Hello. One of my friends thinks she spends too much time on her phone, especially Instagram and she introduced me to this app called Moment. It tracks the hours spent on your phone. Now if you're listening to music and the phone is locked it won't count, but everything else will. So if you think you are spending too much time on your phone, maybe you should download this app (or any similar app) too and see how much time you actually spend. Now for me it's not so much about spending a lot of time on my phone. I'm more curious to know what take up most of my time because I do actually use my phone for other things than social media like reading and writing. Apparently though, there is an app to track the usage of each app too. How did people survive without smartphones? (Add sarcasm) it seems there's no longer anything you can't do.

Have a nice week.



It might sound cliche, but I don't think it is said enough. Do what you love and stop worrying about everyone else. I know it's hard, but reaching someone else's goal is never going to make you happy. For a long time, I thought if I just do one thing or another it'll be enough. Or maybe if I do this... I'll finally be good enough. But that's not how it works, people always expect more of me and I'm tired of it. So I've stopped trying to be the person other people want me to be. I've chosen the education I wanted; instead of the one expected of me, and that has given me some peace of mind. Because I'm doing what I love and not caring about others in this decision. If being you and doing what you love is not good enough I don't know what is. You gotta put yourself first, always, because otherwise how do you expect others to when you don't know how to do it yourself? Besides living your life through someone else is not a life, so do what you love and don't ever feel bad for doing so.



I'm sorry but this blogpost will be in Danish.

Hej. Jeg ved ikke om der er nogen som mig derude som synes det er dyrt at skulle barbere sine ben jævnligt. Samtidig efterlader skraberne også ofte ens ben tørre, og det er lidt som om man aldrig opnår de lækre ben man drømmer om.

Hos efi har de dog de her smarte abonnementer hvor man ikke betaler særlig meget for en startpakke, nemlig kun 39 kr. Derefter bliver det så noget dyrere men derimod modtager du så kun en ny pakke enten hver tredje eller fjerde måned, og du skal derfor ikke tænke over at du skal ud at købe nye skrabere. Så vidt jeg husker kan man også ændre det til at man får en pakke endnu sjældnere. Derudover, er det smarte at man bare kan modtage startpakken hvorefter man går ind for at afmelde abonnementet, der er altså ingen bindinger.

Jeg havde en gang et abonnement på Intuition skraberen, men stoppede så igen da det ikke længere passede mig. Dog vil jeg sige at den har en lækker duft, og at den efterlader benene bløde.

Jeg har lige bestilt en ny startpakke på Intuition og derudover har jeg bestilt Hydro Silk skraberen og Lady Protector skraberen. På denne måde kan jeg nemlig se hvilken en der passer mig bedst, og alt sammen kun til 39 kr pr styk. Jeg synes det er meget smart, at man kan prøve sig frem med de forskellige produkter, inden man beslutter sig for hvilken en som passer en bedst. Når jeg modtager pakkerne har jeg derfor tænkt mig at stoppe abonnementet, så jeg ikke lige pludselig ender med en masse regninger på skrabere jeg ikke bruger.

Derimod vil jeg dog her, og nu kunne prøve mig frem med skrabere til okay penge for, at se hvad der passer mig bedst. Hjemmesiden har også både kosttilskud, hudpleje og tekstiler. Så i kan bare prøve løs, men husk nu at afmelde abonnementet i tilfælde af i kun ønsker prøvepakken.




When people hear I'm single they tend to ask me if I'm on Tinder and no I am not. First of all, I'm quite content with being alone. I don't need a boyfriend and second, I do not like how Tinder works. With that said it's not like I wouldn't like having a boyfriend, but I do not need one :) (there's a difference). And I'd rather be single than settling for someone who is not the right person for me. And I'm definitely not going to use Tinder to find someone. I know several people who have used the app to find their boyfriend or girlfriend, and I'm totally happy for them, but I think Tinder is superficial and that it only kindles body shaming. I think there is something completely wrong with being able to swipe left or right and base a person on looks only. I mean everybody is so much more than just looks. I know when you first meet someone looks are the first thing you see as well, but if you start talking to that person and he/she is a complete jerk you stop talking to them. That is not possible with Tinder, and you might end up swiping left to a person who could have been the right match for you, just because you don't think he or she looks like you'd want them to. All you see are pictures that do not show reality at all. It's all fake, and by using it we make people think it's okay to judge people based on their looks. What happens to the girl or boy who doesn't have any matches? He or she ends up feeling even worse because they realise they set their standards too high. That is not right. I do not want to live in a society where everything is about looks, and I do not want to live in a society where we all have to look a certain way. I'm tired of having to meet other people's standards and I'm tired of having to be someone I'm not. I'm tired of society's perception of body images. I want people to judge me for other things than my looks because I'm so much more than that. I'm me and that is not because of my looks but because of what's on the inside and I hope one day when I meet someone that he'll see that part of me too instead of only judging me based on my looks. Hopefully, you guys agree with me, and don't worry I'm not hating on you or anything for using Tinder. But it's not for me, and I do hope that one day we can all just be the way we are without having to live up to other people's standards. :)




Have you ever wondered 'why me?' Well let me just tell you I had a big moment like that, yesterday. Things that can go wrong always seems to go wrong for me. Sometimes I feel like I have this aura around me 🙈 I'm sure what I'm about to explain you will not happen to any of you! So don't get too scared by this.
(Just so you know I'm going to go into very explicit details after this. You have been warned ;))
So yesterday, I went to my doctor, well technically I went to a medical in training and I'm beginning to think that was a bad idea. Anyway, since I've turned 23 and all women in Denmark are offered a free screening that looks for change in the cells according to the HPV virus, I went to have my first ever gynaecological examination, and let me just tell you it was terrible. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I am by no means trying to scare you, (there is a point with this blog post) however it just did not go well. She had told me she had had another girl earlier that day who had never tried it before either and it had gone by smoothly. Of course, I'm just never that lucky. So she examines me and tells me that everything looks fine. She tells me where my uterus and ovaries are and I think this is not too bad. (If I'd only known). So she takes some gel and puts it on a speculum before she moves it inside. Now what I thought would be over quickly is not. She keeps moving the speculum and turns it,and it feels like she's opening and closing it. Now this process goes on for longer than I'd like and I'm not kidding but it felt like she was cutting me. I was sure I was gonna bleed (which often happens), but I didn't. Imagine being cut inside. Not a pleasant feeling at all. She then tells me she can't find my uterus, like wtf? She just felt it. Then she tells me she needs to use another speculum. So she walks out of the room while I'm lying with my bottom half naked. She finally comes back with another speculum made of plastic, and I'm thinking this will be over soon. (Not!)
Suddenly, the head torch is not working. And she needs that to see what she's doing inside of me. And of course she can't get it to work. So she leaves, again! And once again I'm just lying with my legs up with a naked bottom half. After some minutes she comes back with batteries. And while she changes them, I just lie waiting. And to my luck the head torch still isn't working. So she leaves a third time, while I haven't moved at all. Still just lying in the same spot. She is hoping to find another head torch. Apparently somehow that's not possible, so she comes back and tells me we have to change rooms. So of course I have to dress myself again and then undress myself once more once were inside the other room. Then she can finally use the plastic speculum, which was so not painful compared to the other one. And then she gets to do what I came there for. But she still sounds very uncertain of whether or not she is taking a sample from the right place. At least, she did not sound confident, and apparently the whole situation had made her nervous too. (So not what I needed). What should have taken like 5 minutes took more like 20 if not more.
Hopefully, she got what she needed. I'm so not going back here in two weeks l.
It turns out that I have a retroverted uterus (20-25 % of women have this), and that has given her some complications with finding my uterus. Of course, I'm also tense by the whole thing, which does not help either.
However, she tells me that a retroverted uterus does not mean anything for pregnancies or birth. But then I talk to some girlfriends and they are like but it is not the norm, so it must mean something.
And as I do in practically every situation I google it. Some websites say not to worry about it. And I know if there really had been something bad about it, the doctor would have told me. But it is mentioned that you should be careful during sex and that hard sex especially if the girl is on top can cause pain, and you can actually end up injuring or tearing the ligaments surrounding the uterus. And then I think to myself, why has no one ever told us girls about this? Why has this never been mentioned in school or anything? I'd be nice to know before something bad happens. Also, some people are born with this (it can be genetic), but for others a retroverted uterus might be due to endometriosis and can cause period pain.
I'm not trying to scare any of you with my bad experience at the doctor's, but to let you know that there might be things about your body you know nothing about, and if you have period pain this could be a reason. So go to the doctor. Get yourself checked if you're ever worried about anything, and if you're worried about the examination, you can let them know you'd like the smallest speculum or one of plastic (though not all doctors have these).
Being partly naked in front of your doctor was the easy part. I know it might seem scary or awkward to some people but I did not mind that part until I had to undress again. Also try to relax as best as possible that should help, although I know it's easier said than done.



As you may already know I practically love anything sweet, and last week when my cousin was visiting I had to bake a cake.


150g butter

150g sugar

150g wheatflour

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 eggs

3 tablespoons cocoa powder

4 tablespoons warm water

125g chocolate


Melt the butter and let it cool off

Chop the chocolate into small pieces or use chocolate chips

Mix sugar, flour and baking powder in a bowl and add the butter

Add the eggs and stir

blend the cocoa powder and the water in a small bowl before adding it to the rest

Add the chocolate (use more if you'd like)

Grease off a baking tin (or use baking powder)

Bake for around half an hour at 180 degrees (put a knife or a toothpick into the cake to see if it's finished. The only thing that should stick is the melted chocolate)

Enjoy ;)

Tip: you can easily make icing for the cake using powdered sugar and water or milk and then just add some cocoa powder if you prefer that taste. Or you can leave it as it is.



Guess what? I went to the post office today to get my package from Amazon. As you may remember I ordered these Sugar Bear Hair gummy bears that are supposed to help get better hair and nails.

Now my nails are constantly flossing and I absolutely do not know what to do with them. So I thought I'd give these a try.

As you can see in the last picture my nails are not the best, and I have to keep them short to prevent them from breaking. I truly hate it.

I really love the colour of these, and they do taste like sweets. However, they are less sweet than normal gummy bears or sweets in general, which means I did not have the instant craving for more once I ate them, which is good. They remind me of these gummy vitamin bear pills I used to eat, although, these are more marshmallow-like.

But nonetheless very good. So in case you bought them too, all I'd like to say is enjoy ;)

One looks better than the other. haha

I truly hate my nails.



Hair shampoo is seriously a great invention. Especially when you work out a lot and you don't want to wash your hair every day. Because let's face it, washing your hair every day is a bad idea. I try to wash my hair at a maximum twice a week, though sometimes it happens more often. But then hair shampoo is a good alternative when I feel like washing my hair but know I shouldn't.

I like using these ones from batiste though normally I would use the one for brunettes, but they did not have it at the supermarket. This one smells better, though. By the way don't get scared when your hair turns grey, just run your hands through your hair and it should look normal again.

Have a lovely week.



I'm sure you've all heard of #sugarbearhair, if not I'll tell you what it is. It's like small gummi bears filled with vitamins that are supposed to give you stronger hair. Actually what the brand promises is that it'll:

Grow your hair longer and stronger

Nourish your hair from within

Improve overall health

increase hair strength

Improve hair elasticity

Stop hair breakage

A friend of mine is taking them and she says her nails also grow a lot faster, and since my nails are so bad and I feel like my hair grows very slowly, I thought I'd give it a try.

I only bought a months supply, but hopefully, I'll see a change in my nails or my for that matter within that month. Now, they are not that cheap, and I ordered mine on amazon.co.uk because items from the US often get stuck in the Danish custom service and I have to pay a fee. It's even more expensive to buy them in Denmark than online.

I should be getting my bottle next week, and once I receive it I'll tell you all about it.

Happy Tuesday.

P.s. want to know more about this product go to this website https://www.sugarbearhair.com . (I was not paid anything to talk about this product, and my opinion of it will be a hundred percent honest)



This video has been flourishing around online for weeks now. I first saw it on a Danish website and then I've seen more and more people sharing it. It holds a very important message, and therefore I thought you should get to see it too.
If you only watch one video today, make sure it's this one. Everyone has a story you know nothing about, but if you look closer you might see we are not that different from each other.

Have a lovely weekend.