kan absorbere det tredobbelte af en stor tampon. Jeg kan ikke lade være med at tænke om dette mon passer, men jeg kan fortælle mere, når jeg har fået den prøvet af.

Materialet ad den er også hårdere end jeg troede det ville være, men måske det er for at sikre sig at den ikke falder ud igen. Det ville være virkelig flovt hvis den gjorde det, ville det ikke? ;D haha

Hvis du gerne vil vide mere om den, kan du læse det her.

Hav en dejlig søndag.



Since these can also be made with chicken sausages or even veggie sausages, I think it is wrong to call them 'pigs in a blanket', but hey you get what it is. However, I prefer to call them sausage rolls, it is also the closest thing to the Danish name :)


50g butter

1/2 liter milk

10g yeast

4 teaspoons sugar

1.5 teaspoons salt

200g wholemeal flour

600g wheat flour

16 sausages (I only used 10 for 30 sausage rolls, but you can easily make 32 sausage rolls and then just split the sausage in two instead of three)


Melt the butter in a pot and add the milk.

Poor the milk and butter into a bowl and add the yeast.

Add sugar, salt, wholemeal flour and at last the wheat flour. Be careful about not adding it all at once. (I used a bit less than 600g)

Knead it all together. The dough should be a bit sticky, but not so it sticks to your hands.

Place the dough back in the bowl and let it rest on the counter for at least an hour (my bowl was too small).

Split the dough into four and roll each piece out into a circle (or try to do it, you can see in the pictures that I did not manage too well either)

Cut the circle into eight pieces. (As seen in the pictures)

Add some ketchup to each piece (You don't have to add anything and you can add BBQ sauce or soething else instead)

Place the sausage on top of the ketchup and roll. (It's kinda like rolling a croissant)

Place them on a baking tray with baking paper and let them rest for around 15 minutes

Brush them with some milk or water.

Bake for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees celsius (They should look like in the pictures)

Tip: These are easy to freeze and eat cold, and they are great for the children's or your own lunch pack.



50g smør

1/2 liter mælk

50g gær

4 teskeer sukker

1,5 teskeer salt

200g grahamsmel

600g hvedemel

16 pølser (Jeg brugte kun 10 til 30 pølsehorn, men du kan nemt lave 32 pølsehorn og nøjes med at skære pølserne i to i stedet for tre som jeg gjorde)


Smelt smørret i en gryde og tilføj mælken.

Hæld blandingen ned i en skål og rør gæren heri.

Tilføj sukker, salt, grahamsmel og til sidst hvedemelen. Vær forsigtig med ikke at hælde alt melen i på en gang. (Jeg brugte nemlig mindre end 600g)

Ælt dejen sammen. Dejen skal være lidt klistret, men ikke så den klistre til hænderne.

Læg dejen tilbage i skålen og lad den hvile i mindst en time. (Min skål var lidt for lille, så gerne brug en stor en)

Del dejen ud i fire lige store stykker og rul hvert stykke ud til en cirkel. (Eller prøv på det, det lykkedes heller ikke 100% for mig, som man kan se på billederne)

Skær cirklen ud i 8 stykker. (Som man kan se på billederne)

Læg en klat ketchup på hver enkelt stykke og placer pølsen ovenover. (Ketchuppen kan undlades eller erstattes)

Rul hvert stykke til et lille pølsehorn. (Det er lidt som at rulle en croissant)

Placer pølsehornene på en bageplade med bagepapir og lad dem hvile ydeligere 15 minutter.

Pensl dem med mælk eller vand.

Bag i 15-20 minutter ved 200 grader. (De skal have samme farve som på billederne)

Tip: De er lette at fryse og spise kolde, og de er gode til børnenes eller din egen madpakke.