'Be the change you want to see in the world'

I'm sure you've all heard of this famous quote by Mahatma Ghandi and I want to point out how accurate it is. Just like myself I'm sure you've thought 'I'm just one person, I can't make a difference. What difference am I going to make?' Or something along those lines, but let me stress that we all hold a great importance because everything starts with one person.
I might not be able to change the entire world or stop global warming, but if I don't start doing something and we all think the same no change is going to happen. It all starts with one person and together we can start making a difference.
It really saddens me to think of what we're doing to the world and each other. That's why I try to smile more to people I don't know, hold the door for strangers, turn off all electricity when I'm not home and so on. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we seem to be spreading more hate than love, and I don't want my future children to grow up in a world that's filled with hate. Instead, I want them (including myself) to live in a world that's filled with love where we're helping people we don't know even if just brightening up their day by giving them a smile. I also want to live in a world where we are aware of global warming and the fact that we all have a duty to the environment. So here's a list of way that we can all make a difference.

Eat less meat
Use less public transportation and cars
Turn off tour computer, TV and other electronics when you aren't home
Give your old clothes to charity
Smile to people
Say hello and thank you
Reuse plastic bags and bring a tote bag when you do grocery shopping
Compliment others

I could write a long things with so many other steps. But this is a start, and personally, I try to do all of these things. Of course, I fail at times too, but at least I'm trying. And that is all I can ask of you to do. Try!

Have a lovely Thursday! X

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It's been more than a month since I came back from the Faroe Islands and I've been meaning to write this post in forever, but yeah I haven't. But It's finally here now so here it goes.

I arrived on the 14th of July and stayed for a week, and in all honesty I had no idea of what to expect, apart from the fact that I knew it was a beautiful country. And it truly was. Nature is so beautiful on these islands, some even compare them to New Zealand. And let's face it this trip is so much cheaper than going to the other side of the world to visit NZ. Although, if you have the money you should do that too because the two countries cannot really be compared. They are beautiful in their own ways.

I don't know if you know but I have a friend from the Faroe Islands so I went to visit her and her family and they were all very lovely people. Very open and kind along with the rest of the Faroese people. Now, some of you may not even know where this country is, but it's kind of in between Great Britain and Iceland out in the Atlantic sea and it only takes 2 hours to fly from Copenhagen to Tórshavn which is the capital. Yay. I seriously love short flights especially when you get to experience such a beautiful country. I'm definitely going back.

It was quite strange to be there though, because they use the same currency as we do in Denmark. However, their notes look a bit different., but you can use the Danish ones as well and the coins are the same too. Everyone even speaks Danish so somehow it was like being home, but at the same time it wasn't. Because Denmark looks so different and is practically all flat, and the Faroese people do have their own language too that I do not completely understand nor speak.

It was nice seeing how proud they are of their country and also how curious they were about Denmark although my friend lives in Copenhagen like me. I actually got plut points for not being from Copenhagen because apparently it is easier for the Faroese people to identity themselves with people from Jutland (the part of Denmark connected to the rest of Europe). The Faroese people are much more laid back than people from Copenhagen. Then again it's a small country with only around 50.000 citizens so I guess it makes sense.

I am seriously recommending going to this place if you have the time and money. My trip was quite cheap as I stayed with my friend, so I do realise that it probably won't be that cheap for everyone, but it's definitely worth a trip. The country has so much to offer and as I said I'm definitely going to go back. I have nothing bad to say. It's definitely a hidden gem that not many people know of, but which is definitely worth the time.

It totally looks like I'm posing or something. But I'm laughing because my hair is getting in the way. It was so windy and my hair was not cooperating.

Sára and I. (She's my Faroese friend)

I seriously love this photo. I'm thinking of getting it on my wall at my apartment.

Sára's sister and I are lying in the grass. Although, Katrina is completely one with the grass. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was out and there was no wind when you were lying in the grass. It was very calming. Sára joined us and we enjoyed a cup of coffee in the grass.

Windy, windy, windy. I'm trying to get my hair away once again. We were sailing though, so I guess the wind is expected.

Of course I had to take pictures with my phone.

I have a lot more pictures from the trip, but I didn't want to bore you with all of them.

Have any of you been to the Faroe Islands too? I'd like to hear about your trip if you have.

Lots of love Mette



I honestly did not know what to call this blogpost, but this title will have to do.
Since I was little I've hated the size of my breasts (or so I used to all through my teenage years, I guess), but I don't anymore.
I hit puberty early which made my breasts grow at an early age, yet they soon stopped and I I didn't like the size of them. I'm supposedly a 32C, but I feel like I could just as easily wear a bra that's a 36A. But I've been measured to a 32C.
Anyway, that still does not give me big breasts. But you know what that's okay. I can't change it anyway. No matter what, the fat will never appear there (at least not on my body). If I could I'd take fat from my thighs and put on my chest. Unfortunately, that's not how the body works. The human body is different from person to person and our breasts are too. In a matter of fact, it's normal that your breasts aren't exactly the same size. And all breasts have different shapes too. Thus, although you can't make your breasts bigger by adding extra fat (they might get bigger if you gain weight and smaller if you lose weight), you can make them appear bigger by training the muscles. Because underneath the fat you have the breast muscles, and you can make them bigger by working out just like any other muscles Actually, you can help lift your breasts too if you feel like they are hanging just a little too much.
In a matter of fact after doing the plank for almost a month I see a difference on my body, and my breasts have been lifted. I'm not sure if they appear bigger, but they are firmer than what they used to be which is making me quite happy. I really love it when I can see that it pays off working out.
In my previous post I mentioned this challenge, and that has really helped keeping me motivated to continue doing the plank every day. In a matter of fact, I've now done the plank for 1.30 minutes for the past six days. It might not be easy at first, but think about what little time it takes, and I'm almost certain you'll see results. So if you want you breasts lifted, do some push-ups everyday or join me on my challenge and do the plank every single day! Even if you don't see the results instantly what's there to lose?

Go join me on my challenge and let's see results together.




Did you know that it takes approximately 21 days to make a new habit? That means that if you want to start working out it'll take 21 days before it no longer seems like a chore. That also means that if you want to start doing something new, it'll take 3 weeks before it becomes part of your daily routine.

3 weeks ago I started this challenge, which means that now I should have made new habits. First of, I want to say that I started two challenges, however, I did not manage to do one of them for 21 days.

The first one was to do the plank for at least a minute every day, and guess what I completed that task. I must admit though that sometimes at night when I realised I had forgotten to do it I was close to just skip a day, but I didn't. I thought 1 minute a day is easy, I can do this. And I could. Because we all have 1 minute to do the plank. I don't know if there are any visible changes on my body, but I do feel my core tightened and my arms a bit more muscly. I should probably have taken a before and after shot, but I didn't because it was not about showing everyone my progress or seeing a noticeable change, but instead believing I could make a new habit and feeling better. And I do. Now, I'm setting another goal to do the plank for at least 1,30 minutes a day! Wish me luck.

The other challenge I started was to read a chapter of a book every day (preferably an English book to improve my English). However, I ended up skipping 4 or 5 days, although some of the days I did read a couple of pages although not an entire chapter. Unfortunately, this seemed a bit of a chore as it took must longer than the plank (obviously) and the book never really caught my attention. Normally, if I like a book I'll finish it much quicker and it won't seem like an obligation. So since I finished the other book I'm thinking of continuing the challenge of reading at least a chapter a day. Hopefully, I will like the new book better than the other one. But although I did not manage to complete this challenge, I will still continue reading a chapter a day (or at least try). I spend so much time watching the telly. So if I have time for that I definitely have time for books too. And as I'm studying English I should really pay more attention to books.

Now, if you want to join the challenge you can find out more follow this link. That way you can help keep others motivated and they can help you. I started this with a friend. Her goal was to play the piano for at least 30 minutes a day, and although she did not finish all 21 days it did help her play more than she normally would.

I'm not saying you need to join this community or that you need to do the challenge, but if you want to change something in your life, I just want you to know that you can do it and that it is possible and remember you're not alone.

Have a lovely week

CHeers Mette



Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you've probably noticed that Christopher Nolan has released yet another movie. I absolutely love all the movies of his that I've watched. Probably liking Interstellar the most as it had me most emotional. I also watched in an IMAX cinema which made it so much better.
Now, he's just released Dunkirk and I must admit I'm taken aback by the beauty of it. It's such a masterpiece when it comes to the visual. The pictures are extremely beautiful, yet at the same time I found it a bit confusing as he's jumping in time throughout the movie. There's honestly a minimal of lines and not a lot happens, yet I assume that's the point as it's a historical movie taking place during the Second World War. You really feel the soldiers' desperation as they continue to wait unsure of whether they will live or die which leaves you constantly on edge wondering when something bad will happen.
Nolan uses a lot of old actors, but also a lot of new ones and I must admit I'm taken aback by the new ones. They did an amazing job in making the audience sympathise with them. I completely believed their stories.
Now, as some of you may know Harry Styles is in the movie and although I love his previous work he really surprised me with this role. He did incredibly well, and he is one of the actors with most lines throughout the movie which came as a shock. He also looks more buff in the movie which suits him well. My friend's sister actually said that she has gained a new respect for him after watching the movie!
I must say though that the movie wasn't what I expected, it's extremely beautiful as mentioned earlier, but unlike Nolan's other movies there's not much of a story and there's a hell of a lot of waiting which can get annoying. But as I'm from Denmark and practically only know the Second World War from a Danish perspective and a German one, I found it really interesting to learn something new.
It's definitely worth spending your money on. Remember there's practically only men in this movie -hot men might I add ;)

Cheers Mette



Since watching One Tree Hill as a preteen and practically all through my teen years this quote has really stuck with me.

"Don't be too fat, or too thin, or too dark, or too light; don't be too sexual, or too chaste, or too smart, or too dumb. Be yourself. But make sure you fit in."

In other words, you can't win!

We don't choose the colour of our skin. No matter how much I tan I'll never get dark skinned and no matter how much a person with dark skin tries to hide from the sun, they'll never get light like me. And that's okay. The same goes for your body shape. You can eat all the right food (for you) and exercise every day, and yet you might never get the "right" size. It all comes down to genes. No matter how hard I work out, I'll never get skinny, model legs and that's okay! At least it should be. However, society is pressuring us so hard to be a certain type! And that's not okay. We do not start off at the same level! Some have big breasts by nature and some don't. The same goes for butts, thighs, hips etc.

To me things do not come easy at all! It takes a long time for me too learn new things (at least most of the time). I'm not the type of person who just study for a text or an exam once and then it sticks, and no matter how hard I try I'll never become really good at math. I guess there's too many numbers. Unless it's logical, I don't get it, but that doesn't mean I'm dumb. Because let's face it we can't be good at everything!
But I have something that some people don't have which is perseverance! When we started having English classes in the fourth grade I was 9 and I really sucked at English! I hated group work where we had to translate paragraphs from books into Danish because honestly I didn't understand the text, and I didn't want to look bad in front of my friends. I didn't want to look stupid! Although, not understanding the words did not mean I was stupid, but it sure as hell felt like it. I mean I knew how to read and write Danish, but English is my second language and to me it just didn't come easy. (At that point I was better at math)
It wasn't until the end of sixth grade that I really got the hang of the English language. I discovered YouTube and I realised that season three of One Tree Hill was being released on there. Yet, that meant no subtitles (which you are used to if growing up in Denmark) so I was forced to learn what they were saying and I did! At the same time, I was so into the show that I would search the internet to learn more about it, and quotes would pop up with words I didn't know. And so I found a dictionary and made a list of the words and translated them into Danish and that's how I improved my English. I remember looking up the word "shatter" and also the word "awesome". I had to look up the word "awesome" twice for it to stick in my mind. To his day I still don't understand why it's spelled the way it is.
In the 7th grade I watched High School Musical and I remember not knowing the word 'reach'. "There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach". I had looked up the lyrics for the movie, and I remember having to translate that word! My mind works in strange ways sometimes. And here I am more than 10 years later studying English at university and let's face it there's still a lot to learn. I thought I was good at English, but some days I don't feel like I am. But that's the point right? We are supposed to continue to grow and learn. We can't do that if we're stuck somewhere. But while we grow it's important not to loose ourselves. It's important to stay true to who we are. We can't please everybody and we shouldn't try to. So what if you don't fit in somewhere. It just means that you haven't found the right place for you. According to society you have to do good, and you should strive to be the best. But I'm not going to be the best at anything. People will always be better and worse at something than me, and that's okay. Being average is not a bad thing, and sleeping with a ton of people does not make you a prostitute just like waiting for the right person does not make you a prude. We do not need to live up to societies standards. Because even if we try to we can never win. We'll never fit into their boxes, yet we all have different qualities that make us, us! My teachers continually tell me how my written language isn't that good, hence, here I am still writing not caring about what they say. Just recently my teachers also told me that my spoken English isn't the best (that my pronunciation isn't that good). But whenever I speak to someone with English as their first language they are always surprised that I'm studying English telling me I don't need to and just recently an Aussie told me I have a beautiful English. So you can choose to focus on the bad things or you can choose to embrace the good. I personally think it's a big compliment being told by a native that my English is good and therefore I shouldn't be bothered by the fact that my Norwegian and Danish professors say my English needs improvement. Perhaps they don't understand the Aussie twang. ;)
Listen to the positive voices and don't let the bad knock you down. Society is wrong in making us believe we all have to be the same. We don't. I'm me and that should be enough.

Be yourself and embrace who you are! Who the hell care about what society thinks?

Hope you could use this little motivational speech ;)

Have a lovely weekend!



Earlier this year one of my friend's little brother committed suicide, and to say it came as a surprise would be an understatement. I was beyond shocked. And to this day I still don't understand how and why he got himself there. I don't understand why he saw suicide as his only way out of the pain, because let's face it he must have been suffering, but unfortunately he couldn't see another way out and that's truly scary. Unfortunately, a lot of people are feeling lonely.

Tennessee Williams once wrote:

"When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone"

I couldn't agree more, because you are not alone in this. There are a tonne of people out there who are feeling lonely too. We just don't talk about it because we don't talk about things that make us feel uncomfortable, which is a shame because if we did, I'm sure we could prevent a lot of self harm and possibly even suicide. Talk to people, open up and even better ask your friends how they are feeling, talk to them, listen! If only people did this more often instead of judging people and making up their own assumptions.

Feeling depressed or feeling lonely is not something to be ashamed of. Especially not in a very superficial society like the one we live in today. People think that the amount of likes on their pictures, blog posts, statuses and so on and the amount of friends on e.g. Facebook defines you as a person. But it doesn't, none of it does. It doesn't tell anything about the person you are. Because although you appear confident on pictures you might be shattering on the inside.
So what I'm trying to say is that I know that life can hurt, and I know how it feels to have an off day or many for that matter, I know how it feels to think that you don't have a purpose and that the world will feel better without you, but it won't. Because there's room for all of us and none of us deserve a spot more than the next person. We are all worth something, and although we make mistakes and hurt others, it doesn't mean that we deserve to beat ourselves down because of it.
When life knocks you down you get back up and fight back. Without the bad things there would be no good and without downs there would be no ups. It's from our mistakes that we continue to grow and learn. Don't give up hope and don't ever think that suicide is the only solution because it's not. And there are so many people out there willing to help you even if it doesn't feel that way. I promise you, just like I promise you that life gets better - you just have to have hope. Because I know you can make it out on the other side! I have faith in you! Now you need to have faith in yourself too so that you can start having faith in others too.

You are not alone!



Tidligere i år begik en lillebror til min veninde selvmord. Jeg var ærlig talt virkelig chokeret. Og den dag i dag forstår jeg stadig ikke hvordan og hvorfor han fik sig selv til det. Jeg forstår ikke hvorfor han så selvmord som sin eneste vej ud af smerten. For det er klart at han må have lidt, men desværre kunne han ikke se en anden udvej og det er virkelig skræmmende. Desværre er der mange mennesker som føler sig ensomme.

Tennessee Williams skrev engang:

"Når så mange er ensomme, som synes at være ensomme, ville det være utænkeligt egoistisk at være ensom alene"

Jeg kunne ikke være mere enig, for du er ikke alene i dette. Der er et hav af mennesker derude som også føler sig ensomme. Vi snakket bare ikke om det, fordi vi ikke taler om ting som får os til at føle utilpas, og det er en skam. For hvis nu vi snakkede om disse ting, er jeg næsten sikker på, at vi kunne forhindre en masse i at gøre skade på dem selv og muligvis endda selvmord. Tal med folk, åben op og spørg dine venner hvordan de har det, tal med dem, lyt! Hvis bare folk var bedre til det istedet for at dømme andre og lave deres egne antagelser.

Følelse af at være deprimeret eller følelsen af at være ensom er ikke noget at skamme sig over. Især ikke i et utroligt overfladisk samfund som det vi lever i i dag. Folk tror, ​​at antallet af likes på deres billeder, blogindlæg, statuser osv. Og mængden af ​​venner på f.eks. Facebook definerer os som personer. Men det gør det ikke, det er der ikke noget af ​​det som gør. Det siger ikke noget om den person du er. For selvom du virker selvsikker på billeder, kan det let være at du føler dig knust indeni.
Det jeg prøver at sige er, at jeg ved, at livet kan gøre ondt, og jeg ved, hvordan det føles at have en off dag eller mange for den sags skyld, jeg ved, hvordan det føles når man tror at man ikke har noget formål i livet, og at verden ville være et bedre sted uden en, men sådan er det ikke. For der er plads til os alle, og ingen af ​​os fortjener en plads i livet mere end andre. Vi er alle lige meget værd, og selvom vi begår fejl og såre andre, betyder det ikke, at vi fortjener at have det dårligt med os selv eller i værste tilfælde at dø. Sådan fungerer livet ikke.
Når livet slår dig ned, er det bare op på hesten igen og slå tilbage. Uden de dårlige ting ville der ikke være noget godt. Det er er af vores fejl, at vi fortsætter med at vokse og at lære. Giv ikke op på håbet og aldrig tro at selvmord er den eneste udvej, for det er det ikke. Der er så mange mennesker derude, som er villige til at hjælpe dig, selvom det ikke føles sådan. Det lover jeg dig, og jeg lover dig, at livet bliver bedre - du skal bare tro på det. Jeg ved at du kan klare det! Jeg tror på dig! Nu skal du bare lære at tro på dig selv, så du også kan begynde at tro- og hjælpe andre.

Du er ikke alene!!




Since high school I have hated this time of the year right before the summer holidays start. You wanna know why, exams. And since starting uni I also had the time right before and after Christmas for the exact same reason. Honestly, I don't get that nervous (unless it's an oral one like this year) and most of the time I have an easy time with the writing process. I always start quite early so I have plenty of time revising. The worst part is the waiting game afterwards, and even worse when you get the grade and you aren't satisfied. I'm honestly sick and tired of grades. It doesn't even matter if I get a good grade! I don't like grades, and unfortunately with time I've gotten so many slaps in the face and punches to the stomach when it comes to grades that I don't even believe in myself anymore! When I get a good grade I'm practically certain a mistake must have happened because how can I get a good grade? I seriously ask myself that because I've stopped believing in myself. The reason is that every time I do believe I did good I get a slap in the face and am proven wrong. Sometimes it's not because I've failed although that's happened too, but more because I think or hope I can do better and then I'm proven wrong. And of course it only worsens when my teachers tell me that I'm not good enough at what I do.
Like seriously! I thought teachers' jobs were to help us set goals for ourselves and believe in ourselves, well apparently that's not the case with me! At least, my math teacher in high school made pretty damn sure to tell me that he didn't think I could do better than just above failing. And because of that, I thought a mistake had been made with my grade when I got above average! Because he made me believe that I sucked at math.
Then half a year later when I got the highest score on an important exam I thought yet again that there must have been a mistake because he had completely broken my self esteem. It's honestly really saddening to think about.

And last year at uni one of teachers suggested I go travelling instead of studying and told me that English probably wasn't the right part for me! She didn't believe I could learn the grammar. And she failed me three times! The comments she made was generally really uncalled for. And now that I get above average in an oral exam all they are pointing out are the bad things and how my language is too everyday like and that I have troubles with my pronunciation! But I was really nervous and was speaking too fast. No wonder I was stumbling over my words. Once again they suggested I go abroad. And all I'm thinking is like, that's not an acquirement you can demand of people. Besides I have lived abroad more than a year of my life! So I really don't understand what they are on about! It really makes me want to just skip it all and flee the country! But another part of me wants to prove all my teachers wrong. Because I can do it! I know I can. Yet it is fucking annoying and it hurts when teachers (who are supposed to help you) makes you feel like you don't know anything. Sometimes I wonder if I have the wrong attitude? Perhaps I come across as careless, but I do care, yet I feel like giving up when they don't believe in me.
So what I'm trying to say is that no matter what you are good enough! And you can do it no matter what everyone else tells you. Get back up on your feet and knock them down. It doesn't matter that you don't get the best grades! It doesn't define you as a person, as a matter of fact often it says nothing about your abilities apart from how good you are at memorising things. Because let's face it, a lot of people will have forgotten what they had to talk about after the exams. I'm not being jealous or anything, but I'm tried of living in a society where it seems that we aren't worth as much if we don't get good grades, just like we aren't worth as much if we aren't the right body size! I'm honestly sick and tired of it. It needs to stop! Because your body size and your graduation diploma do not define you! And we need to stop letting it define our happiness! Because if we do let it take control we miss out on being happy and being true to ourselves. Now it's good to have goals and push yourself, but it's also okay if you will never get a big butt, be a size 0 or get a top grade! We all have different attributes and qualities and none of them are bette than others. Remember that when you're feeling bad about yourself!



I sincerely apologise for not posting anything in a while, and I totally understand if no one is actually still reading my posts, but I've been busy studying for my exams, but guess what I had the last one yesterday. Now, I just need all of you to pray that I've passed all of them so I can actually start enjoying my summer holidays! This actually means that I've most likely finished my fourth semester of uni! 2 years down, 3 to go! 🙈

Anyway, back to what this post is actually about. I don't know if any of you are like me and hate to throw out food. But every time I do, I feel really bad. Not only because hunger is a problem in a great part of the world, but also because when we throw out food we are worsening global warming! It's not good for anyone to throw out food, but as I live on my own, I often find it hard to eat everything before it goes bad. Therefore, I've decided not to buy any groceries for as long as possible (the other day I did however buy toothpaste and toothbrushes, but that's it) so for almost three weeks I have not bought any groceries at all! I know you're probably thinking that isn't possible, but tell me how many of you have canned food, pasta, rice, flour and so much more stored at your place? Well guess what so do I 🙋🏼As a matter of fact, my freezer is stored up with food too. Bread, buns, scones, dinner, vegetables, ice cream and so on, and unfortunately, I tend to think 'oh it's been there for too long, I better throw it out'. But not now! Now I'm actually trying to go through all the dishes I have and eat the bread and vegetables etc. Before I buy anything new! Because guess what you do not need fresh food to eat healthy, both vegetables and fruits come in frozen variations and are good for example smoothies. It's also easy to fry green beans from the freezer and they taste amazing! And those same beans can also be used for a curry dish if you by any chance have some canned coconut milk. I did. And so I made a curry dish with that the other day and added beans, canned corn, an onion (because they last for a very long time if stored correctly), garlic and so on! I even added lentils and chickpeas that I also had in the cupboard, and now, I have dinner for like a week! I do understand if you don't want to eat the same thing for a week, so instead, freeze it down in small portions if you have a freezer or invite people over for dinner! You can serve it with rice if you want (if you by any chance have that stored too) or you can just eat it like that. I've talked to both my mum and a friend about it and they don't understand how I can live that long without grocery shopping. But think about the stashes of food you have? Beans, chickpeas etc do not need to be stored in a cold place and can practically last forever and they are healthy. You can easily eat that with pasta or rice and then add some vegetables from the freezer. Now, I know that all of it is not the most interesting and I can't wait to have bananas and apples and eggs, milk etc. at my place again. But it's only for a while that I'm doing this. I think that the thing I run out of first will be toilet paper! And no I'm not going to find a substitute for that ;) but hey the good thing is that while you do this you also save some money, although afterwards I think I'll just end up spending that money on new groceries as I'll have to buy practically everything. But perhaps I'll end up eating something I'd otherwise have thrown out! And then there's definitely no excuses as to why you should not do it too! Think of the environment !


Jeg undskylder oprigtigt for ikke at skrive noget i et stykke tid, og jeg forstår helt hvis ingen rent faktisk læser mine indlæg, men jeg har haft travlt med at læse op til mine eksamener, men gæt hvad jeg var oppe til den sidste i går. Nu har jeg derfor bare brug for at i beder til, at jeg har bestået dem alle, så jeg rent faktisk kan begynde at nyde min sommerferie! Gæt hvad det betyder, at jeg højst sandsynligt har afsluttet mit fjerde semester af uni! 2 år er færdigt! Dog er der 3 tilbage! 🙈

Anyway, tilbage til hvad dette indlæg egentlig handler om. Jeg ved ikke, om nogen af ​​jer er ligesom mig og hader madspild. Men hver gang jeg smider mad ud, har jeg det virkelig dårligt. Ikke kun fordi sult er et problem i en stor del af verden, men også fordi, at når vi smider mad ud er vi med til at øge CO2- udslippet! Det er derfor ikke godt for nogen at vi smider så meget mad ud som vi nu gør. Men eftersom at jeg bor alene, finder jeg det ofte svært at spise alt før det bliver dårligt. Derfor har jeg besluttet mig for ikke at handle ind så længe som det nu er muligt (den anden dag købte jeg dog tandpasta og tandbørster, men det er det) så i næsten tre uger ( i morgen) har jeg ikke købt nogen dagligvarer! Jeg ved, at du sikkert tænker på, at det ikke er muligt, men fortæl mig, hvor mange af jer som ikke har pasta, ris, mel og en masse andet opbevaret derhjemme? Det har jeg nemlig 🙋🏼 Faktisk er min fryser fyld op med mad også. Rugbrød, boller, scones, retter til aftensmad, grøntsager, is osv, og desværre har jeg en tendens til at tænke 'åh det har ligger der for længe, ​​jeg må hellere smide det ud'. Men det skal stoppe nu! Nu forsøger jeg faktisk at komme igennem alle de retter jeg har og spise brød og grøntsager osv. Før jeg køber noget nyt! For faktisk har man ikke brug for friske råvarer for at kunne spise sundt. Både grøntsager og frugter findes jo på frost, og er gode til for eksempel smoothies. Det er også nemt at stege grønne bønner fra fryseren og de smager fantastisk! Og de samme bønner kan også bruges til en karry ret, især hvis du tilfældigt også har en dåse kokosmælk. Det havde jeg fx. Og så lavede jeg en karry ret af det med bønner, dåsemajs, et løg (fordi de holder i meget lang tid, hvis de opbevares korrekt), hvidløg og så videre! Jeg tilføjede endda linser og kikærter, som jeg også havde i skabet, og jeg har aftensmad til en uge! Forstår godt hvis du ikke vil spise det samme i en uge, men så kan det fryses ned i små portioner (evt i plastikposer som man oftes også har liggende). Dog hvis du ikke har en fryser kan du invitere folk til middag! Du kan servere det med ris hvis du vil (hvis du tilfældigvis har det i et af dine skabe), eller du kan bare spise det som det er. Jeg har talt med både min mor og en veninde om det, og de forstår ikke, hvordan jeg kan leve så længe uden at handle. Men tænk på alle de lager af mad du/i har liggende? Bønner, kikærter osv. behøves ikke opbevares på et koldt sted og kan næsten holde i en evighed, og så de sunde. Du kan nemt spise det med pasta eller ris og tilføje nogle grøntsager fra fryseren. Nu ved jeg godt, at alt det ikke er det mest interessante, og jeg kan ikke vente med at have bananer og æbler og æg, mælk osv herhjemme igen. Men det er jo kun for et stykke tid, at jeg gør dette. Jeg tror, ​​at det jeg løber tør for først bliver toiletpapir! Og nej, jeg kommer ikke til at finde en erstatning for det;) men hey det gode er at imens det står på sparer du samtidig penge, selvom jeg er sikker på jeg ender med bare at bruge det flere penge næste gang jeg handler ind. Men måske ender jeg med at spise noget, jeg ellers ville have smidt ud! Og så er der absolut ingen undskyldninger til, hvorfor du ikke bør gøre det også! Tænk på det gode du gør ved miljøet ;)



It's so stupid, but I started watching the entire show of Prison Break while I'm supposed to study for my exams! From Saturday the 3rd of June till the 10th of June I have four exams, yet I can't get enough of this show. So I'm warning you do not start watching it if you have exams coming up too.
I actually began with the sequel thinking it was short (only nine episodes in total) which meant it wouldn't have me stuck to the telly for too long. I was wrong! Some of my friends from Uni were talking about the sequel and since I had already watched some episodes from the original show and I knew what would happen I thought why not give the sequel a go? The bad thing though is that now I'm addicted!
I started watching season one less than two weeks ago and then I finished the series Tuesday night. Yesterday, I rewatched all the episodes from the sequel finishing off with the last episode as it was released last night. And now I'm at episode nine of season one again! 🙈 I know I shouldn't watch it again, and especially not now when I have exams coming up, but I can't stop.
I have completely fallen in love with the show and the characters, especially Michael and Sara. And I don't know how to let it all go! I don't remember when I've last fallen so much in love with a show. I fell in love with Skam too, but that was different. And these characters won't leave my mind!

If you haven't given the show a go already do it, I'm almost positive you won't regret it because let's face it Wentworth Miller is very easy on the eye. And that's practically enough reason to watch the show !

To those of you who have exams coming up, good luck and if you don't go watch this trailer to the original show.